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The Quest

Author File Description
Ingo van Thiel
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
General Beliarius has set foot on your country! Your homelands, once in full bloom, have been wrecked and weakened by the enemy. Your king has withdrawn to the capital, his last stronghold against Belisarius.

You are Charles, one of the King's commanders. Together with your childhood friend Siegfried, you want to come to your king's aid.

You are leading a small group of determined soldiers through enemy territory. If you can make it to the capital, it will be in your hands to turn the tide of this war.

On your journey, you meet a merchant. He is acting rather friendly, but he has a dark secret. Your life might depend on finding it out... A woman might help you there.

This scenario was designed in a way that it can (but need not) be played more than once. You might find yourself in a slightly different story every time. This includes different dialogs. If the figures don't repeat all the things they said last time, or if they say something new, don't be too surprised. ;-)

The scenario is tough, but winnable. If you have some experience with the game and if you like tactical challenges, give this one a try.

Enjoy, and save often!

Special thanks to everybody who playtested the "Quest" for me. You've been a ton of help!

The story continues in The King's Best Men

For more of the author's work click Here and Here
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mats Molin This scenario is great!
Constantine XII, this is an fantasy scenario, not an historical scenario. I just wanted to say it.
"The Quest" has great graphics, a good story, and a nice balance between RPG\strategy.
This is the greatest 1- scenario campaign in the Blacksmith!
Nakul It would be no use to me (or to those of you who are reading this) to go on and on about the exceptionally creavtive and cunning tricks in the scenario. All I have to say is this:

Get this scenario NOW! I guarantee you that you will NOT be disappointed.

Now go and download it! : )

Robert Knight For me it´s a great scenario, without any discussion! Still I got a little bit disappointed comparing it to Ingo´s AoE campaigns for lack of that special "touch" of thrill. And it´s only one scenario!
I can´t wait to download a new, large, misterious campaign made by Ingo van Thiel!
Meanwhile I made "The Crusaders - part II" which is worthy testin by anyone.
Killer Its the best campaign on Earth!!!
Ingo, you´re the best designer i´ve ever seen.
Where can i find your new campaign called The Kings best men???
jeffg006 On the first day I discovered AoK Heaven when I was a simple newbie to AoK, I was browsing around when I found "The Quest". After I downloaded and played it I was completely amazed! I still regard this as the best AoK scenario I have ever played, even compared to William, Warrior of the Sun and others! It even inspired me to begin making my own scenarios and campaigns. I'm just saying that I consider "The Quest" by far the best single scenario I have ever played... And I'm sure nothing can replace that! I EASILY gave it a 10/10 and when I play it today I still give it 10/10! Great work, Ingo!
Tonto_jlmk It's great, the heck do I get the merchant to hand over the gunpowder to take advantage of it?
Zhadu After I get to the capital and talk to the king, nothing happens, and I have no resources and no villagers. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
Peter Very challenging! Gotta keep creating the pikemen, cavaliers and arbalests! It seemed like there were more than 2 mass attacks from the enemy, more like 5.
Official Reviewer
Easily one of the most impressive scenario for AOK.

Now, this is what quality is all about.

Simply amazing.
Ags Hey man!

This is the best campaign I ever played.

You should make more campaigns.
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