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Ivan The Great

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II (2013): The Forgotten
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 3
A custom 3-scenario campaign, focussing on the major battles in the life of Grand Prince Ivan III of Muscovy(1440-1505), who is generally considered by historians to be the most crucial precipitant of the Tsardom of Russia. Battle Novgorodians, Tatar Mongols, and Lithuanians in this original campaign with:

-- Diverse mission objectives.
-- (Very amateur!) Voiced pre-game cutscenes
-- Hundreds of in-game triggers
-- A fair difficulty curve; starts simple, gets more challenging
-- Two huge, sprawling maps
-- Over 4 hours' playtime.

This campaign is of intermediate difficulty; anyone who can beat Random Map AI on Moderate is guaranteed a fair playthrough. If you're having problems hearing the cutscenes, ensure the Music slider in Options is turned all the way up.

The Forgotten expansion is required. To install, simply extract the Ivan the Great folder to your mods directory.

Any bugs or feedback to report, leave them below.

Also available on Steam Workshop.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Sloven It is a good campaign. The enemies are pretty strong. I have a few suggestions, though.
1) It would not be bad to put a time reminder in the first scenario, for example at half an hour, 15 minutes etc.
2) The terrain is rather simple, you should add more realistic details and eye candy. For example, forest shouldn`t look so square.
HiHowRYa Where do I put the files of the compaign?
Bassi This is quite an enjoyable campaign. The map design needs a bit more polishing and details though. But all in all, this is a good debut campaign.
Map Design3.0
"Ivan the Great" is a 3-scenario campaign, highlighting some of the achievement of Ivan III, the last Grand Prince of Muscovy, and the first ruler to claim the title of "Tsar". It is a collection of B&D scenarios, with a big emphasis on exploration. It was played on Moderate difficulty using the HD version.

Playability: 4
Overall, I found the campaign to be an enjoyable B&D affair. I encountered one trigger-related bug that compromised my progress in scenario 2 (when the Golden Horde suddenly makes 4 tribute demands at once). More importantly, scenario 2 produced very noticeable lag at times, and this affected my ability to play more than anything.

Balance: 4
Overall, the difficulty was fair. I was able to complete Scen 1 on first try, the next 2 took a few reloads (saves help). I found scenario 3 fairly easy in principle, because it's very easy to defeat the enemy who is explicitly designated to threaten your ally early, and thus secure an unimpeded flow of reinforcements, making victory a matter of time and not skill. Aside from this instance (and some odd AI behavior, probably related to pathfinding on the huge maps), I found AI defenses tougher than I'd normally expect and there were multiple instances where I'd under-estimate AI's resilience and the sheer oppressive power of constant unit spam.

Creativity: 5
Starting with a basic B&D formula, each scenario offered it's own twists. Scenarios 2 and 3 both offered multiple mutually exclusive objectives and additional challenges on top of the traditional "wipe out all enemies" . The scenarios were able to deliver some surprises (sometimes pleasant, sometimes not), and there were interesting things to find with exploration.

Map Design: 3
There is nothing exceptional about map design. It's functional; the main fortress of Smolensk looked like a real, imposing fortress, and this stood out a lot. Other than that, design here largely conforms to function. Scenarios 2 sand 3 have large maps, but there's little detailing work here.

Story/Instructions: 5
Each scenario is prefaced with a (voiced) video cinematic describing the political situation in Eastern Europe before the event/battle in question. Instructions were clear, and scout section provided enough information not only to gain awareness of the map, but to begin formulating a plan. In-game text prompts from the character of "adviser" were likewise helpful at pointing out important points of interest.

The aftermath screens for both victory and defeat are well-written. I suggest quitting each scenario at least once to read the full defeat screens, they add a nice touch of humor.

Additional Comments:
Very impressive first effort. Though it does little that's new, this campaign combines ideas used in other scenarios in an interesting way and offers a fun way to spend a number of hours, as long as you aren't turned off by lack of detailing in map design.

[Edited on 07/09/19 @ 09:07 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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