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Yesterday the Sun Shone

Author File Description
Andreas Wagner
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Contented King Rudolf rules over his empire - at his side Queen Gudrun and Prince Albert. Nothing seems to cloud this idyll; until one day an unknown enemy penetrates the walls of the capital and, finally, seeks Rudolf's life.
While he finds out which enemy he is facing, a dark secret is gradually coming to light ...

First posted on AgeArena in 2008, "Gestern schien Sonne" has at long last made its way to the blacksmith. Recieving a 46\50 from reviewer Bassi, the scenario was well recieved among the community being praised for its engrossing story and high difficulty. I took the liberty to translate the scenario from German into English and was quite gratified to recieve both the approval to post and very helpful error corrections from Andi W. -Cataphract887
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
iLikeHell Very good scenario: 4/5. Map design is beautifull and the game is funny and not to hard. I hope you will translate more maps
Official Reviewer
Good to hear you enjoyed it :-)
Thomas_Elliott An interesting campaign: I want to start by saying thank you Cataphract887 for the translation. Some of my absolute favourite campaigns, such as aMa's "Outlawed" and "Chrombasia" were translated to English by generous individuals like you and I'm sure it would have been a lot of work. The translation here is excellent.

Overall, I think this campaign is worth a play although it has its shortcomings.

I was not crazy about the story itself but I was impressed with some of the choices used to tell the story (the use of the extended flashback sequence to lead back up to the opening cutscene was particularly clever). I also enjoyed how for the last part of the scenario the creator gave us a full map B&D for a map which had previously only be used for disparate FF segments. It reminded me of the stylistic choices that "Great Emperor" used to use in his campaigns. Letting us see how the various FF sections connect, and then re-use them as battlefields I think is a great feature to increase the interest in the B&D as we feel more attached to the map.

My biggest issue though is the gameplay, which I admit I found pretty boring. It's mostly just a series of FF battles which are beaten using classic tactics and familiar castle age units(use elevation, use obstacles on the field to reduce the difference in numbers). It gets a bit old. There was a sequence where you need to prevent people from crossing a bridge using a small group of troops, and every so often a single light cavalry would try to run by you, and if he did get by, you would fail the mission. It reminded me a bit of the most frustrating sequence in "The Fury of Rastulf". It also wasn't even clear from a story perspective why it was so bad for one lone light cavalry to get behind the bridge. In another sequence you have to defend two castles from the enemy and victory is achieved mostly by just making sure your one castle targets their monks, and that your knights are always ready to attack the trebuchets whenever they spawn. It was a lot of micromanagement busy work but did not have much strategic depth and left me a bit bored.

Anyway, I might be being a bit harsh considering the age of this campaign. It was enjoyable and is a worthy contribution to the blacksmith. Thank you again Cataphract887.
Official Reviewer
Thanks for the praise on the translation quality, and also good to see a mini-review. Glad to hear you found it enjoyable and a worthwhile play. I couldn't disagree strongly with any of the points you raised either, though I did find the higher difficulty made the simpler gameplay more engaging than most scenarios. The crossing the bridge part sounds annoying indeed, but I noticed right away it suffered from the same exploit that plagues several dozen other DtS games over the years so I beat that part without doing anything;I would agree those segments in games where you lose by just one man can be pretty annoying to deal with. If I had one critique of the scenario to make myself, its the up and down difficulty;some parts are too easy and others adequately challenging, and a difficulty system would have been quite welcome.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Yesterday the Sun Shone is a scenario by German designer Andreas Wagner. Originally uploaded to AgeArena in his native language, the scenario has now been kindly translated by Cataphract887 into English and uploaded here for the benefit of AOK's largely English audience.

Playability: 4
Yesterday the Sun Shone is a story based scenario which implements many well designed cutscenes into its gameplay. I found the scenario to be entertaining and enjoyable, but I also found some of it to be a bit boring, using classic tactics and basic gameplay mechanics. The scenario has a well-written story, which makes the scenario very enjoyable though. I also didn't encounter any bugs or lag in the scenario.

Balance: 5
Despite the basic gameplay, the Balancing of the scenario was perfect. Whilst challenging at times, the scenario never found itself to be frustrating or too hard to complete, but also it was not easy either. The game requires micromanagement, as there is a challenge to defend multiple castles at the same time. The author provides the player with lots of helpful hints to guide them along so you will never get too stuck, and also sends chats to remember the player to save regularly.

Creativity: 4
There's nothing really creative that stands out in this scenario. As previously stated, the gameplay is rather basic, requiring familiar tactics an strategies. However, the scenario includes a beautifully design map, custom AIs and a incredibly engaging plot. I suppose a highlight of the scenario's creative side is the voice acting which has been recorded specifically for this scenario. Unfortunately, as this scenario was designed in German, so to is the voice recordings. This proves to be extremely annoying for this English language translation, as they are still included in the download file and therefore as I put all the sound files into the sound folder, they continue to play through the scenario. I found this distracting and quite annoying.

Map Design: 5
The map design of the scenario is incredibly beautiful. Andreas Wagner is a talented designer and has created a large detailed map to set his story in. The map in-cooperates expert terrain mixing and object placement. The map is covered in very well designed mountain regions, in fact some of the best placements of the mountain objects that I have seen. There is alot of eye-candy in the map and the small settlements are very nicely designed. Finally the largest city to the right of the map is a marvel, excellently designed, realistic and perfectly fits the style of the rest of the map and the story.

Story/Instructions: 5
The highlight of this scenario is its engaging and entertaining storyline. The scenario is plot-driven and includes numerous cinematic cutscenes to playout the story. The plot utilises non-linear storytelling to jump back and forth between the opening cutscene which is set five months before the main story. The story is action-packed and builds well, with good character development and elements of mystery and you uncover King Rudolf's dark secret. As I said previously the story's atmosphere is emphasised by the voice actin, which unfortunately is irrelevant due to being in German, which is a real shame. However, as this is a translation I will not be deducting points for this. Finally, the instructions for the scenario are fantastic, very clear and easy to follow. They will guide you through to victory and if you still get stuck, there are very clear and helpful hints.

Additional Comments:
Overall Yesterday the Sun Shone is an entertaining scenario with a beautiful map design and atmospheric storyline.

Thank You Cataphract for translating this wonderful scenario into English for us.
Well Done Andreas Wagner


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Map Design5.0
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