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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Tiny Part of the War - Fortress Besieged

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Tiny Part of the War - Fortress Besieged

Author File Description
Usamah Aghis
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Hey and welcome! I just finished my project and I would like to post it here!

This is my very first time submitting in this, so please tell me if you need any other information or what should I do next. :)

Objective :
The castle must remain standing.
Defend the fortress for 25 minutes until the main reinforcements arrive.

Story :
For many years, 2 supreme kingdoms has been fighting each other for a mere conquest.

And just to achieve their lust for victory , they starting to invent new things... Siege, military, elite soldiers and many more... Just for the purpose of war...
With Royal Horsemen & Onager as your side, and Master Archer, Berserker Barbarian, High Cavalry, and tough ram on their side.

And now, you've been ordered by the King to take command of the fortress while he sends his reinforcements. Perhaps the victory of either both kingdoms is in your hand... Either both kingdoms... And this tiny part of the war might change everything.

Overall it's quite simple scenario with defend the castle as the main objective, just like what I said in the short description. pretty challenging and fun based on my very experience.

not sure if these helps but I will put it here anyway.
trigger totals = 95, but some of them is empty so maybe it's just around 85-90 working.
Patch Tested : Userpatch v1.15, 1.3, 1.4 RC

Require Immobile units AI otherwise it won't work properly.

Thanks and enjoy! :)

PS : I also had few other unfinished projects and planning to submit them here too, but since I'm kinda lazy I think it might take a while lol
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
In the huge mass of poor scenarios uploaded by new members it’s getting rarer and rarer to find a new scenario that’s worth playing. Whilst this scenario isn’t perfect, it is a rare occasion where a first submission is actually worth taking a look at.

Playability: 3
This was an enjoyable scenario and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was considering it was from an unknown user. The scenario is a defend the spot game where the player must defend his fortress from an onslaught of enemy forces, whilst regularly receiving gifts and reinforcements from nearby allies. The game requires a good deal of management and cunning, as the enemy waves can come in a random order and heavily outnumber and out match your units. The game was entertaining but there were a few things that could have made it much better. Firstly there was a severe lack of a story which meant that I didn’t feel part of the scenario, there was much atmosphere and meant that the entertainment factor dropped significantly. Secondly I’m not sure whether it was intentional or a bug but the ally reinforcements didn’t change to my ownership. This meant I could manage them and they actually stayed still until the enemy was right next to them due to the Immobile Units AI. This significantly flawed my playing experience and balance as I didn’t have enough units to defend the outnumbering enemy.

Balance: 3
The balance was fair but could also do with some more work. Whilst you are given a fortified base with wall, training buildings and a castle, you are heavily outnumbered by the enemy forces, which also have much better units that you. In the first wave the enemy send four rams and a whole legion of cataphract a which almost immediately took down my walls. As i stated before the reinforcements I gained were next to useless as I couldn’t control them. It relied on me to build up my own army quickly using the limited resources I started with and the small gifts I regularly received. I also found that there wasn’t much breathing space between the enemy waves and I didn’t have much time to rebuild my forces. If your a more experienced player, you might find this scenario much easier than I did but Ultimately I think that more work should be done here to help less experienced players. Maybe try including some difficultly dynamics to the game.

Creativity: 4
Whilst the scenario is your standard Defend the Spot game, there were a couple of creative elements, such as having local allies who send you reinforcements and resources regularly. The scenario also includes a very well designed map and some clever trigger tricks. According to the author the enemy waves attack at random which is a clever trick and requires some complex trigger work.

Map Design: 4
This is by far the strongest part of this whole scenario. The author has dedicated much time to creating a beautiful setting for his scenario to take place. Set in the middle of a large forest, the author has demonstrated some great design techniques and clearly knows what he is doing. It’s sad to say that there are a number of people who see scenario from new members and automatically think that their made using a ES Random Map as a base or worse. This map however will prove those people wrong. There is a great deal of beautiful terrain mixing used to decent effect here as well as lots of eye candy and carefully made settlements and bases. Whilst it’s not perfect, this is definitely a highlight of this scenario.

Story/Instructions: 2
Unfortunately we have to now go from a high to a low, perhaps the lowest point of the scenario. The scenario has a close to non existent storyline. What little flavour and setting we get is actually in the Blacksmith description for the file before you even download it. Once you start the game there isn’t a pre-game overview nor an opening cutscene. Your general simply says one line of dialogue, telling you to prepare for an assault, and then the action begins. There’s no atmosphere to this scenario. Who are we protecting? Who is attacking us and why? A story makes or breaks a scenario in my opinion. It’s what engages the player, makes them feel part of the game and want to continue to the next part. I didn’t feel any of this playing here. In terms of instructions, there weren’t really any either. We’re just told to defend the fortress. There were some hints but mostly telling us not to use Marco Polo or not attack the enemy base, stuff that you would think of doing anyway. Whilst the game is pretty self explanatory some instructions would be nice, such as what happens when your allies send reinforcements or resources and how regularly.

Additional Comments:
Overall this is a solid effort from a new designer, which even though it isn’t perfect, reflects a great deal of capability in the editor. I look forward to seeing for from this author.


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Map Design4.0
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