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The Quest

Author File Description
Ingo van Thiel
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
General Beliarius has set foot on your country! Your homelands, once in full bloom, have been wrecked and weakened by the enemy. Your king has withdrawn to the capital, his last stronghold against Belisarius.

You are Charles, one of the King's commanders. Together with your childhood friend Siegfried, you want to come to your king's aid.

You are leading a small group of determined soldiers through enemy territory. If you can make it to the capital, it will be in your hands to turn the tide of this war.

On your journey, you meet a merchant. He is acting rather friendly, but he has a dark secret. Your life might depend on finding it out... A woman might help you there.

This scenario was designed in a way that it can (but need not) be played more than once. You might find yourself in a slightly different story every time. This includes different dialogs. If the figures don't repeat all the things they said last time, or if they say something new, don't be too surprised. ;-)

The scenario is tough, but winnable. If you have some experience with the game and if you like tactical challenges, give this one a try.

Enjoy, and save often!

Special thanks to everybody who playtested the "Quest" for me. You've been a ton of help!

The story continues in The King's Best Men

For more of the author's work click Here and Here
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
DarkestLink94 This campaign requires thinking and cunning every step. The hints were spot on every unit counts. The funniest thing was that i was trying to figure out how to take of advantage of the gun powder in the cart. Well i had to take Joan with me instead of leaving her at the village. Sure enough she found the way. Ingo i know i am way late in finding this site and your amazing scenarios but you've made me love AGE of Empires 2 even more. I will post more comments of your campaigns soon. Ulio is already amazing!
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The Quest is a very enjoyable adventure. Charles (Charlemagne) and Siegfried have to get to King Bernard and defeat General Belisarius. The Quest is highly enjoyable with many different characters to meet and many side-quests to complete. The Quest is a mixed style scenario. There are many fun and adventurous things in it. Scout, Survive, Find the king, Complete Puzzles, Defend the City, and Defeat the Enemy. The Quest is another masterpiece by Ingo.

Balance: 5
The Quest is a very challenging scenario. There are many secrets in the game which you don’t know about until something bad happens. The scenario is very challenging, but not impossible. It suits all difficulty levels. Even when I played on Standard I still had to take a few restarts, but because it was so enjoyable I just had to finish it, no matter what.

Creativity: 5
Ingo van Thiel is one of the most creative designers in the AOKH Blacksmith. I am rather struggling to say much about the creativity of this scenario without giving anything away. OK here it goes; the Merchant, the Map Design, The Side-Quests, the Mix of styles in the Scenario. This is one of the most creative things I’ve played in a while.

Map Design: 5
A Hugely detailed and beautiful Scenario, Ingo van Thiel has put his artistic design into every tile of this wonderful scenario. Almost every single type Age of King’s terrain has been used at some point and they have all been blended together beautifully. The extensive detail has been increased by the awesome quality and use of GAIA objects and Buildings.

Story/Instructions: 5
The Fantastic Adventure Story with an all star cast staring: Charles (Charlemagne), Siegfried, Joan the Maid and Belisarius. The Quest is a beautifully written story told in a very fun, exciting and enjoyable way. Once you start, you cannot stop. Accompanying the wonderful story is the clear and precise Instructions. The Quest’s Instructions are very clear and understandable, with a whole long list of Hints. Ingo has also written Hints to help play a second time if you already know the Secrets of the Scenario.

Additional Comments:

A MUST Download
One of the Best Scenarios Ever


RladalFatih So this is The Quest. The first scenario that deserved a perfect note. This is the beginning of all the creations of Ingo van Thiel on AoKH, the inspiration of generations of designers... It is hard for me, after I played masterpieces with thousands of triggers like Gwyndlegard, Ulio and The Blood of the Bear, to understand how The Quest was a revolution twelve years ago. But I know that it was one.

So, thank you, Ingo van Thiel, to had given inspiration and opened the path to many great designers with this scenario. As the Lord of the Ring is a classic of fantasy, as Jules Verne was one of the father of science-fiction, I think that The Quest can be called a classic of scenario design on Age of Kings.

[Edited on 07/05/11 @ 01:04 AM]

Official Reviewer
Even with its age and relative simplicity respective to today's standards, the Quest still has a remarkably fun story IMHO, and for a design submitted in 1999, twelve years ago, very well ahead of its time.
vaelr How do you take advantage of the gunpowder cart after Siegfried and Joan talk in the flowers?
Paul of Tarsus After I get to the capital and talk to the king, nothing happens, and I have no resources and no villagers. What have I missed?
Ingo van Thiel
File Author
Hi Paul of Tarsus, sorry to hear you have problems. Usually the king should leave with his soldiers and the town change ownership to you. Did you bring both your heroes to the king? Shortly after he acknowledges you are there, a messenger should come through the northern gate (I think it is a rider, but it's a long time ago...), approach the king and tell him of an impending attack. After that, the game should continue. Is that messenger's way blocked by your units? Does he still move if you get them out of the way? When he gets close enough to the king, the game should continue. Let me know if this works!
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