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Downloads Home » Random Maps » [ToME] Misty Mountains + Old Forest + Mordor

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[ToME] Misty Mountains + Old Forest + Mordor

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Tales of Middle-Earth v0.8.7
Style: Other
Three random map scripts for the Tales of Middle-Earth Mod.

MASSIVE credit to the creators of ToME, and also to Zetnus. Without the former this could never exist, and without the latter and Zetnus' Random Map Scripting Guide... it couldn't exist either.

This contains:
- Old Forest
- Misty Mountains
- Mordor

More screenshots here:

*** The Old Forest ***

Deep inside the Old Forest the trees close around you and the enchanting Withywindle lures you in...

Functionally, this map is very similar to Highlands, in that rivers (sometimes) separate each player. Unlike Highlands, most of the map is covered by pathable maze-like forest. The forest is by no means solid!

This puts a restriction on your building space, which is why I added some clearings, where you can typically find resources as well.

Oh, and you start with a bonus scout and house: open up the random map script with Notepad (or anything better) and decomment out the marked line up the top if you don't want those bonuses.

- On small maps the game will sometimes create only one pond, and plonk a truckload of fish in it. Still perfectly usable for fishing!
- No AI info has been given for this map. I don't know what that means it'll do.

*** The Misty Mountains ***

Few dare to tread the Misty Mountains with their ice-capped peaks, goblin hordes, and ravenous wolf packs. Yet here you are, and here your enemies are as well...

Who will you encounter? The evil wolf packs in the region? The Goblins of the Misty Mountains? Or will you find the long-forgotten Dwarves of Moria still labouring in their holds?

All of them at once, I suppose...

There is an existing Misty Mountains script. But I thought that more could be done on this theme, and it could be turned into a much more extravagant map.

This is not meant to be your standard map. Other maps are considerably... well, more standard. And balanced. Here you start with a sizeable milita and some towers. The reason you start with this army is because you are able to scout around for all sorts of free units around the map. You may then bring your newly-found forces to bear on your enemies...

... if you can get them out of the Goblin holds they're stuck in and avoid the packs of wolves. Usually the attrition rate is about half... This map has a lot of GAIA enemies on it.

As for the AI functionality of these rewards, ToME requires Userpatch (UP) to function. UP allows AI to pick up these gaia units as well.

The starting units and free units - but not the goblin hordes - can be turned off by opening the RMS with Notepad and following the (reasonably clear?) instructions given.

- Little randomness of bonuses on the map. Effectively, once you've seen the map once you've seen it all. (Most free units are randomised though). If you have any suggestions for sub-biomes, please tell me!

- Snow Pine Trees appear in places where they shouldn't - eg in the middle of the Misty Mountains themselves.

- Players will sometimes spawn in the inhospitable Misty Mountains themselves. I have tried using borders to force players to spawn where I want with no luck. This is alleviated by the trees and bushes you always have to start next to you. These are easily enough to get you to the Second Age, by which time you should have found a better spot to start chopping. You should be able to manage.

- There is no easy way to get rid of the hordes of Goblins...

- AI doesn't know what to do if a Goblin gets in its base. This is another reason the AI gets the militia to start... This is not something I can fix and is something in the .dat file.

- Resources are unbalanced. I'd like a lot of feedback on this, as it requires testing to an endgame; something that can't be done on-and-off, like editing the script and making sure it doesn't break.

- Attempting to add extra create_object lines in the RMS will usually crash the game. This is because I am perilously close to the 99 create_object limit.

*** Mordor ***

The one place we don't want to get any closer Sam... and the one place we have to go.

ToME's original Mordor had next to no trees and as a result was incredibly un-fun to play. So I fixed that, did some cliff shenanigans, and other fun stuff. Fewer freebies than Misty Mountains.

I'll write more a little later :P

You are welcome to do whatever you like with either of these two scripts. It would be nice to give me credit where you've based off my work.
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Beermonger if i really had to criticize something about Old Forest, i think if the shallows/streams inbetween neighbours were somewhat wider so that arrows cant be just shot over it, or id venture even to only allow towers/castles in the starting TC's immediate vicinity, even if wide open straight paths connecting neighboring players bases directly cant always be blocked, it would feel still lot less too close for comfort, without moving the starting points farther from the center (if thats for some reason a priority, like delving deep/pioneering on this map actually distances one from the opponents/conflict zone?) might be a bit too strict testing with 8 players and Giant size :)
The other 2 are pretty cool!

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