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Siege of Lahore

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II (2013)
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): The Forgotten
Style: Build and Destroy
Scenario featuring the history of Mughal conquest of India.


Invited by the rebel leaders of Punjab sultan Babur marched towards Lahore to fulfill Timur's legacy of capitulating India. Once he reached Lahore, his forces was easily routed by the superior forces of Ibrahim Lodi. Furious - he decided to burn the city for two days to send Delhi a message Lodi will not soon forget.

Take command of the mughal forces and burn city of Lahore to the ground.


1. Detailed and nice map design.
2. Classic Build and Destroy gameplay with a small fixed force part initially.
3. 5 scripts to ensure AI puts player on constant pressure and immense fun.
4. Intense battles with 2 possible ally to fight alongside you.
5. 180+ triggers for various effects.
6. Naval and land warfare ensures variation in tactics.
7. Difficulty level dynamic with all 5 difficulties available if you plan to extract the scenario from the campaign.

If you like this scenario please don't forget to hit that thumbs up. Also you are welcome to comment, share in the box below. I am always ready to accept new suggestions from my subscribers. Happy Gaming!


1. Bassi - Playtester in moderate difficulty. Literally guided me through the end of the scenario with numerous suggestions, review and motivations. I really cannot thank him enough for his continuous support.
2. Cataphract887 - Playtester in hard difficulty. Helped me with his detailed constructive thoughts about how the scenario could improve in terms of balance .
3. Great_Artiste - Playtester in standard difficulty. Played this scenario couple of times to ensure that it doesn't turn insane in standard difficulty. Also with some suggestions about nicer map design which was conducive for this product.

Note: You need The Forgotten dlc to play this scenario.
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Map Design4.0
Siege of Lahore is a scenario dealing with the conquest of the city of Lahore by Mughal troops led by Babur. It is a primarily B&D, with some FF elements early on. It was played using HD version on Moderate difficulty.

Playability: 4
There were no significant faults with the scenario. It offers a competently made siege situation, where the player is tasked with overwhelming the defences of a large fortress dominating the map, while performing multiple tasks that can make that process simpler than a brute force war of attrition.

In the early portion of the game where you are limited to a fixed force as a scouting party surveying the city, i did encounter some inconsistent triggers- an enemy scout party spawned in as my troops were heading to a marked area to report. Due to pathing, my little troop avoided conflict and never entered the enemy scout's FOV. However, when they reached the stated objective, nothing happened until I went back and defeated the spawned-in, "story relevant" group, at which point the next triggers fired.

Likewise, when establishing a base in the B&D portion of the game, enemy activity is linked to the player building a TC in a specifically marked area, so it's possible to delay triggering the enemy forces, by building a TC elsewhere and starting to collect resources, before proceeding with the "story" path.

Balance: 3
Scenario's most unique point is a sharp limit it places on the composition of the player's troops. Playing as Turkey, there is no access to crossbows, camels, siege units (besides the siege tower), as well as Castles and associated units. The player is able to acquire up to 6 paladins and 5 Elite War Elephants through completing side objectives, and once conditions are fulfilled,AI allies will join the siege with their buildings, providing, among other things, siege rams.

While the idea of limiting the player's tactical options is an interesting one, I found that it made the game's outcome too predictable and easy. There is only one optimal strategy, and the lack of any serious unit variation meant there wasn't much opportunity to try anything else. The enemy AI, played by Indians used a lot of Elephant Archers,who remained easy targets for conversion, despite the trigger that had the AI learn Faith.A portion of the enemy's city was accessible from water, and the enemy AI never advanced past War Galleys, making Galleons and cannon Galleons an effective tool for demolishing half of Lahore.

Overall, I find that the player's lack of tactical options, while intriguing at first, ultimately hurts both the balance and replayability, by making the scenario's course too predictable, and, thus, easy)

Creativity: 4
While removing unit variation may hurt replayability and difficulty, it is nonetheless, an interesting concept. In addition, the scenario provides a good mix of side objectives, and I feel that makes it above average.

Map Design: 4
The map was fairly detailed, with some especially nice touches (the waterfalls), without being anything exceptional.

Story/Instructions: 4
The introduction screen provided enough history and background for the scenario's setting. instructions, hints and scouts were useful, and the in-game dialogue and instructions were generally easy to follow and consistent (with a few exceptions, as noted above)

Additional Comments: An interesting siege scenario that presents some novelty through the tactical challenge of reducing the number of options available, but ultimately by doing so, harms its own staying power and replayability.

[Edited on 07/09/19 @ 09:09 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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