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The Conquerors Updated

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors

The Conquerors with the current balance changes from the latest expansions (The Forgotten, The African Kingdoms and Rise of the Rajas). Several original AoC bugs have been fixed as well.

Language files available in english and spanish.

Requires AoC 1.0c + UserPatch.

Also on Voobly: Normal | Allied Vision

Version 4.0.4

* Byzantines and Spanish use mediterranean architecture style. [DE]

Credits: Gwotyng (Watch Tower, Imperial buildings) Ghazna (Castle).
Version 3.7

* Fishing Ships receive their own armor class. [AoR]
* Herdable animals can get on board Transport Ships. [AoAK]
* Mamelukes receive their own armor class. [AoR]
* Palisade Gate and Siege Tower receive their own hotkeys. [AoR]
* Trebuchets have 19 Line of Sight. [AoF]
Version 3.6

* Fire Ship projectiles are affected by Ballistics. [AoAK]
* Spanish: Cannon Galleons fire with Ballistics without need for the tech itself, projectile speed set to 7. [AoF]
Version 3.5

* The new Feudal water balance is added: [AoAK]

- Fire Galley introduced as a predecessor of the Fire Ship.
- Demolition Raft introduced as a predecessor of the Demolition Ship.

* Byzantines: buildings HP bonus affects gates. [AoF]
* Bug fixes.
* Language: fixed several incorrect percentages from the original tech tree.
* Spanish language: now there is an optional file with larger fonts for better reading.
Version 3.4

* Chemistry now affects Castles (first arrow only). [AoF]
Version 3.3

* Now most new technologies use the same ID as in WK.
Version 3.2

* Siege Tower available at the Siege Workshop. [AoAK]
* Kings also get different sprites (middle eastern and asian). [AoAK]
Version 3.1

* New sprites for middle eastern and asian monks.
Version 3.0

* Arson introduced. [AoAK]
* Arrowslits introduced. [AoAK]
* Gillnets introduced. [AoF]
* Graphics for the new units and technologies.
Version 2.5

Buildings HP staggered: [AoF]

- House: 550 (I) --> 750 (II) --> 900 (III)
- Mill, Lumber/Mining camp: 600 (I) --> 800 (II) --> 1000 (III)
- Blacksmith, Market: 1800 (II) --> 2100 (III)
- Stone walls: 900 (II) --> 1800 (III)
- Stone gate: 1375 (II) --> 2750 (III)

Version 2.4

* Palisade Gate available. [AoF]
Version 2.3

* Eagle Scout introduced as a predecessor of the Eagle Warrior. [AoAK]
* Cartography: instant research once the market is built. [AoR]
* Language changes are now in a single .dll file.
Version 2.0

* Aztecs: Atlatl introduced. [AoF]
* Britons: Warwolf introduced. [AoF]
* Byzantines: Greek Fire introduced. [AoF]
* Celts: Stronghold introduced. [AoF]
* Chinese: Great Wall introduced. [AoF]
* Franks: Chivalry introduced. [AoF]
* Huns: Marauders introduced. [AoF]
* Japanese: Yasama introduced. [AoF]
* Koreans: Panokseon introduced. [AoF]
* Mayans: Obsidian Arrows introduced. [AoF]
* Mongols: Nomads introduced. [AoF]
* Persians: Boiling Oil introduced. [AoF]
* Saracens: Madrasah introduced. [AoF]
* Spanish: Inquisition introduced. [AoF]
* Teutons: Ironclad introduced. [AoF]
* Turks: Sipahi introduced. [AoF]
* Vikings: Chieftains introduced. [AoF]
Version 1.5

* Onagers can cut down trees. [AoF]
* Trade carts now have a smaller collision radius. [AoAK]
Version 1.4

* Transport Ships are available in the Dark Age. [AoF]
Version 1.3

* Chemistry no longer slows down Mangonel projectiles. [AoF]
Version 1.2

* Furor Celtica updated (HP boost reduced from +50% to +40%) [AoF]
* Language: Goths bonus percentage corrected (from -25% to -35%)
Version 1.1

* Language fix.
Version 1.0

* Civilization bonuses updated
* Team bonuses updated
* Technology trees updated
* Technologies updated
* Buildings updated
* Units updated
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Bigbossbro09 Post on Voobly. It'll be great for competitive play.

I feel like some stuffs should be added. For example, having secondary Castle Tech and Meso Eagle Scout line...

[Edited on 05/02/19 @ 02:04 AM]

File Author

It's a good idea.

[Edited on 05/10/19 @ 08:05 PM]

Bigbossbro09 Several things still needed to match with HD balance.
1. Palisade Gate. (Sea Gate to Palisade Gate)
2. Gillnets, Arrow slits and Arson tech.
3. Eagle Scout from Feudal
4. If possible add Feudal Water balance from HD.

[Edited on 06/18/19 @ 01:15 PM]

File Author

Personally, I do not like the new water balance with feudal fire galleys, so I'll leave it as it was in Conquerors. I do not plan to include new units or buildings soon (although I love the palisade gates) so that they do not conflict with other graphic mods when used outside of voobly.

Bigbossbro09 Thank you for the reply....
I think Eagle Scout from Feudal, Palisade Gate(Sea Gate) and those techs should be introduced atleast. I'm fine with keeping Water Balance same as The Conquerors. But those are needed to keep up with HD DLCs.
Bigbossbro09 Found a new issue... Allied Vision maps doesn't work with this mod. There is an attribute in RMS via Userpatch 1.5 which allows to see Allied players. Is there something to tweak to fix this? Instead of clicking to free research Cartography consider making auto-researched after making market like in WK?
Edit: NVM. I got it. AV map itself had problems and was designed mainly for WK. Since WK auto updates constants from exe.

[Edited on 06/22/19 @ 07:59 PM]


Added Eagle Scout line...

[Edited on 06/23/19 @ 12:04 AM]

File Author

Hi, I appreciate your intention. I have finally decided to make a new version that includes most of those features. So only that it will be in a while. I am also waiting in knowing all the balance changes in AoE2:DE.

[Edited on 06/26/19 @ 10:09 PM]

Bigbossbro09 Thanks again for the reply.

AoE2:DE will take more months to come out and heard that it'll go some huge balance changes in future(like M@A-line costing 45f and 20g from E3 gameplay). I think for the mean time I would say go with the latest HD balance possible and keep updating with the latest version as close as possible when it's released. I might help you if I can(as you can see I have already added Eagle Scout from Feudal and plan to add Palisade Gate and some of the techs from HD Edition). Would you mind update the file I gave you on Voobly and this site?

[Edited on 06/24/19 @ 02:38 AM]

File Author

That's what I meant, I have to observe how the meta game changes through the months. Thanks for adding the Eagle line but I need to make all those changes by myself. I always take care that everything fits correctly and has been tested (E.g. El Dorado should affect all three Eagle units, among other details). Be patient, I will gradually add those features.
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