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Thrones of Iberia

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II (2013): Rise of the Rajas
Style: Build and Destroy
Spain is in turmoil, and as ruler of a small kingdom, it is up to you to rise to true power in these chaotic times.
Marry your princesses to potential allies, gather your knights and master diplomacy and war. Fight the Moors of Cordoba or use their legendary science to create a new center of culture and progress. Betray your allies or become the last hope of Spain! Fate is in your hands!

*A single player scenario with a story set in the time of the Reconquista.
*An enthralling diplomacy system that offers completely new possibilities every time you play through.
*A huge map full of secrets and surprises, which guarantees many hours of fun!
*Several factions (Castile, Leon, Aragon, Portugal...) who all want to support you with their own unique units - or send their armies against your castle walls if you anger them ....
*Unique Economic System- Capture towers and villages and see how your initial castle will eventually become a powerful metropolis. Use horses and other animals to create new units!
*New sound files included.

Additional info:

*I used the immobile/aggressive AI and my own custom AI.
*Requires The Forgotten, African Kingdoms and Rise of the Rajas DLC
*To install the scenario please move the files in your mod order.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Thrones of Iberia is a single player scenario by Hammister. Set in 13th century Spain, you control a small kingdom on a quest to become the sole ruler of a united Spain.

Playability: 5
Let me start by saying that this was probably one of the most enjoyable scenario I’ve played in months. The unique style and creativity of this scenario are highlights and immerse the player into a chaotic and tactical game which involves much strategy and micromanagement. The scenario requires you to use diplomacy as your greatest weapon. Allying yourself with stronger kingdoms to receive soldiers and tributes to help you continue your conquest of Iberia. Starting your kingdom in the ruins of a small castle, you can claim more territory by defeating local warlords. Over time more soldiers join your kingdom at your castle and you can expand by building more training areas and trade wagons to trade with your allies. Occasionally a royal princess will come of age and you can use them to form a new alliance with a neighbouring kingdom through a roya marriage. The scenario is highly enjoyable and despite the very technical game mechanics, it doesn’t suffer from and bugs or errors.

Balance: 4
The scenario is fairly well balanced and has difficulty dynamics to help cater to players of different abilities. The beginning stages of the scenario are relatively easy with your small force of troops facing off against the feudal age soldiers of the local warlords. As your army grows the larger powers around the country start to skirmish your castle and try to bring an end to your campaign. Eventually other kingdoms will declare war on you depending on the alliance you make. This is where the challenge really starts to kick off as you have to micromanage your attacks on enemy cities whilst also defend your own castle from the skirmishes from your enemies. Whilst the scenario is mostly balanced fairly, it could be seen as being a little easy for some of the games more experienced players.

Creativity: 5
Thrones of Iberia is a complete unique and original scenario. The gameplay is a cross between your traditional build and destroy conquest, blended with elements or RISK style maps and RP scenarios commonly found in multiplayer circles such as Mare Nostrum and Galderton Hill. Diplomacy is the most important tool in servicing this game and is a common mechanism in multiplayer scenarios, yet it is rare to find diplomacy in a mechanism like this in single player scenarios. The scenario is a build and destroy scenario without the building. In reality you have a couple of villager to herd sheep with, yet they cannot build anything. Your resources come from trade with your allies and your buildings are won through claiming new territories. You can find new troops throughout the map as well as horse which you can use to trade for either strong knights or trade carts. Overall Thrones of Iberia is a complexly unique and utterly creative experience.

Map Design: 4
The map design represents the Iberian Peninsula in the 13th century. Scattered across the map are various city states that are all battling it out for dominion over Spain. The cities includes the real life cities of Leon, Córdoba, Castile, Aragon and Portugal. Each city has its own monument located within it, all of which are based on real life buildings found in said city. The design of the map is reasonably well done and far above the standard of what you would find in an ES design campaign and greater than most of the maps you would find her in the blacksmith. There has clearly been a good deal of effort in the design with much detailing going in the landscape of the Spanish countryside. There is a lot of eye candy to see and well as some nice attempts at terrain mixing. While the map design is adequacy and looks quite nice, there are a number of areas that can look quite bland and unfinished. There are areas which are just large blocks of a single type of terrain and one particular area which was covered in brown savannah patches which look rather odd and need some extra work to make it look more realistic. It look as though the patches had just been dumped and no thought had gone into making the patches blend in.

Story/Instructions: 3
The scenario opens with a short description of the events leading up the scenario giving the player the time and setting of the scenario and disclaimer stating that the scenario is based on historical events. From there the story disappears as the scenarios direction changes depending of the actions the player takes. However there is no sense of story in the actual scenario, your hero isn’t even named, he’s just called the Champion of Iberia. A little bit of effort could have been put into giving a bit of flavour and story to the scenario, give some of the characters names and add some dialogue between the characters.

Instructions are better and give helpful advice into how the unique game mechanics work. However there are times where they’re not quite as clear as they could have been and it took a fair bit of trial and error to figure out what I was really doing. Beyond giving the main objective of ruling the Iberian Peninsula and a few sub quests such as sending your princess to a neighbouring kingdom for marriage, you aren’t given any further help or objectives.

Additional Comments:
Overall this is a highly original and incredibly enjoyable scenario. While not perfect, it is certainly a great scenario and well worth checking out. I loved it!


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Map Design4.0
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Size:92.55 MB