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Random Labyrinth

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): (optional)
Style: Puzzle
Number of players: 8

Try the new Hedge Maze mod which replaces Old Stone Head to hedge graphics:

Voobly link

The map will randomly generate a 103x103 size labyrinth/maze at game start.
Each player starts with a villager at a random location.
You must find 10 Relic Carts in the Labyrinth to win the game.
Relic Carts are created during the game at random times and random locations.
Take care of your Relic Carts because the enemy can capture them!
There are many wolves in the Labyrinth, which can attack you.
If you lose your villager, it will respawn at a random location (676 possible locations!), but you will lose all of your Relic Carts (however, you can recapture them).
Gold=number of Relic Carts you have

You can build Walls, Watch Towers and Outposts.
Watch tower is good for healing your villager and shoot enemies or wolves, but they are damaged 1 HP/sec, so you will lose them by time.
You can build Outposts too, which is built much faster, and does not lose HP automatically. It can be good for getting extra LOS very fast.
Walls can be good for blocking enemies or closing Relic Carts to prevent enemies to steal them.

The map will always generate a new labyrinth! There is 0% chance for getting 2 times the same!

Here is an example with less size (1.1.3 algorithm):

You can also try version 1.1.2 with a different algorithm:

This generates the maze faster, and there is only 1 possible way between any two locations. (However, it makes the gameplay a bit harder).
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Gallas Sometimes I wonder why, map like this, never get an official review.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5

Really simple what to do, since you can only build few buildings and exploring, capturing relics, avoiding wolves and sniping enemy villagers/towers. It not takes lot of effort to learn how to play, but wining is much harder, as you lose your captured relics if your villagers dies. You will never have the same maze again and you may never play the same game with same result. While the randomness is really fun, it have some side-effect too.

Balance: 4

Being random not always makes it fair. You may spawn between enemies and you hardly can move/build anywhere and wolves also behind you, but the respawn also random and you can have a new beginning somewhere-else on the map. It need more luck than skill to win, but it not makes it unfair, as you can try rush or being less offensive and building up your safe-corner.

Creativity: 5

Labyrinth maps were already rare in aoe2, but this one not just do the impossible as being a random labyrinth, but even on some high-level triggering with a great idea what is your purpose on this map!

Map Design: 4

The map-design alone not looks that special (and not have to), but you can improve it by the data-mod version. The more than 10.000 triggers behind this map are simple incredible, and makes it one of the best I have ever seen.

Quality of the instructions: 3

While the map not need much info, some details of the randomizing and penalties, such as tower HP reduction etc should be informed.

[Edited on 06/16/18 @ 09:01 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
A smooth flowing map that is missing bugs or trigger errors. Villagers have fair stats that make it easy for the game to be a fun challenge.

Balance: 5
Randomization is the key word here, giving everyone an equal chance of all possibilities of where they start and respawn. I like how the towers leak HP so you can't establish a permanent base.

Creativity: 5
It's a fresh and fun idea that differs from most versus custom scenario maps.

Map Design: 5
Randomized map design is always a plus, and you can never know what to expect or be able to memorize the map for an advantage.

Story/Instructions: 5
No story to it, but as far as instructions go it is easy to pick up and figure out.

Additional Comments:
Well done Zix! Fun map.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
It has a great ease of play and it's not hard to figure out what to do and the best methods to try out

Balance: 5
Luck of the draw! But its equal luck of the draw for everyone

Creativity: 5
This is a very original idea that requires non-traditional strategies to increase your chance of winning

Map Design: 5
So randomly cool! It's a different maze every time so we're always kept guessing at where we'll end up

Story/Instructions: 5
Very easy to figure out what to do

Additional Comments:
Fun and short map! We need more like these

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Map Design4.7
Favorites: [Who?]1
Size:232.09 KB