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The Last Battle mod

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Version: Other Modpack
Age of Empires II: The Last Battle is a mod made to bring more uniqueness and variety to every civilization in the game, this mod adds about 200 new units, mostly unique units and some semi-generic units, it also adds over 250 new technologies, mostly unique technologies and also some common technologies, and the new feature of unique buildings. The first released version was back in 2014. It is made for all the people who always felt that every civ needed something else.


This mod presents several features:

- Every civilization is blessed with a lot of new unique units and semi-generic units.
- A lot of unique technologies and also common technologies for everyone.
- The unique buildings is another new feature, these buildings have a unique appearance, unique name, unique cost and a unique functionality, some of them are defensive, give population support, train units or bring extra technologies.
- A new type of unit, the lancer units, there are currently 6.
- 60 FPS! the mod can be played at 60 FPS in Single Player, instead of Conquerors 20 FPS, thanks to Forgotten.
- New monks for most civilizations.
- Another new type of units, the pet units, available to most civs.
- New cannon units, making a new sub-type, available to some civilizations.
- Unique ships that can be trained at the dock.
- HD updates, the mod also adds several changes from the HD version, adding Arson and Arrowslits techs, heroes like Sforza and Prithviraj, the updated graphics for Boyar and Elephant Archer, and a lot of the changelog made in African Kingdoms and Rajas.
- Cut content that was scrapped from the HD release: Atlantic map, Hunting Dogs technology, old Magyar Huszar graphics, etc.
- New random maps to play and try new strategies.
- Civilizations will also have a special feature, for instance: Goths special feature is “Complete Anarchy”, meaning that they are allowed to train military units from the most non-traditional buildings.
- New heroes available at the scenario and some existing heroes reskinning.

There are also new common technologies that can be researched by any civ. These are found in the Mill, University, Barracks, Blacksmith, Dock and Siege Workshop.

How to install?

Just extract and copy the files in their respective folder, the file also comes with the "Install" notepad.

You need AoFE (Forgotten 2.2 expansion for the original version) since the mod expands from it.

Every civ is improved and provided with more unique technologies and units, as well as some new bonuses and a unique building.

The file comes with 4 PDFs containing detailed information about all the units and technologies per civilization, their respective unique buildings, the new random maps, the changelog from previous versions, the mod history (all the versions since 2013), the credits and the bibliography and webography.

Have a nice time with your favorite civilization, now more unique and fun to play.

Happy New Year.

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lordmorken No me está funcionando correctamente. Las descripciones de las tecnologías no son las que deberían. Por ejemplo, al jugar con los bizantinos en el castillo siempre aparece el titulo y la descripcion de "Fire Greek" para todas las tecnologías con icono de corona (y también para la cruz). Y así pasa con todos los nuevos iconos, tienen una descripción que se repite una y otra vez. Por tanto no puedo saber que hace realmente cada cosa. Alguna forma de solucionarlo? Muchas gracias!

Translation: It is not working properly for me. Descriptions of technologies they are not what they should be. For example, when playing with the Byzantines in castle always appears the title and description of "Fire Greek" for all technologies with crown icon (and also for the cross). And so happens with all the new icons, they have a description that repeats a and again. Therefore I can not know what really does each thing. Any way to solve it? Thank you!

[Edited on 01/09/19 @ 09:31 PM]

File Author
Hello, thank you for downloading the mod, there is a PDF with the list of all techs that you can research and also the name of the building where it is located (so that you don't get confused). And there is a PDF explaining that language DLL is not modified, that's why you can see a random description of a technology, but the technology works perfectly since they all have their respective effect.

Hola, gracias por descargar el mod, hay un PDF con la lista de todas las tecnologías que puedes investigar y también el nombre del edificio donde está localizada (para evitar la confusión). Y hay un PDF explicando que el language DLL no está modificado, por eso es que puedes ver una descripción aleatoria de la tecnología, pero éstas funcionan perfectamente ya que todas tienen su respectivo efecto.

Edit: It can be solved with a patch for that DLL, though I've had some issues with AGE 2013.
Podría solucionarse con un parche para ese DLL, aunque han habido inconvenientes con el AGE 2013.

[Edited on 01/11/19 @ 10:36 AM]

Bigbossbro09 Can I play without having Forgotten Empires mod installed?
File Author
Hello, no you can't, because this mod also uses the Incas, Indians, Italians, Magyars and Slavs. If you use it without Forgotten, then it would lack these 5 civs.
karacazade Hi.I wish you success in your project. But I can't open the data file of the project.

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