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Wrath of the Traibs

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Crusade Expansion
Style: Mix

"The Xandrian war has been the worst conflict in Dystonia for over four years. Fought between two tribes, the Xanders and the Traibs, the war has been going for four years, and both sides are starting to grow weary.

I one last push to gain the upper hand King Sebastian of the Traibs has sent his top solder, Drent to spy on King Yassen of the Xanders to find a weakness in his battle strategy. However, after three weeks he still hasn’t returned…

You play as Alexander, a mercenary hired by Sebastian. Your job is to spy on The Xanders, tell Sebastian everything you know and find out what has happened to Drent..."

Wrath of the Traibs is an epic story-driven scenario that has been in the works for close to ten years. Set in the fictional world of Dystonia, a huge backstory has been created to increase the realism and effect of the scenario. Included within this download are a background information document, a timeline of Dystonian History and a Map of the known world of Dystonia.

IMPORTANT: This is scenario is modded with The_Slayer90s Crusade Expansion. You must download this mod pack separately and install it in order to play this scenario, otherwise it will not work.

● A Giant Map of Central Dystonia, featuring the 5 Countries with many Towns, Settlements and Cities.
● A huge Backstory about the History of the World, Religion and Characters.
● Modded using The_Slayer90's Crusade Expansion.
● Classic fantasy features such as magic and whole new fantasy world and strange beasts.
● An Inventory System
● Ability to Buy Buildings
● 683 Triggers
● Part 1 of the Dystonian Chronicles Series
● Music by awesome rock/metal bands such as: Skillet, Black Veil Brides, Biffy Clyro, Love Robot, & Epica.
● Music by legendary orchestral groups such as: Immediate Music, Two Steps From Hell and X-Ray Dog, Future World Music & Audiomachine.
● Music from epic film and TV composers such as: Hans Zimmer, Murray Gold, Howard Shore, Ben Foster and Nicholas Hooper.

This scenario received nominations for Best Gameplay, Best Map Design, Best Atmosphere and Scenario of the Year at the 2019 Game of the Year Awards.

Mapshot | Town of Greentree | Zandrian Mines | Zandrian Farms | Bandit Camp | Mountain Ranges of Uldûrh | Gallendale Cathedral

Update Log
24/02/19 - Minor Bug Fixes

I hope you enjoy playing Wrath of the Traibs. Please do give feedback and review.
Thanks for Downloading!


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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
YurikoOmega Your photo links are not working.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Strange. They seem to be working fine for me.
iLikeHell Hi, the map is funny and well made, but i found some bugs:
1-Monks follow you at Gallendale cathedral
2-At Gallendale market you can buy an equip but money do not decrease
3-At Eleanor mission, the bandids who hold her, walk in the map, so you must look for them far from her
4-I think the bandits bounty reward do not work
5-At the prison the game do not continue when you start to speack with Drent
Official Reviewer
File Author
Hi thanks for your feedback.

1-Monks follow you at Gallendale cathedral
This probably because your unit was injured so they would like to heal you.
2-At Gallendale market you can buy an equip but money do not decrease
I never noticed this. I'll check this one out and fix it. Not a major bug though but I'll get it fixed.
3-At Eleanor mission, the bandits who hold her, walk in the map, so you must look for them far from her
Are you sure you have the Bandit AI installed? The Bandits should stay put unless you attack another bandit that is close by to it.
4-I think the bandits bounty reward do not work
Depends on which part you complete the challenge at. If you complete it in the first part, go to Sebastian and he will give you . a reward.
5-At the prison the game do not continue when you start to speack with Drent
This should not happen. There is a funny joke that say To be Continue... Immediately, so after a 20 seconds or so it'll play a sound file which is a minute or so long before continue to Part 2. Are you sure you've waited for the sound file to play. I'll check it out though. Might have been that I didn't reactive a trigger after playtesting a certain part of the scenario.
HELLKNIGHT61 Hi!.. Possidon!.. I know that you don't like me personally but I downloaded your file with curiosity. After playing the game with 2 game hours plus 30 game minutes ( fast speed ) I encountered with a serious bug. ( Or not a bug? I am not sure. )

I couldn't control Sally after I reach her area. Nobody didn't talk with me in this area. After I leave from Sally's area my character started to talk with Sally even I don't control her?.. ( After passing the forest and reaching the enemy's bridge this situation continued. ) I stopped playing the game in this point. If you update it I may continue.

I played this game with Age of Empires 2 Forgotten Empires. ( Unofficial pack ) I made everything truly while placing your all files into right folders. ( Also the required mod )

I want to give you my feedbacks about your file:


- The game requires too many exploration and too many unnecessary walkings that makes the game dull and lose of time

- In the beginning of the scenario noboby didn't talk with the our light cavalry unit until encountering with our main hero Alexander ( that makes the game confusing )

- Bandits are too weak against our unit. Because our unit can regenerate his hp and has too many attack and hp. ( After updates ) Bandits couldn't have any chances against me. Also duel was also easy. My unit had more than 30 attack points. ( Maybe 35 )

- Some side quests are not very creative. They are repeating themselves. They contain only extra walking. ( 2 horse quests ) ( Fisherman quest ) ( Eagle warrior quest ) ( Gold mine quest ) etc...

- Also there are some lackings of instructions in ruby necklace side quest. I finished this quest with prediction.

- Most of the time the game is silent. Musics are generally rare. They are only active in important points.

- Your universe is unnecessarily detailed. It is a good thing that you have your own universe. But it contains too many informations that is hard to learn in a small period of time. ( Example: Background Information. pdf is unnecessarily detailed. )


+ Musics are great to encourage the atmopshere.

+ The atmopshere is great in cutscenes and important moments.

+ You have your own detailed universe

+ High production value file like RoA or İngo's scenarios

+ Strong map design with good eye candy and terrain mixing ( but not perfect )

+ Detailed informations ( Documentary folder, Hints, History, Scouts )

+ Maybe I can try this scenario again to see the rest?

NOTE: I wrote all of them with a "neutral perspective". So please don't think that this is an offense.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Could please explain which area you are talking about with sally?






Official Reviewer
File Author
OK something has definitely gone wrong with you, which never ever happened during any playtesting.

When you went into Versali, the forest how id you get in. What is supposed to happen is that you step on a trap and fall in. This removes the current Alexander unit, and you get a new one which wakes up at the castle. This is what that Orange version of Alexander is doing there. After the cutscene you should then gain control of the new Alexander and Sally. You've obviously gone wrong somewhere and entered Versali in a way that was not intended and therefore you did not activate the require cutscene introducing the Orange Team.

Please let me know how you managed to get to the orange castle without activating the cutscene, as this was not possible during any of my playtests.
HELLKNIGHT61 I tried to play again by loading an older save game slot. ( Before passing the bridge to reach the forest. Also after finishing the fisherman quest ) After passing the bridge to reach the forest I got around every parts of the forest but unfortunately I didn't fall into a trap. I encountered with my orange version again with no interaction. I think that trap trigger isn't working.
Official Reviewer
File Author
The trigger may not be firing for you for some reason. Always fired everything I tried. You need to walk into the forest and there's a some leaves inbetween two rocks. As you step on the leaf terrain you character will fall into the trap. Did you walk around the edge of the forest between the shoreline of the river instead?
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