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Vampire Revenge

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
This mod is an undead/demon themed, random map-based hunter/prey game with unique UP1.5 mechanics.


  • A custom random map with new terrains
  • Two reworked civilizations - as vampires with new Ui
  • Custom tech-tree for both vampires and humans
  • Custom resource system thanks to UP1.5
  • 40+ new units
  • Undead, demons, all with new graphics and sounds
  • New buildings, and infinite technologies
  • Custom vampire-regeneration
  • Custom Vampire_Ai
  • Collectable corpses
  • New music and ambience
  • A bloody effect in the game lobby
  • An unique gameplay experience

    For more information about gameplay, tips and guides visit:

    Example random maps
    (a tiny map with 2 players)

    (a giant map with 8 players)


    1. Make backup file in \Age of empires II\Data\ folder from your empires2_x1_p1.dat and gamedata_x1_p1.drs


    backup file from your language_x1_p1.dll


    in\Sound\stream and terrain folder all files

    2. Download the file, and unpack to Age of empires II main folder and overwrite all. (the zip file contain all necessary folder)

    Version: 1.8 - 5 July 2019

    You MUST use UP 1.5, or human resources won't work with many other map elements!

    Important settings

    1. You can select custom random map, then Vampire Revenge - this is not a scenario
    2. The mod also can function with any other random maps!
    3. Realm of Dracula and Realm of Lilith is the two hunter civilization
    4. Human players can pick any other civ or random (if both vampire civs are used)

    Optional settings
    5. Map size is not just make the map bigger, but will increase the number of the food sources for vampires.
    6. Starting resources (Vampire skill) adjust the gold and food income, also the work rate of the Vampire Citadel (training and researching speed + passive gold and food).
    - Low resources (hard vampire) -20% gold/food and work rate
    - Default resources (standard) - normal gold/food and work rate
    - Medium resources (easy vampire) +10% gold/food and work rate
    - High resources (beginner vampire) +25% gold/food and work rate
    7. If you don't want Wonder or Soul fragment win option, then you can set Conquest.
    8. Player's colors don't have to be in numeric order!
    9. Explored map help in both way. Humans may find base faster, but can be found earlier too.
    10. Max pop can limit for both Humans and Vampires how many total units can have.
    Vampire_Ai: You can select a specific Ai for vampire players. Make sure you pick the right difficult, because it adjust the resource-gathering speed of it.
    The Ai is not perfect, but can be a useful ally to explore or crush your enemy.

    Other game types

    While Turbo, Regicide and Deathmatch is supported, other game types are not suggested to use.

    Special thanks/credits
    - Keisari Tapsa, Ruralist and DiGiT for modding tools
    - UP team for making possible the custom resource system
    - Khan Ivayl's Age of Vampire for lot of ideas, graphics, sounds and musics
    - ApAdams's Zombie Apocalypse for some graphics and sounds
    - guyza's All Doom monsters mod
    - LotR ToME team for Balrogs, Citadel and some icons
    - WBC 3 for Graveyard and Hell pit
    - SWGB for explosions
    - Vardamir117's realm mod for some graphics
    - Spectore for Shade/Shadow Knight
    - Croaker72 for Graves
    - BOME Team for base of the Blood Fountain
    - Ozhara for lava terrain
    - Jorgito_aqua27 for custom cliff
    - danielpereira's PCM III for "Levy trick"
    - Donnie's Jurassic mod for ideas
    - Vampire_Ai thanks Raymond Tukkers's Assasinator AI
    - Doom wikipedia for many useful information
    - Yourfavoratemusic's Hans Zimmer: Davy Jones Theme Suite as win/lose music
    - Every player who helped me in testing and their feedback to make this mod better

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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Vardamir Interesting stuff. As far as Realms graphics go, most of them came other mods originally:

    Shade/Shadow Knight

    Open Graves

    And the fountain was from Battles of Middle-Earth
    File Author
    Thanks for the clarify, fixed!
    Rewaider Love these multiplayer maps of yours!

    [Edited on 07/09/18 @ 11:32 PM]

    File Author
    New version is out! Major change is the Vampire_Ai (beside several fixes and balance change).
    HELLKNIGHT61 Hi!.. I have a new project for my next scenarios. I want to use this mod for my next project but I have a serious problem. I can't disable "carthograpy". I don't want to see the sight of ally computer players but i can't do this process even I disable cartography tech from Options. Do you have any solution about this?

    Even I disable Carthography from Options I can see the sight of my allies. This is a serious probem for my next project.
    File Author

    Carto is added as a resource to civs's tech tree in Techs tab. You either need to modify the tech tree and remove the "change resource 50 by 1" or can try to turn it back to 0.
    HELLKNIGHT61 I should download the right utilitie at first. So which utilitie is the right one to modify the tech tree?
    HELLKNIGHT61 I downloaded "Advanced Genie Editor". I entered the "Civilizations" section. I found the source of the problem: "50 - Value 0 - Reveal Ally".

    But unfortunately I can't delete it directly. Because the program always starts to delete resources from the most bottom to most top one by one. When I press the "Delete" button the program removes the most bottom resource at first. So I can't remove resource 50 unless removing all other lower resources one by one. ( Resource 50 - 210 ) Do you know any solution about this?
    File Author
    Go to Techs tab not Civ, then search for "tree" (at the left panel), then at the middle panel delete there the "change resource 50 by 1" for civs you not want to have free carto.

    [Edited on 04/23/19 @ 09:05 AM]

    HELLKNIGHT61 I am really sorry due to still posting comments but unfortunately I can't succeed to find the "change resource 50 by 1" message even I try very much. I will show you 5 pictures to show you my situation better.






    I want to create a 5 scenario single player DOOM campaign ( about Hell's Mars invasion ) but I think that my job will be very hard.
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