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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Black Death Lake RPG Remastered

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Black Death Lake RPG Remastered

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II (2013)
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of players: 6
After almost 10 years and a total of 20 since Age of Kings was released, I have finally decided to actually complete this scenario map. I admit, I was sidetracked by life but I decided to go back and fix this thing up. Mostly bug fixing, and making the quests actually work properly. Along with some balance changes to make the classes more viable. I also improved the quest objectives to make the game clearer.

This game is Archaic since it was originally designed for Age of Kings, so here's the settings. Difficulty doesn't matter, but best under Standard in my experience. Player 1-6 are humans. If there are no players, they can be replaced with computers. 7 and 8 are always computers, and you don't have to set teams. It does it automatically assuming you leave it on default. 7 makes most sense as Teutons, and 8 as Byzantines but it doesn't actually make any difference. Starting Age and Ending Age should both be set to default.

For players, Chinese gives the most open options. But Vikings/Celts/Japanese are better if your going infantry. Otherwise, Britons or Chinese for Archers. And Franks or Persians for Cavalry.

Because its somewhat confusing, the following SPOILERS how to complete the main quest line.

Stage 1: Pick a Class by going into the Flags in the Barracks, Archery Range, or Stables. Then fight off the invasion.

Stage 2: Go to the Holy City in the southeast. Kill the Woad Roader Boss and try to enter the gate of the Cathedral. Your get a quest to kill a boss.

Stage 3: You don't know where the boss is, so go north to the docks of the Holy City which is open unlike the Cathedral. Find the Viking near the Docks and he'll tell you to go north to the Desert to find him.

Stage 4: The Desert, which the game calls the Tarm Ruins is very dangerous. Watch out for booby traps...especially spikes. Destroying Tents MIGHT make things easier for you, but watch out for ambushes.

Stage 5: The Cathedral is now open. Wait awhile and pick up some new classes or start some new side quests, which are...also pretty complicated. They reward you with even more powerful classes, but they have alot of drawbacks relative to the ones in the Holy City.

Stage 6: The City you started in has been attacked and destroyed. If any allies were still there, they have to garrison in the Castle to survive because they are unlikely to win. Return to the City and go to the Castle Flag to find the Black Prince. He'll raise the bridge to the last General to defeat before the final boss.

Stage 7: I know this is getting tedious, but bear with me. Go BACK to the Docks of the Holy City and go north. The Bridge is now up and you can kill the General of Terror.

Stage 8: With all Three Generals dead, the Barrier to the Capital of the Final Boss is open. Go back to the center of the map, and destroy the Wonder. Once its destroyed, the True Final Boss will appear. Kill him to end the game.

Thats it. Good luck, but this game can be rather difficult later on. Leave comments if you need help and I'll help as best I can. If enough people ask, I can try to explain all the Sidequests in detail too, but I swear the game should make enough sense that you should be able to clear them on your own.
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Official Reviewer
You needed to include AI files as the player units get converted by monks at the start and you take an instant loss.
File Author
That...honestly shouldn't happen. Player 8 or orange is allied and should not be converting your units and Player 7, the enemy AI, does not have any monks.

The entire starting sequence is a cutscene. No one converted your militia. Just wait for the cutscene to finish.
Night Conqueror I remember playing this with you like 15 years ago on the MSN gaming Zone. I was making an RPG at the same time - Gauntlet Legends. I think I was like 11 years old
Official Reviewer
If only it was so easy to dispel issues as confidently declaring there are no problems. There was no cutscene and I got a defeated message shortly after starting the scenario due to my unit getting converted, as mentioned. The diplomacy states of the players were not functioning there and everyone in the town was fighting.

It hardly matters as I dont play or review multiplayer scenarios. Moving on.

[Edited on 10/21/17 @ 06:43 AM]

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