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Wrath of the Traibs

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Crusade Expansion
Style: Mix

"The Xandrian war has been the worst conflict in Dystonia for over four years. Fought between two tribes, the Xanders and the Traibs, the war has been going for four years, and both sides are starting to grow weary.

I one last push to gain the upper hand King Sebastian of the Traibs has sent his top solder, Drent to spy on King Yassen of the Xanders to find a weakness in his battle strategy. However, after three weeks he still hasn’t returned…

You play as Alexander, a mercenary hired by Sebastian. Your job is to spy on The Xanders, tell Sebastian everything you know and find out what has happened to Drent..."

Wrath of the Traibs is an epic story-driven scenario that has been in the works for close to ten years. Set in the fictional world of Dystonia, a huge backstory has been created to increase the realism and effect of the scenario. Included within this download are a background information document, a timeline of Dystonian History and a Map of the known world of Dystonia.

IMPORTANT: This is scenario is modded with The_Slayer90s Crusade Expansion. You must download this mod pack separately and install it in order to play this scenario, otherwise it will not work.

● A Giant Map of Central Dystonia, featuring the 5 Countries with many Towns, Settlements and Cities.
● A huge Backstory about the History of the World, Religion and Characters.
● Modded using The_Slayer90's Crusade Expansion.
● Classic fantasy features such as magic and whole new fantasy world and strange beasts.
● An Inventory System
● Ability to Buy Buildings
● 683 Triggers
● Part 1 of the Dystonian Chronicles Series
● Music by awesome rock/metal bands such as: Skillet, Black Veil Brides, Biffy Clyro, Love Robot, & Epica.
● Music by legendary orchestral groups such as: Immediate Music, Two Steps From Hell and X-Ray Dog, Future World Music & Audiomachine.
● Music from epic film and TV composers such as: Hans Zimmer, Murray Gold, Howard Shore, Ben Foster and Nicholas Hooper.

This scenario received nominations for Best Gameplay, Best Map Design, Best Atmosphere and Scenario of the Year at the 2019 Game of the Year Awards.

Mapshot | Town of Greentree | Zandrian Mines | Zandrian Farms | Bandit Camp | Mountain Ranges of Uldûrh | Gallendale Cathedral

Update Log
24/02/19 - Minor Bug Fixes

I hope you enjoy playing Wrath of the Traibs. Please do give feedback and review.
Thanks for Downloading!


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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
HELLKNIGHT61 I tried one more time by obeying your message. This time I achieved to activate the trap trigger. This is good for us. I have already passed from this area in my previous tries. ( My previous passings were unsuccessful to fire the trigger. ) In addition when I want to skip this trigger I can skip this trigger. ( I tried to skip it by loading a previous saved game after achiving to activate this trigger. ) Because your objects in area or bring object to area trigger has a too narrow tile. ( Maybe only one tile ) I think you should extend the tile area of your trigger.

[Edited on 02/19/19 @ 01:12 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the feedback Hellknight. I do think it is because the trigger area is too small, so I have extended it and will update the file shortly. I recommend you playthrough the rest of the scenario from the trap scene as intended and please let me know if you encounter anything else.

- The Tree F tunnel is not necessarry. Because I can enter the city from all entering gates without using the tunnel. ( After I disguise myself )

- After entering the city ( with tunnel or gates ) nobody didn't interact with me. ( Except Blacksmith salesmans and cursed bridge guards )

- I bring my hero in front of the prisoner gate many times but nothing happened.

- I entered the prisoner area by garrisoning into a guard tower but still nothing happened. ( Except finishing the objective from Objectives menu )

=== PICTURES ===


[Edited on 02/20/19 @ 03:44 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Ebe you enter the tunnel you get a new unit which activated all the triggers for the rest of the scenario. The gates should be locked so you should no travel through them. I’ll get this fixed, as i am positive they were locked from the start. Try gojng through the tunnel and you’ll be able to carry on the scenario.
HELLKNIGHT61 I obeyed your last message truly. I "never" used gates. I only used the tunnel. I encountered with some positive changings after using the tunnel alone but unfortunately the consequence became the same.

There are some interesting situations:

City gates always seem "locked". But my character can pass from the gates even they always seem locked. ( I tested this situation with a different save game slot. I entered the tunnel without using any gates before. )

After I enter the city the prison gate is always locked. I can't enter the prisoner area unless garrisoning into a guard tower. After I enter the prisoner area nothing is happening except finishing the Objective from Objectives menu.

=== PICS ===


NOTE: I think that I am a buggy player personally. I think that I can caught into bugs easily due to my playing style?..
Official Reviewer
File Author
I am starting to think that you are a buggy player as non of these events happened to me or any of my other playtesters. Maybe it’s got something to do with you using the Forgotten Empires Expansion.

Once you enter the prison you need to find the prison. Before you enter Alexander says that he should find a distraction first. Go east and find a ruined building with some scaffolding (lumbercamp) on it. Burn that down and it will make the guards leave the prison to inspect. You can now enter the prison and fight off the few remaining guards. Once you kill them a cutscene will start. If you enter the prison before you make a distraction the guards should turn enemy and if you manage to kill them all and survive the cutscene should also begin. I’ll again check these triggers and check that there is no bug here. Most players have followed the dialogue and gone straight to the distraction as intended.
HELLKNIGHT61 Hi!.. Possidon!.. I know that you fed up from my comments but I have both good and bad news for you. I obeyed your last message by attacking the lumbercamp. After that I went to the prisoner area. After killing the enemies the cutscene started. After the cutscene had finished the game didn't continue.









[Edited on 02/22/19 @ 05:38 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
No no. I’m finding your comments very helpful.

Unless you’re being really buggy that is most likely an error with a trigger not firing so I’ll check that one out. The only thing I can think of is the cutscene itself. What is supposed to happen it that when you are knocked out it cuts to black and a sound file plays which is a minute or so long. If you have sound on and the files installed did this play? If not the trigger didn’t fire and I will look into that and fix it. So check whether that happened. If not then it’s an error on my end.
HELLKNIGHT61 Finally!.. Ha ha ha!..

*** ***

I tried again the cutscene from a previous save game slot and this time it worked. ( I think previous buggy one is due to "objects in area" condition mistake ) Finally I finished this scenario.

I encountered with a few more bugs before finishing this scenario:

- Bishop was attacked by bandits while he is going to Monastery. ( In cutscene )

- I finished this scenario before obtaining 150 military units. I killed the enemy king. Because he attacked my troops.





[Edited on 02/23/19 @ 03:40 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
I'm glad you managed to finish it and hopefully you enjoyed it. You've highlighted some minor bugs, which I will fix as soon as possible. Thank you
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