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Masters RPG 2018

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(Updated on 01/28/19)
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Version: Age of Kings HD: The Forgotten
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): HD,The Forgotten Empires,Africa Kingdoms,Rise of the Rajas
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 5
Everyone chooses one starting unit (17 options to choose from)

Kill enemy units to level up and become stronger

Enemy units will get tougher as the game progresses

This is a team experience, so every 7 kills you achieve will grant 1 bonus kill for each of your teammates

Make it to the end, and kill the final bosses to win the game. But Be Careful, this journey will not be an easy one. Stick together, and work as a team to make it to the end

There will be ally healers provided at every base along with your journey. Use them to stay healthy

Most Important - Stay Alive!

Pick a Civ that will benefit your unit!

Below is a suggestion civilization based on what unit will be chosen

Best civ for archer are Britons/Ethiopians

Best civ for cavalry archer is Mongols

Best civ for melee is Japanese

Best civ for scorpion is Celts/Mongols

Best civ for Mameluke/cavalry melee is Malians

Best civ for the gunner is Port./Spanish

Best Civ for the healer is Byzantines

~~~All unit class upgrade lineup~~~

Axeman Class: (Hero after 90 Kills)
Players 1, 3, and 5 = Throwing Axeman ->Elite Throwing Axeman ->Charles Martel
Players 2 and 4 = Gbeto -> Elite Gbeto -> Yodit

Bowman Class: (Hero after 90 Kills)
Players 1, 3, and 5 = Crossbow ->Elite Plummed Archer ->Robin Hood
Players 2 and 4 = Crossbow -> Elite Chu ko nu -> Guglielmo Embriaco

Cavalry Class: (Hero after 85 Kills)
Players 1, 3, and 5 = Light Cavalry ->Knight ->Master of the Templar
Players 2 and 4 = Light Cavalry -> Camel ->Babur

Militia Class: (Hero after 80 Kills)
Players 1, 3, and 5 = Long Swordsman ->Samurai ->La Hire
Players 2 and 4 = Long Swordsman ->Samurai ->Itzcoatl

Spear Class: (Hero after 80 Kills)
Players 1, 3, and 5 = Halberdier ->Elite Eagle Warrior ->Cuahtemoc
Players 2 and 4 = Halberdier ->Elite Shotel Warrior ->Yekuno Amlak

Cavalry Archer Class: (Hero after 100 Kills)
Players 1, 3, and 5 = Cavalry Archer -> Heavy Cavalry Archer ->Subotai
Players 2 and 4 = Manudai ->Elite Mangudai -> Genghis Khan

Elephant Archer Class: (Hero after 95 Kills)
All Players = Elephant Archer -> Elite Elephant Archer -> Khosrau

Camel Knife Class: (Hero after 90 Kills)
All Players = Mameluke ->Elite Mameluke ->Saladin

Boyar Class: (Hero after 85 Kills)
All Players = Boyar -> Elite Boyar -> Vlad Dracula

Gunner Class: (Hero after 90 Kills)
All Players = Hand Cannoneer ->Elite Janissary ->Francisco de Orellana

Heavy Swordsman Class: (Hero after 80 Kills)
All Players = Long Swordsman ->Codottiero ->Siegfried

Heavy Shieldsman Class: (Hero after 80 Kills)
Players 1,3, and 5 = Nordic Swordsman -> Legionary -> Theodoric The Goth
Players 2 and 4 = Nordic Swordsman -> Legionary -> Gidajan

Camel Archer Class: (Hero after 95 Kills)
All Players = Camel Archer ->Elite Camel Archer ->Musa Iba Nusayr

Teutonic Knight Class: (Hero after 80 Kills)
All Players = Teutonic Knight -> Elite Teutonic Knight ->Fredrick Barbarossa

Amazon Archer Class: (Hero after 95 Kills)
All Players = Amazon Archer -> Improved Amazon Archer -> Hero Amazon Archer

Siege Class: (Hero after 85 Kills)
All Players = Scorpion -> Heavy Scorpion -> Hero Scorpion

Healer Class: (The True Hero)
All Players = Starts with 4 Chand Bhai. Gains healing speed/health/movement speed, and healing range over time

This Master RPG includes a clean updated design for an aesthetic feel

Clear instructions throughout the match for better user experience

New and old popular units to choose from

Accurate kill counter for all players (counts every 1 kill)

and much more!

Give it a try =)

Suggested settings: Reveal map: Explored

Players 7 & 8 as ImmobileAgressiveAI (can be downloaded here:

Player 6 (ally) as Byzantines civilization, and using BruteforceHD AI (can be downloaded here

Patch Notes for updates are posted in the "Change Notes" section

Best AoE 2 HD mods:

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