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Sniper vs Mafia

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(Updated on 10/16/18)
Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
=== STORY ===

LOCATION: The Capital of Golden Soldiers Country
TIME: 16th century

- There is a war that is between "Golden Soldiers Country" and "Diamond Country". This deadly war lasts for 6 months. Golden Soldiers Country ( GSC ) loses the war against Diamond Country ( DC ) after 6 months time period. GSC losts its state authority after the war. So lots of different mafia families try to rule the capital of GSC by using their firepower. Finally only one mafia family defeats other mafia families and this family becomes the secret ruler of the capital of GSC.

- Wolf Family ( WF ) becomes the secret ruler of the capital of GSC. "Wolf" is the leader of this family. ( Same name ) WF starts to racketeer all of the capital of GSC to make itself stronger. WF seizes people's landed estates. WF seizes people's horses, golds, jewelries and other valuable items for its benefits. WF also seizes all of the beautiful girls for itself in the capital of GSC. In addition WF kills all of people who can resist against their hegemony with most brutal method.

- "Hawkeye" was a very famous sniper in 6 months war because of his sniper skills. Hawkeye starts to live in a woody area with his family after the war. In addition Hawkeye becomes very rich after the war. So WF attacks Hawkeye's home when Hawkeye is very away from his home. WF destroys Hawkeye's home and captures Hawkeye's family. WF blackmails Hawkeye by threatening Hawkeye. Hawkeye has to give 100 gold to WF in Peace Bridge to rescue his family...

=== FEATURES ===

- Lots of different new sniper gameplay mechanics with taunt system gameplay support


* 4 different attack systems ( Close, medium, long and very long range attack systems )

* Hiding from enemies

* Covering into a tree or an another thing

* Attacking the enemies by leaning from the cover

* Covering / leaning wars

* Attacking relics with the gun to move relics with a powerful momentum

* Using timed charge dynamites, remote controlled dynamites and pepper gases

* Mount climbing mechanics

* Attacking enemies from higher areas... Like: Outpost, mountain etc...

* Quick time covering or attacking events

* Enemy racket building capturing mechanics

* Escaping from enemies ( Escaping mechanics )

* Right timing mechanics to stop the enemy by not killing the enemy

* Naval battle mechanics with taunt system gameplay

* Lots of ambush and trap mechanics in second scenario


- 25 new sound effects that support the gameplay

- Beautiful and attractive map designs with improved map design methods

- An epic battle music in the end of second scenario

- First scenario is a prologue and tutorial scenario

- Second scenario is a longer and more detailed scenario

- 2 different main characters

- 2 different stories and endings in second scenario ( By choosing one of the main character's control )

- An interesting and absorbing story

- Double sided control ( Both protagonist and antagonist )

- This campaign's story continues with "SNIPER: The Dead End" campaign that is a new DLC of this campaign.


=== EXTRAS ===

PREJUDICE: I am open to any kind of positive or negative criticism but I have a condition. I suggest players writing criticism after they play and understand this campaign. ( At least %35 percent of whole campaign ) I don't suggest players quitting playing due to only map design. Lastly I don't suggest players writing criticism before they play and understand this campaign. ( At least %35 percent of whole campaign )

ADDITION: I suggest players braking their chains against new gameplay ideas and new gameplay implementations. I know that this campaign doesn't contain traditional B&D gameplay. This campaign has its own unique gameplay mechanics. I suggest players trying to understand these new gameplay mechanics.

NOTE: This is a fictional campaign. This campaign doesn't contain any historical elements. This campaign's story was set up in 16th century.

* I made this campaign's first and original version with The Conquerors. ( v 1.0 ) ( No UP )

* This campaign is also playable with User Patch and HD versions.

( User Patch players and HD players can play this campaign with this file. )

* Later I adapted this campaign for the steam HD version. Steam HD players can download this campaign from steam community.

* If you stick around in somewhere or have another problems you can leave a comment to this page.

* VISIT THIS LINK to check on Author's other released projects:

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
A viable campaign this time around with some interesting mechanics. The terrain looks better than the gridlike appearance in the past though I would encourage a "less is more" mentality going forward. I didnt quite understand how to proceed with capturing the three rackets in mission one, and there is some fairly mysterious word choices being made.

I am favorably impressed you came up with a new campaign after getting bombarded so heavily in the forum last time. Very good work ethic;quite a creative scenario. The over the top hollywood storyline is not my cup of tea, but it seems to be your best attempt yet.

[Edited on 05/05/18 @ 01:07 PM]

File Author
Thanks for your comment. I want to give an important information to players about the racket system.



- Players should follow red flags and scenario's change view effects in mission 1. ( For arriving the racket building areas )

- Players can use more than a taunt number ( method ) in the same time. Example: Players can write T1, T2, T3 in the same time. But players can write the same taunt number only one time. ( Player's can't write same taunt number one than one time. Ex: Players can't write T3 more than one time but players can write T1, T2, T3 and T4 in the same time. )

- Another example if player writes T1 and T3 total pressure point becomes "T1's pressure value + T3's presure value" ( their total pressure value )

- But player can't write the same taunt number again. Player can write the same taunt number only one time.

- Players should trial and error method by loading a saved game to find the right pressure value. ( *** Most of the time writing only one taunt number is enough )

- After finishing your taunt choices click on the racket building to finish your choices. If you don't click the racket bulding the game doesn't continue.


[Edited on 05/06/18 @ 01:21 AM]

iLikeHell I liked your map, but there are some problems. The game is rough and does not explain well what to do during the game. You must always think that you know everything well but if you try someone who does not know the map, everything becomes very difficult and less funny. The map is different from all the others and well done, I think you should fix it with additional instructions during the game because it's worth it
File Author
- Thanks for your comment. If you write the things that you didn't understand in this game I can fix that things to make that things more understandable.
iLikeHell In the first map, after killing the knights, I was left without ammo and I did not know where to find new ones for example
File Author


- Hawkeye can buy 30 ammos totally from the salesman. ( First episode )

- Hawkeye can buy 10 ammos by giving the salesman 25 gold.

- Hawkeye can repeat this process for three times by giving the salesman 75 gold. ( 10x3 = 30 ammos )

- After that salesman's ammo stock finishes. So Hawkeye can't buy ammos anymore from the salesman after repeating this process for 3 times.

- In addition Hawkeye can find 10 ammos from the skeletons that are on the left top corner of the map. ( Episode 1 ) ( This trigger becomes active after Hawkeye attacks the relic for 3 times. )


[Edited on 05/11/18 @ 02:57 PM]

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