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The Fall of Constantinople

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Version: Age of Kings
Style: Fixed Force
This is a HIGHLY detailed scenario depicting the Fall of Constantinople. The map is the ACTUAL map of Constantinople at the time made as accurately as possible with the AOK engine.(i even added Galata the neutral Genoese settlement for accuracy) A lot of historical info is used here and there are a lot of triggers involved. I have posted this scenario in an attempt to show how a "historical" scenario should look like. This version would have been even more detailed if i had the time(hey i m a perfectionist :))I hope you enjoy it :)
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Gordon Farrell
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
This has to be one of the most gorgeous cities I've seen in AoE/RoR/AoK. Shaytana obviously spent many hours creating a visual gem that seems about as close to 100% historical accuracy as is humanly possible. The designer then went on to painstakingly research the 1453 siege of Constantinople, the armies and personalities involved, and wrote up a lavish account of the epochal battle in the story/instructions. Finally, she actually put some thought into how the player's forces are assembled, over time, in various parts of the map, shifting the battle from land to sea and back, in a manner that "set-piece battle" designers should take note of. In short, Shaytana avoided the dreaded mortal sin of set-piece battles, ie, giving both sides tons of units and saying, "Go kill each other!" However, after an exhaustive design effort, for some reason Shaytana couldn't be bothered to do a bit map to go along with the story. This always hurts a scenario, as it takes away from the "polished" feel of the final work and reminds us that this is, in the end, an amateur design effort. And, thorough though the historical notes are, they seem cold and dry-cut, lacking emotional flair. In other words, why should I care who conquers Constantinople? The story should make me care. And although I have positive memories about playing it, it doesn't quite make me want to play and replay it several times. Regardless. This is work to be proud of, to be imitated, to be downloaded and enjoyed. Shaytana, I can't wait to see your next project! I hope other designers study and learn from your work.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"The Fall of Constantinople" by Shaytana is one the very earliest blacksmith submissions, and one of the first to receive a high rating. Although it is generally in my policy to avoid rating these submissions with an already high rating, having played a great deal of these scenarios that rehashed the classic siege i felt it was appropriate to return to this file, and assess it with the intentions of using as the measuring bar for all other constantinople scenarios;those that cannot rival a scenario released in the first few months of AoK, can indeed be considered substantially subpar efforts.

Playability 4-

I found myself enjoying the scenario quite a bit, despite its simplicity. The AI was putting up a fairly good fight and it was tricky to maintain the players force on the attack. One bad thing is that reinforcements are tied only to pop cap;if you lose your bombard cannons to the enemies monks and their own cannons, you often find yourself losing men on purpose to get a fresh wave. Sadly there comes a time when the AI can no longer field more units and the scenario collapses at this point. I would recommend editing the scenario yourself so the enemy has 99,999 resources and perhaps consider using post-imperial age so you receive the actual turkish artillery, otherwise you might as well quit when they stop reinforcing as the gameplay is essentially over.

Balance 3

I was pleased to find the AI could still put up a fight;indeed the userpatch experience may well be tougher than before, as i don't recall the AI boiling out with so many counter attacks as before. Shaytana wisely provided the AI with a large stockpile so they could recruit units, instead of relying on static pre-placed troop counts. Despite the players seemingly limitless resupply of men the battle is quite hard fought and provides pretty good intensity. The enemy troops retrain themselves, have superior numbers and better upgrades. Unfortunately they run out of steam fairly quickly and victory isn't ever in serious question. The naval segment seems utterly pointless, the few galleons you are given can do nothing.

Creativity 3

It must be said the scenario fairly simplistic with no particular difference from most siege scenarios except insomuch as this scenario isnt terrible like so many low-rated scenarios that feature an Irresistible Force clashing with an Immovable Object. Its a good effort on the realistic map and historical references as well, though neither of these does much to improve the gameplay. The victory conditions seemed a bit random, with no text or notices your are getting near the goal.

Map Design 2+

The quality of the map, in light of the years of progress made in AoC, is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand the map has a reasonably good aesthetic appearance, and has terrain detailing sufficient to make most key areas look reasonable. However, it must be said that there are vast portions which clearly fall into blank terrain territory;many areas are entirely the same terrain for the entire screen without a single terrain feature of any kind. The borders of these terrains tend fairly simple, with only some mixed together adequately. There is a lack of straggler trees overall as well. A final point in favor of the map is the use of water mixing to create waves;however the entire ocean past the coasts is pure deep water with no detailing.

A few of the forests are blocky chunks of wood with no detailing at all. Many have had gaia grass placed underneath them, which does help their appearance somewhat but the borders of these forests remain very plain and are easily something a random map could have generated. The exception is the forests on the far right map, outside the normal play area;these look quite a bit better than the forests around the starting area.

The city itself is the standout feature, but this alone is insufficient to carry the day, and in addition this city is only reasonably well designed, and cannot be considered in the upper echelon of map design cities. It consists of the expected vast layout of houses and buildings, but well decorated with trees, gaia grasses and forage bushes which gives a fairly good impression. There is no domestic activity beyond a few trade carts in this city, and it feels fairly lifeless.

The fortifications of this city are a low point;they are no different from the hastily placed walls and bombard towers that plague so many other low rated submissions. There is no terrain detailing or special consideration to making an elaborate or authentic militarized fortress.

Ultimately the overall map design quality is simply to low be considered for the typical baseline score of a 3 for a good scenario. The primary obstacle is the huge expanses of undeniably blank terrain;it is simply not possible to overlook these vast stretches of empty terrain. Otherwise it would easily be a 3.

Story\Objectives 3

With the provided history and instructions, combined with adequate hints, its enough for the normal score of a 3. There is a lack of integration with ingame mechanics as the story is left only to be told by historical notes which have no special connection to this particular scenario;these could easily be in a book or some other similar scenario somewhere and it wouldn't make a difference. There was some introductory dialogue, but only of the most basic and expected kind. There was no explanation on how much losses the players army could sustain inside the scenario that i could find, which adds some uncertainty.

Final Thoughts: Despite its old age and simplicity, Shaytana's "The Fall of Constantinople" sets a reasonable standard for the countless other city assaults featuring this map.

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Map Design3.5
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