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WAIFor's Amusement Mod 2.4

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is a Mod based on 1.0A genie data, but with Userpatch 1.5 beta core.
With this, you can still do skirmishes like original version. But if you create scenarios, features would be present!
WAIFor's Amusement Mod is an amusement mod, mainly contains modern units like vehicles and buildings. But there are also fun things like anime characters, monsters and RPG elements.
In the Mod, I added many homemade things, including resources in MPS period: Chinese pavilion, railway signal lights, RA2 buildings and tanks, even Hatsune Miku. In old times, those are only visual changed. But now, they are added with new featured data!
Besides, there are many units converted from other games, but not modded before. For example, characters in The Games Factory, buildings from Soldier's Strike Online, or sprites of glu's Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties. They are singular, but might be useful.
You can use them as modern sncenarios, like railway, flats, automobiles, etc. Even if your goal is ancient, you can also take those things. For example, put icon posts in front of shops in RPG, strengthen stone walls with cupboards or decorate woods with DreamLoader trees.
Some new units also have tech trees. Many players have had a dream of battle between Red Alert 2 and Age of Empires 2, so the dream came true in Amusement Mod. You can develop an allied or soviet base from an MCV. Work in with other modern features, you'll feel like in real RA2! Little humans - you may call them Hobbits - also have tech trees, similar with normal human, but simpler and faster.
Many new fantastic skills are shown in the game. For example, make units teleported by tunnels, melee spearman transform into skirmisher or on the contrary, and many new builders with new building pages. You would feel amazing when you play.
Thanks to Userpatch 1.5, we can now train any units in any buildings. So you can train anime girls in town center, or replace houses with yurts for villagers. Also, those units' cost and train/build time is customable.
Not only common attributes like hit points or speeds can be changed via triggers, but almost any attributes! You can change a knight as sheep shape, or an archer with female voices - Do those by WAIFor's triggers!
WAIFor triggers can also change units, do instant garrisons and other many pretty effects. Within Gizmo module, we can easily add new extra triggers.
You may be confused in selecting correct units when hidden units are unlocked in scenario editor, because they are same named. In the Mod, we don't have to be annoyed at all, in the list all units are shown with names, internal names and ids, so none of them are same! Besides, you can toggle all hidden units' appearance, just press hot keys!
Have fun.
WAIFor, Oct. 5th, 2017.
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AFFA the cleric I WAIFor, I'm sad to say that my Avira antivirus had detected the file Gizmo.dll as a Virus classified as TR/PWS.sinowal.Gen8, then immediately removed it from my hard disk, just to be aware you and all the others ones who will download your file, Regards! :D
File Author
To AFFA the cleric:

Sorry to hear that. I just want to apply dll injection mode, like Portuguese Civ Mod II.

But, the mod can run without Gizmo, just use another dll to replace that(e.g. triggers.dll in the mod). However, in this way, new triggers and some interface features would be gone.
AFFA the cleric Absurdly, even the Triggers.dll is detected as virus by my Avira, I really don't know how but seems that new updates on the antivirus program will result into a lots of detection sensibilities by the program, even some of my really-old-and-ever-working files on my external hard disk are detected as various kinds of viruses by my Avira... I dunno o.o

But aware peoples of "infected files" is a things that I ever done every time I download a file from here or ModDB comunity, due my bad past and various formattation(with critical data loss) due viruses, so now I prefere to spreads information about it, obviously it could be a fake-reporting that couldn't take place with others peoples, but, as I already said, I prefere to aware you all! ;)
gag2000 hello, avira is well known to alert much false positives, check this:

in other words, i can confirm the files are safe. greetings gag

[Edited on 10/06/17 @ 04:16 PM]

AFFA the cleric Oh Gag, this is what I wished to hear, thanks, I alert all in order to find someone else that could confirm the false positievness of the file, in this way we can just forget about all my previous comments!

And yes, I also knew that Avira founds lots of false positive files as dangerous, but due my unlucky past with viruses, I really don't want to risk in any way, even a False positive!

So, Greetengs Men! ;D
File Author
To AFFA the cleric:

Hmm, a language dll like language_x1_p1.dll is okay as well.
AFFA the cleric Oh yes, fortunately it is right for me, even if a useless file for my game version! :)
Vardamir How were the hobbit graphics made? Shrinking single frames is easy enough, but I've never got the anchors to line up when I do it to a full animation.
File Author
To Vardamir:

Hmm, scaling strip images, frame width and height should be divided exactly by reciprocal of scaling rate.
For example, shrinking to 50%, size of every frame should be even numbers, so that little frames will be aligned. If the strip is 1-dimension, only width(horizontal) or height(vertical) must be even.
If shrinking to 20%, size should be times of 5, etc.

[Edited on 11/09/17 @ 07:13 AM]

adamproxdude33 are you adding more units
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