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The Quest

Author File Description
Ingo van Thiel
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
General Beliarius has set foot on your country! Your homelands, once in full bloom, have been wrecked and weakened by the enemy. Your king has withdrawn to the capital, his last stronghold against Belisarius.

You are Charles, one of the King's commanders. Together with your childhood friend Siegfried, you want to come to your king's aid.

You are leading a small group of determined soldiers through enemy territory. If you can make it to the capital, it will be in your hands to turn the tide of this war.

On your journey, you meet a merchant. He is acting rather friendly, but he has a dark secret. Your life might depend on finding it out... A woman might help you there.

This scenario was designed in a way that it can (but need not) be played more than once. You might find yourself in a slightly different story every time. This includes different dialogs. If the figures don't repeat all the things they said last time, or if they say something new, don't be too surprised. ;-)

The scenario is tough, but winnable. If you have some experience with the game and if you like tactical challenges, give this one a try.

Enjoy, and save often!

Special thanks to everybody who playtested the "Quest" for me. You've been a ton of help!

The story continues in The King's Best Men

For more of the author's work click Here and Here
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Official Reviewer
It's certainly not the best according to me. Sure its perfect, no deficiencies and I bloody damn well enjoyed it, but I have other tastes and Ulio sits no where near the top for me. Just trying to say Dantares that not everyone will hold the same views as you. In my opinion, The King's best men is better than Ulio, mainly because I loved the characters and the gameplay. Superb quality! ;)
Dantares IV WOW!!!!!
Someone who does not think that Ulio is the best campaign ever. I allmost passed out when I heard that.
Official Reviewer
Dantares, it is a matter of taste. As I said, I enjoy differant genres more, but I cannot deny that any of Ingo's creations are at the top. Ulio isn't the best for me, The King's Best Men is (in this genre), and anyway I don't have a "best" overal scenario, only best scenarios in certain genres as every game is of a differant quality.
Commander David Very well done, a little hard at times but very fun!
WELLST Is this based on the book Icemark by Stuart Hill. Its Just Charlemagne And Scipio Beliarus Are Very Similar.

Ingo van Thiel
File Author
"The Quest" is not based on, or even inspired by, any other story. I just checked, and the first book of the Icemark Chronicles seems to have been published around 2004/5. The Quest was uploaded several years earlier, in 1999.
Powery Record, eh? Over 40000 DLs!
A time for celebration! Let's parti!
Gaspar I had wanted to say that I wasn't trying to put down Ulio, just that I love the simplistic flow that The Quest had.

Though I don't know how beneficial it is to carry on a conversation over 2 years later.
zhax0rz .....

I really don't see how this is such a 'good' scenerio!?

All I know is that it definitly is NOT the best map on here and whoever rated it should be fired.

So you just give the map with most downloads the best AoK scenerio??? Not actually judging on the merits of the map?

Playability: 0 To put in a nutshell I could not complete it cuz I lost interest less than half way through. Just chuck a couple units on the map and paste the terrain and thats what this map is...

Balance: 1 Sorry, But I really don't see the balance in this map, if balance was possible for it in the first place. Your basically just running around with a bunch of soldiers anyway.

Creativity: 1.5 Very original, I've seen these types of maps TONS OF TIMES,

Map Design: 1 Rubbish, terrible, shocking, appalling. you call thick desert around the beaches good map design!? And hideous shallow pools with bamboo and flowers on top!?

Story/Instructions: 2 Trashy, it doesn't really tell you anything about the map cuz it's so simple there's nothing to tell about, plus all the merchant says is 'oats'......

[Edited on 07/05/11 @ 09:59 AM]

Official Reviewer
The scenario has its number of downloads because it is one of the best. Your remark that you saw 'these type of maps tons of times' disqualifies your comment anyway because it was one of the first submitted 12/25/99. Many designers had The Quest as an example for their own work. Nevertheless, do you really believe that your work is better?
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