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Roads to Nowhere

Author File Description
Tim Mason
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
This single player game has you up against a powerful enemy. You can't build docks but your enemy can!!<p> Find the hidden naval base and destroy your opponent. There are many roads to nowhere, so watch out for stray attack ships!<p> Have fun!!!
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David Roads to Nowhere is a good scenario. It's enough hard to make it a challange, but not so hard that you don't want to play it. The fact that you can't build ships in the beginning is intresting, but I didn't find that as a great challange. You don't use ships that much, because there isn't much buildings near the water. When I had destroyed some gates and towers with them, I simply deleted them, because I didn't have any use for them. The pop limit at 75 makes for intresting sollutions, you have to find out what guys are the best against the opponent, and build them, because you can't attack with a mixed army. There's a few problems through. First of all, the thing I've already told you about, the ships aren't that good. They should be more useful. Second, the computer player told me to send him some resources, and he would make me an ally! I didn't of course, but he should never ask. That's an easy way to get a picture over his camp (cartography) and an easy way to attack. Just build some towers inside his base, send some men, and change to enemy. He won't change you to enemy until a few minutes later. With that time, you can destroy at least half his base! I also think that the starting resources is a bit to high. You don't have to gather anything yourself, if you arn't gonna build 10 wonders or so. Now you start with 40 000 of each. I think 15-20 000 should be enough. At least with the amount of resources that there is on the map. And it would still be easy. But, change those faults and you'll have a quite good scenario. Enjoyable, challenging, and intresting.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Roads to Nowhere is a pleasant improvement over the authors previous work, as he evidently had played some other maps during the several weeks the seperated the releases and gotten some ideas going, but unfortunately it has some issues holding it back.

Playability 2

Its a deathmatch game with a dark age start, its about as playable as a deathmatch random game i suppose.

Balance 1

With the player starting with 40k all resources and the mighty turks civ, victory is never in doubt. Especially problematic is the players large jannisary army;the enemy has no such army and you can kill them right off the bat. The author may have thought the AI safe behind bombarb towers and walls, but the jannisaries have the range and firepower to take down walls and just run past the towers. I was victorious in 9:19 minutes

Creativity 2

The author put some thought into differentiating the game from a random map with a maze of shallows and roads.

Map Design 2

It seems to be a custom map map from scratch that actually is fairly aesthetically pleasing. although the good parts are just on the border of earning a 3, there are simply too many large grassy-only areas and the oceans are unmixed water, except for where the shallow mazes break it up.

Story\Objectives 2

Its the bare minimum you would expect out of a B&D scenario.

Final Thoughts:Its a basic, functional scenario that is not awful but doesnt merit a download.

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Map Design2.0
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