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Lee Dingguo - The Last Glory of Empire

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
The most solemn and stirring moment in Chinese history!
The most tragic warrior forgotten in history!

From Chinese age2 player first campaign。 can be run by 1.0C or 1.5. HD edtion has some problem.

If you encounter bug in the game, or there is any doubt about the plot, or the translation error. You can send email to

In the middle of the eighteenth century, the nomadic people of northern China, Jurchen, invaded China and established a colonial Empire - the Qing Dynasty. From then on China gradually faded and lagged behind the West. It was not until modern times that China began to revive.

In order to resist the fate of tragedy, China has emerged countless leaders to resist the end. Among them, Li Dingguo and Zheng Chenggong are known as the last Gemini of the Ming Dynasty.
When he was young, he was a leader of the peasant uprising and fought against the rotten ruling class. In the midst of China's crisis, Li Dingguo resolutely abandoned his former suspects, joined the Ming Dynasty, and was determined to fight to the end.In the face of other leaders in the same camp, such as Sun Kewang's multi-provocation, he considers the overall situation, multi-sided avoidance. He has repeatedly killed the two commanders of the Qing Dynasty to recover Southwest China.

If not betrayer betrayer, Li Dingguo almost eliminated the Qing army.

However, as a symbol of China's battle to the end, there are few films and TV works related to Li Dingguo, and the plot of the game depicts his life alone.

In China, Li Dingguo has hardly ever done any works of film and art.

Even if Li Dingguo had been in the film and television works, he would also make endless discredit to him. Almost no one knows Li Dingguo's name abroad.

Out of the respect for Li Dingguo and the reflection of the current situation, I decided to rely on the Imperial Age 2 as the carrier to create Li Dingguo.

Production group list:
Director. Screenwriter: LEO,
Art Designer: Newtonerdai, four circles, Buyingxia
AI Support: talcum powder,
CV: Wanghou
Literary Advisor: Tang
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Map Design3.0
"Lee Dingguo - The Last Glory of Empire" is a Build - Destroy, Fixed Force and Defend the Spot historical campaign by "huojiandanyeye". The story is about "Lee Dingguo" who wants to defeat Qinq Dynasty ( that is the vassal of Tartar - Mongol invaders ) for controlling the whole China with the independent Ming dynasty. This campaign contains 4 different scenarios about these events.


This campaign contains Build - Destroy, Defend the Spot and Fixed Force game elements. In addition this campaign contains a spying part in scenario 1.


SCENARIO 1 is mostly Fixed Force scenario together with its unique spying part. First of all I will write about negative parts. There are too many unnecessary walkings in scenario 1. This scenario contains unnecessary walkings with not any events. Player must go from A point to B point. After that player returns to A point again. ( EX: while dueling against Qinq commander after arriving there with transport ship ) Second some of the side quests are unnecessary. Players can finish this scenario by not making some of them. In addition the scenario is too silent. ( Except cutscenes ) This means the events develop very silent. ( Ex: After I won the duel the game didn't tell me going to the south gate again ) The game wants from player "paying attention to archiving" instead of giving the player direct orders. The main problem of scenarios are names. I know that this is a historical scenario but it is very hard to memorize Chinese names. Lastly in the last part of this scenario only woad raiders and light cavalries attacked my units. Other enemy units behaved passive. ( I pulled a few of woad raiders to my archers and repeated this many times )

SCENARIO 1 has also positive sides. First of all the spying part was great. It was very creative and amazing especially the water movement part was very creative. Also the cutscenes were good with its unique sound / music effects.

SCENARIO 2 has 2 missions. Build - Destroy mission and DTS mission... B-D mission part was horrible. Because enemy players constantly attack player from every direction. Enemy players don't have any villagers. Enemy AI constantly creates new units and constantly attacks player with its unlimited resources. ( Unrealistic ) Enemy attacks never finish until player destroys enemy buildings. Fortunately enemy players can't create new buildings after they were destroyed. In addition player cannot advance to the Imperial Age. [ In the middle of 17th century (!) ] Also player has limited resources unlike the enemy players.

DTS mission part was a little easy. I didn't find it challenging. I combined all of my troops in front of the Lee Dungguo. ( Except Longbowmans ) I used hit and run tactic on higher elevations with longbowmans. I won the battles and killed the enemy leader easily. This mission was easy but I greatly enjoyed while playing this mission. Also the cutscenes, sound / music effects were really good.

SCENARIO 3 has 3 missions. Officer mission, Build - Destroy mission and DTS mission... Officer mission is really good and gives player real challenges. ( Example: While fighting against traitors before arriving to the gate ) Also watch tower garrisoning part was very creative. I really enjoyed there. It was a great trick. The cutscenes and escaping parts was also effective.

B-D mission was better than scenario 2 B-D. Because the enemy AI attacks player lesser and more balanced. But unfortunately the gameplay system is same with scenario 2 B-D mission. ( Destroy the enemy buildings or defend yourself against enemy attacks that never end ) However it was better than scenario 2 B-D. In addition the player has better gold resources than scenario 2.

DTS mission was great. I really enjoyed it. The only problem is that the battle was extended unnecessarily. The battle could be shorter. In addition the battle lasts longer than information messages. The other problem is that this part was a little easy. Enemy spawns weren't effective to make this mission harder. ( Because they focused other targets instead of my soldiers who attack enemy soldiers )

SCENARIO 4 has 2 missions. Fixed Force mission and DTS mission. Fixed Force mission is not challenging. I found it easy. I killed most of the enemy units with my heavy cavalry archers by using hit and run tactic. ( After pulling a few of them to my archers and repeating this many times ) Also this mission was very short. I didn't enjoy from this mission very much.

DTS mission was better than scenario 3 DTS. Because enemy spawns were more effective and harder then scenario 3 DTS. I enjoyed while struggling against harder enemy spawns with limited gold and stone resources. The cutsenes, sound / music effects were also effective.

BALANCE 3 ( I played on MODERATE )

The campaign has easier parts but also has harder and more challenging parts but generally this campaign doesn't give player a real challenge. ( Except some harder parts ) B - D parts are not challenging. Because the enemy player always attacks from the same places with the same units. B - D parts are frustating instead of challenging. ( Due to unlimited enemy attacks ) DTS parts are also using the same system. ( Same unit spawns from the same places )


This scenario has some creative aspects. Examples: Spying event ( Scenario 1 ), Watch Tower garrisoning event ( Scenario 3 )... However B-D parts were frustrating. DTS parts weren't creative because they were extended very much and spawns were repeating themselves. Scenario's topic was creative and interesting. ( Qinq Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Tartars ) The cutscenes and sound effects are also effective to increase creativity.


The map designs are definitely better than average and have a great potential. But map designs have also lackings. Terrain mixing is not enough. There are lots of dull and empty areas on the maps. ( Visible areas ) I think terrain mixing and eye candy need more work. Also the map design has straight lines in scenario 1. Generally the map design is good but has lackings. Also elevations are also insufficent. ( They are available but need more working. )


The grammar and spelling is really good. Players can understand the events by reading the messages carefully. So there is not any barrier due to spelling or grammar. The problem is the city names, land names and character names. I know that this is a historical scenario. But it is hard to memorize Chinese names. Also there is no problem in "Objectives", "Hints" and "Scouts" parts. ( They are enough )

The story is really interesting due to its topic. ( Dynasties, Tartars, civil war, Sun Kewang's jealousy ) The story is absorbing and has a good set up. The only problem is while author is telling the story the author may put more cutscenes for the plot messages that don't have any cutsenes.

I recommend players this campaign who interest Chinese history. My own Chinese history information increased due to this campaign. In addition I learned who "Lee Dingguo" is.


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