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İku's scenarios

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
-----Fixed version 1.6-----

Improved-Now the Commanders&CommandPoints scenario work better on Rise of the Rajas.

Imroved-Some of the Chat problems on the scenario is fixed [For Rise of the Rajas]

Fixed-Jean De Lorrain attack problem.The Winnig player code is removed.[Rise of the Rajas]

Improved-Removed some triggers and replaced with better ones [On the Rise of the Rajas trigger system]

Improved-Scenario is work on both only Conquers and Rise of the Rajas expansion.There is 2 file.1 for the Rise of the Rajas.And 1 for the Conquers expansion.

Fixed-The archers dodging and get back problem [For Rise of the Rajas]

Fixed-Get away from bullets and bombs problem [For rise of the Rajas]

Fixed-Training and Researching rules of Eagle Warrior [For rise of the Rajas]

Removed-Some objects on the map removed.That causes the computer player confusing.[For Rise of the Rajas]

Fixed-William's resources gathering problem.[For Rise of the Rajas]

Improved-Bots combat ability.[Rise of the Rajas]

Fixed-Takara attack problem. [Rise of the Rajas]

Fixed-Isabella attack problem. [Rise of the Rajas]

Fixed-Akbar research problem [Rise of the Rajas]

Fixed-Jean De Lorrain attack problem [Rise of the Rajas]

Improved-Removed the guarding code on both Takara and Jean De Lorrain [Rise of the Rajas]


Fixed Version 1,5

Fixed-Akbar is not train War Elephants on castle age.

Fixed Version 1,4

Removed-Akbar is not build outpost anymore.

İmproved-İsabella now strike the CommandPoint 4 only at once.

Fixed-Now Akbar is not research the İmperial age more often.

Fixed-Akbar is not start the game until he get wood.

Fixed-Bots now not write cheat codes and not sell or buy resources until they're start the game.

İmproved-Now William is train less mangonels

İmproved-Now William can train eagle-warriors.

Added-A new housing rule for all bots.

Fixed-The defend quest timer on CommandPoint 3.

Fixed-Now bots not research the techs until they're online.

İmproved-Now Warwick and Akbar train less villagers.

Fixed-Jean De Lorrain chat problem.

Fixed Version 1,3

Removed-Some objects on the map is removed.

Improved-Now CommandPoint 1 is give more units when captured.

Added-Added some units to the map.

Fixed Version 1,2

Improved-Bots attack rules.

Improved-Bots builder villager cap.

Fixed-Bots some soldiers attack problems.

Improved-Bots Bowmans now much better.

İmproved-Now bots dont garrison in rams.

İmproved-Now ısabella have a castle.And now can train her own unique unit.

Removed-Now isabella not train Scorpions and Mangonels and train less battering rams.

İmproved-Now CommandPoint 2 is a little bit more harder then the old version.

İmproved-Now Akbar start with more resources.

İmproved-Now William start with low resouces.

Fixed-Some commodity rules for bots.

İmproved-Now Akbar can train Eagle Warriors.

İmproved-Now Akbar train less Camel's.

İmproved-Now CommandPoint 3 is much more harder then old version.

Fixed-Crushing problem.

Note;You can start the scenario any difficulty level you like.But dont forget,if you start with easier.Bots can be slowed.The Moderate-hard-harder is the best.Easy and Eaisier can be make bots easy to loose.

Fixed Version 1,1

Fixed-Missing identifier problem fixed

Fixed-İnvalid keyword problem fixed

Fixed-Now trebuchets are cannot go to commandpoint 5 castle

Fixed-When command point 4 is secured,trebuchets are convert to player 4.This problem is now fixed.

Fixed-Takara armor and weapon research problem is fixed

Added-Akbar can now research Imperial armors and weapon techs.Also he can research the Elite Elephants tech.

Added-Akbar is now research the İmperial age it self.İts not given him by the triggers.

Added-Akbar now train more villagers when he reaches to Imperial age.

Added-The Redemption tech is now available to Akbar.

Added-The Commander's [Paladin] Hitpoint and attack power is increased greatly.

Added-A new objective.İf Commander [Paladin] is dead.Then player will be defeated.

Added-Now,if player looses the town center He/She have.He/She will get the old one with buildings.

Added-Commander [Paladin] is now upgraded.Now he can heal it self.And he has better armor.

Added-Isabella town expanded.Now she have more slots to build buildings.

Added-Isabella's William's and Akbar's soldiers are not guarding on town anymore.

Added-Isabella attack problem is almost fixed.Now she's attack when she's ready.But she will wait until making a good army.

Problem-Isabella is wait and run while ranged units are attack her.This problem still needs some attention.But ı will fix it soon.

Added-Now Isabella have the market.

Added-Now bots are running when a shell is coming to them [Like bombard towers bombs and some ranged units like mangonels fire]

Fixed-When CommandPoint2 and CommanPoint1 captured,the paliside walls are removed.While that walls removed,also players units are removed as well.This problem is fixed.

Added-Ballistics and Murder Hole's tech is now available to William.

Added-Ballistics tech is now available to Isabella.

Added-Jean De Lorrain is now have Spies tech

Fixed-Isabella was not research the given techs.This problem is now fixed.

Added-Bots are now attack more strategicly and they'r wait for attacking.[Except Takara and Jean De Lorrain]

Added-Optimized Isabella attack rule's.They'r now using trigger to counting and using rule's to stop it.

Changed-Well,some chats in the game is changed.They'r now much better.

Added-Now Computer Player soldiers are give reaction when any enemy unit is hit them.Also some stop and run problems are %60 fixed.

Fixed-CommandPoint3 was not converting to player 4 at CommandPoint6

Fixed-Some of the attack problems on the Bots are fixed.

Fixed-William's chat problem is fixed.

Fixed-Takara and Jean de Lorrain attack problems.

Fixed-The crushing problem.

Added-Some code's added to Takara.She was have some problems while fighting with Jean de Lorrain.So she will gain resources when resources are low.

Fixed-Warwick soldiers are march to commandpoint6 and sometimes there are stock.So ı have removed the guarding code.On warwick.

Fixed-Akbar's research problem is fixed.Now he's research the given techs.

Added-Added some villagers to map.This villagers are belong to Gaia.They will converting to ally computer players.They'r have some problems.So ı have given some extra unit on the beggining.So they will start with much better economy.


Fixed Version 1,0

Fixed-The bug some units are stock when there are soo close.And this bug is happen when on the trees.

Fixed-Isabella bot is not attack to enemy,even she's given the attack order to the soldiers.(Not corretcly).

Fixed-While Akbar is fighting with william he was get harder to gather resources.Also ı give an order,that akbar will train more units.

Fixed-William and Jean De Lorrain attack problems fixed (Not corretcly).

Fixed-Takara will not wait while attacking.

Fixed-Warwick will spend resources immediatly when you have done a Objective.

Fixed-Late game bugs.Like bots are looking for mines or when there is no mine there just doing noting at all.

Added-Akbar and İsabella write codes when there resources are low.

Removed-Some trees on the map removed.

Fixed-William is now not buy and sell resources even while he have enough resources to fight.

Added-Takara will start with more resources.

Added-Added some commodity rule's to bots.They will sell the unneeded resources and buy what they needed.When the resources are cheap.

Removed-Some chats Instructions chats and fixed some chats that write wrong things.

Fixed-Bots are not attack with anyting there got.Now bots are attack with more soldiers and they wont wait for attack.They'r attack direclty to the enemy.That may cause sometimes bots are attack faster.

Added-I add some code's to bots.They have much better economy anymore.

Added-The Redemption tech is now available to Isabella.

Added-Now bots are research the available armor and weapon improvements.[They will pay the resources and wait for the research]

Added-Akbar is now research the Imperial Age when reach to Jean the Lorrain.And he will create Trebuchets to attack.

Added-Isabella will train more Battering rams.

Added-Isabella now can train mangonels.

Added-Isabella now can train scorpions.

Added-Isabella now can train Knight's

Added-Isabella now can train Spearmans's.

Added-Some bots will train more soldiers anymore.

Fixed-William will not attack on commandpoint2 anymore.

Added-William's resources is going lower on CommandPoint5.So ı have add some codes.He will gain Food and Gold every 180 seconds.

Added-William is now can attack at commandpoint5.

Added-Takara will start with Post-İmperial Age.

Fixed-Isabella can now build a market.

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File Author
Oh,I forgat to say.And also ı add a strategy builder.txt to zip.

[Edited on 01/31/19 @ 02:14 AM]

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