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DTS18 - Reliquary

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Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): WololoKingdoms Latest
Style: Other
This map was made in just a handful of days, making good use of UserPatch/WololoKingdoms Features. This map is an entry for the DTS2018 contest, created by BF_Tanks.

The aim of the game is simple; Defend your Monastary, and achieve 1000 kills to win. I was originally planning to have an entire segment where the enemy literally had to carry the relic off the map, but I was pressed for time, so I made it a bit simpler than that.

All the units used are for graphical purposes, as stats have been re-worked and unit functions changed somewhat. This map includes mini-bosses and is fairly open although you're not required to explore -- It is, however, encouraged.

Please note it takes about 2 minutes before the game really gets going. The opening minutes are used for dialogue.

This map is full of references to things, and I've purposefully left a lot of it unexplained. Certain enemies appear under certain conditions, the player can lose their heroes and gain a penalty or benefit depending on kills, and there are certain enemies on the map that provide a permenant bonus to the adventurous player. I feel the map may be an easy victory, but as the designer of the map I obviously know the tricks.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Reliquary is BF_Tanks' entry to the 2018 Defend the Spot Competition.

Playability: 4

This entry was actually quite an enjoyable mission owing to a uniquely eerie and ominous atmosphere and gameplay that matched it quite well. The player is cast in the role of desperate guardians defending their citadel against a mysterious army of fanatical cultists. While the gameplay was quite simple and essentially consisted of plugging a breach with the various reinforcements that spawned from time to time, there was enjoyment in the opportunity to multitask between defending the fortress and sallying forth with exploration parties to seek out enemy heroes and uncover a well-designed map. Although it could do with some polish, it remains a simple concept with some minor strategic nuances that were pulled off rather well for a fun experience.

Balance: 3

While generally well balanced, even on Hard the scenario seemed a bit too easy. The player does not have to do much more than plug a gap with the very large numbers of units that they receive and assure that new trainees are deployed. Things become even easier if the player explores the surrounding area and kills the enemy heroes. One unit in particular contributes to the low level of difficulty - the chu ko nu whose projectiles spawn militia units. While this can initially be seen as a threat, in reality it makes it possible to achieve tons of easy kills towards the player’s goal, allowing victory to be largely achieved before the more difficult waves of enemy units begin to arrive.

Creativity: 5

Commendable also is the designer’s use of UP-effect triggers combined with WololoKingdoms to create a quite customized experience. It is debatable whether some of these statistical changes were strictly necessary, and in some ways they led to a level of initial confusion, but the simple nature of the gameplay meant that these were not truly a detriment to the playing experience - in the end, the fundamental necessity of patching a breach with melee units and protecting your precious ranged units sufficed to allow the player to succeed.

Map Design: 4

One of the highlights of the scenario, the map design excelled in its diversity, with a citadel and surrounding town, sea, forests, fields, mine, and more that all represented the unique design style of the author. While some parts of the map could perhaps have benefited from an ounce of polish, the overall result was far above average and frankly quite impressive in the way that it balanced visuals with gameplay utility.

Story/Instructions: 4

The story, while admittedly not particularly fleshed out, excelled in the fact that it was sufficient to complement the gameplay while dousing the player with a sense of wonder and intrigue. Instructions were sufficient and useful, and the player will likely never feel particularly lost, albeit if somewhat confused.

Additional Comments:

This scenario deserves the download for many reasons, but particularly for its cutting edge nature in its exploration of the WololoKingdoms mod and the UP 1.5 functionality. I wholly recommend it.

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Map Design4.0
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