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Portuguese Civ Mod III - v 4.0a

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
The Portuguese Civ Mod III is the third installment of the Portuguese Civ Mod, and it adds nine new civs, on the top of the original five new civilizations of PCM II, and new gameplay features!

Includes all of the features of Portuguese Civ Mod I and II: wonder powers, support units, mecenary system, redesigned scout and sea buildings!
-Seventeen new civs (Portuguese, Aragonese, Moors, Berbers, Navarrese, Tupis, Dutch, Swahilis, Italians, Indians, Galicians, Indonesians, Leonese, Abyssinians, Burgundians and Kongolese) have been added with unique bonuses and features
-A completly new age, the Renaissance Age, with new units and technologies, has been added!
-A new resource, Experience, with an unique way to obtain it, has been added!
-The Mercenary system of the first version of the Portuguese Civ Mod has been expanded!
-A new gameplay feature for Real World Maps has been added: the Rare Resources system!
-And, as usual, all of this is packed in an intuitive and straightforward installer!

More information about the Portuguese Civ Mod III can be found at readme, which is included in the download, and also in the official website:

For general discussions about the mod and scheduling of multiplayer games, you can join the official PCM Discord Server:

How to install it:
Just run the installer and follow the instructions given!
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File Author
@Cataphract887: Hello!

The real problem is that I don't think there is anything left that I can do to avoid that :/
Usefulness/Novelty: 5
This mod is one of the best total conversion mods that needs more recognition. So much of new things are included its hard to explain here.

Quality/Instructions: 5
Straight forward installing tho some might have issue with antivirus sw.

Loads of new units,buildings,abilities are included and has a very unique playing style.

Additional Comments:Awesome as can get.Recommended download if you like playing beyond the vanilla version.
Usefulness/Novelty: 5
While Portuguese Civ Mod III has carried forward all the features of it's predecessor Portuguese Civ Mod II, in this new version many novel ideas are introduced with regards to certain units and buildings and in addition to Rare Resources which you have to capture on Real World Maps. I won't say out much on the Novelty part except one has to play the mod especially the new civs to find out :D

Quality/Instructions: 5
Quality is top notch as usual. New graphics, new building sets, new voices all blended in perfectly. And this version has a beautiful main menu with equally good background music.
The mod comes with it's own installer and the instructions are easy to follow. The mod after installation resides in it's own directory in the game folder and away from other main game files. Also you get two PDF files each describing all the features introduced in the mod so far.

Additional Comments:
The mod changes the game so much that it sometimes feels like a new game but it is as immersive or even much more as the vanilla one. Have fun :)
File Author
@Mahazona and Varamir: Thanks a lot for the reviews :D
EBuilder Great mod. It's too different to play so I didn't played it too much but still good enough.

PD: Are you thinking to add a Somalian civ? I would love it

[Edited on 09/23/18 @ 03:58 PM]

lynxblacksmith Nice work!I like the idea of 5th resource.
May I ask:how did you do that?
It's a breakthrough......
With 5 resources,we can make mod closer to reality...
Add iron to Middle Age mod......
In a modern age mod ,mod maker can offer food~coin~fuel~steel~cement as 5 types of resource.
Septowavicorn777 Where are the: Burmese,
Polynesian civs.?
Indian Ocean Islanders civs.?
Even the Cumans, Bulgarians, Lithuanians, and Tartars in the upcoming Definitive Edition?

Also, will you have downloadable Tech-Trees available soon?

[Edited on 07/20/19 @ 11:15 PM]

File Author
@Septowavicorn777: Hey! :D

This mod wasn't built over AoKHD, instead, it's built over the original AoKTC, so it doesn't include most of the new civs that were introduced in the AoKHD. Besides of that, I don't have plans to add the civilizations you have mentioned since the goal of PCM is to only include civilizations which, somehow, interacted with or are related to Portugal.

Regarding downloadable Tech Trees, the mod's in-game tech tree is complete, and it shows all of the information you'll need about a civilization, so I don't have any plans to make separate downloadable Tech Trees.

Thanks for your interest in PCM and sorry for the trouble ^^

Best regards,
Daniel Pereira
Fully downloaded and installed without a hitch.

Only one Unique Tech at the Castle at one age, though;
few Unique Buildings (besides their respective Wonders), or one TEAM Bonus for/from each civ.

We can't pick and choose which 6,7, or 8 mercs to hire
from the Tavern, don't we?

[Edited on 08/24/19 @ 11:32 AM]

File Author
@Septowavicorn777: Hey :D

Thanks for the feedback and for the review, I'm really glad you liked the mod!

Regarding mercenaries, the available mercenaries are controlled by the buildingset (or "culture") of a civilization. That's why there are mercenaries which are only available for a particular group of civilizations, but not for the others.
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