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Emperor Patch

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Voobly Version

This mod was created with the intention of improving the game's weaknesses, such as fixing small bugs, adding more visual graphics, and making it a bit more complete. It can also be used as a basis for creating other mods in the future. It's not a total conversion, it's just a patch of improvements.

Here is a list of changes in the game:
- Updated cliffs graphics;
- Updated ships graphics;
- Updated some projectiles graphics;
- All recent balance changes;
- Added eye-candy, trees, mountains and terrains;
- Updated buildings shadow transparency;
- Fixed bug where siege workshop and castle are not improved in the imperial age;
- Added Imperial Age building sets and castles of WE and CE to Castle Age;
- Fixed sinking boats graphics;
- Updated stone and gold mine graphics;
- Added techs Reforming/Expanding for transport units to university;
- Removed techs Careening/Dry Dock from dock;
- New fire/burning graphics;
- Fixed some units graphics;
- War Wagon replaced by Hwacha;
- Huns houses are replaced by nomadic tents;
- Price/Hit Points of the houses of the Huns decreased by 50%;
- Now the Huns build houses with twice the population;
- Fixed position of the icons on the construction page;
- Buildings: Palisade Gate, Fortress, Sea Tower, Sea Wall, Monument, Fence, Barricade;
- Units: Transport Wagon, Junk, Broad Swordsman, Axeman, Composite Bowman, Cobra, Trireme, Juggernaught, Royal Camel, Hostile, Relic Cart, Emperor, Monks, Transport Caravel, Fire Galley, Demolition Raft, Siege Tower, Eagle Scout, Xolotl Warrior, Steppe Lancer;
- Objects: Artifacts, Rocks, Resource Rocks, Resource Piles, Cathedral, Stumps, Dead Body, Barrels, Grass, Rock Formations, Fountain, Burned Building, Statues, Vases, Snow Mountains, Waterfall, Bridges, Flames, Bonfire, Campfire, Acacia Tree, Bush Tree, Snow Bush Tree, Giant Oak Tree, Ipe Tree, Rainforest Tree, Dead Tree, Snow Oak Tree, Flags, Paifang Gate, Statue Column, Torch 2, Smoke, Cliffs, Plants, Effects.

If you want to make a mod with these files, remember to credit the original authors:
Revned - Rain and Snow
Narjana - Trebuchet Transformation
AoC4ever - The Conquerors Updated
Vardamir - Updated OMTBO
Microsoft Studios - DE Graphics
The Vampire Slayer - SLX Studio
yakko - Bonfire
Achesun - New King Unit
gag2000 - Conquerors Shadow Fix
LordGood - Fortress/Castle
blk_phanter - Sea Wall
Ryan Addariy - Sea Tower
TriRem - WE Castle
AbeJin - CE Castle
danielpereira, Saint_Michaels_, Dynasty_IV and RedKirby - WE Buildings Set
danielpereira and yakko - CE Buildings Set
Omarr_gg, AbeJin and Emperor Jaco - EA and NA Buildings Set
Warsmithy - ME Buildings Set
Mahazona and chiruscan - Idea of Hwacha and Buildings Set
Jenara Hodayc - Heavy Camel
julianbaba4 - AOE1 Axeman and Composite Bowman
Peter88 - Hwacha and Emperor Sculptures
Bothorth - GoodKingsFix
TheReporter - Mameluke (Fixed Shadow)
WAIFor - Some trees, AOE1 Ships and Fountain
Silent Ape - Enhanced Sinking and Blood
Gallas and Carmelious - Palisade Gate Data
Keisari Tapsa - Advanced Genie Editor
Hawk_Ruralist - Turtle Pack
Angus Johnson - Resource Hacker

Changelog v2.5 BETA
- A lot of fire and flag frame count on building fixed;
- Fixed some techs and names;
- Removed Trireme unit from dock.

Known bugs:
Crash in Celts and Spanish civilizations;
Lag caused by the amount of fire and flags frames.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mahazona Why is the korean uu replaced with a foot unit?scenarios using it will not work correctly.
chiruscan Should have replaced the War Wagon with the Hwacha.
File Author
I just wanted to replace it with another unit, since it is now used as a transport vehicle. Glad you can give suggestions of other units.
Mahazona You can use this for the transport cart.
It might be a good idea to unhide the hidden units which works correctly or fix and unhide.Monk ship greek swordsman berserker etc.

Maybe make the long ship carry a small number of troops?

[Edited on 03/10/19 @ 12:19 AM]

File Author
Thank you for commenting. I'll see what I can do.
I replace the War Wagon with the Elephant Ballista, you think you still have problem with scenarios, if yes, could you explain? I downloaded this wagon you said before, what you think about a Heavy Wagon? I've seen some hidden units, there are few, and some are incomplete, maybe I'll replace them. I do not think the warships would work that well, maybe a unit higher than the Transport Ship?

[Edited on 03/10/19 @ 05:14 PM]

Mahazona Would an elephant fit the Koreans?its better to have the rapid fire Hawacha unit if you really want to replace the wagon.
In scenarios the wagon has been used as a transport and maybe as wagon when you have an elephant it might look funny.

Id suggest you add the missing imperial age buildings to this.Only TC University and Market gets upgraded.

[Edited on 03/10/19 @ 09:55 PM]

File Author
I understood, I searched and saw that this is a real Korean weapon, I did not know, now that I added the Hwacha unit, I need to make some adjustments, I'm almost finished. It is difficult to find buildings for the Imperial Age.
Mahazona Its not hard just look at the pcm mod.
File Author
after 14 days i finished. thanks for the suggestions!! you helped a lot.
Vardamir Would you mind if I used some of the fire and lightning graphics in Realms? I don't see them in the credits so I assume you made them. Thanks!

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