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Darkshore post-cata

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II (2013): Rise of the Rajas
Style: Build and Destroy
A Darkshore map (Warcraft universe) created with PHP SCX Editor 2.4.31.
The scenario tells the story of the Night Elves in this region after the Cataclysm.

I tried to adapt the scenario to be playable with Age of Empires; do not expect to play a Worl of Warcraft hero. Age of Empires is not Warcraft, and Warcraft is not Age of Empires. I have taken up the major chapters of the history of the region.

The scenario is simple: help the Night Elves from the destruction of Auberdine until the Battle of Darkshore between Malfurion and the nagas.

The scenario is created in French and translated into English. both versions are available in the download.

Sorry for my English, I'm not English speaking;)

Good game


Une carte de Sombrivage (univers de Warcraft) créée avec PHP SCX Editor 2.4.31.
Le scénario raconte l'histoire des Elfes de la Nuit dans cette région après le Cataclysme.

J'ai essayé d'adapter le scénario pour qu'il soit jouable avec Age of Empires ; ne vous attendez pas à jouer un héros Worl of Warcraft. Age of Empires n'est pas Warcraft, et Warcraft n'est pas Age of Empires. J'ai repris les grands chapitres de l'Histoire de la région.

Le scénario est simple : aider les Elfes de la Nuit à partir de la destruction d'Auberdine jusqu'à la Bataille de Sombrivage entre Malfurion et les nagas.

Le scénario est créée en français et traduit en anglais. les deux versions sont disponibles dans le téléchargement.

Désolé pour mon anglais, je ne suis pas anglophone ;)

Bon jeu

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
YurikoOmega Okaay..Well ı download your scenario and play it for 30 minutes.

I need to say.The concept of the scenario is really good.But designing and other things [Like the objects on the map is not good enough].

Maybe you'll need to add more objects and objectives to the scenario to make it more efficient.

When you start the scenario alone and when fight started directly.You think this is a RPG map anyway.But after that you realise its a build and destroy map.How ever the bears and soldiers count is good.But the exploring and finding enemies objectives taking too much time.I mean the player wants some action.But you'll need to grow up to fight with few soldiers.Finding areas and soldiers is a good idea [For map explorers its really good] like looting something in age of empires 3.

But waiting and too much exploring is make scenario..Reallyy..Boring.However you can add new features to your scenario.To make it more good.

I need to say;Map is soo empty maybe you'll need to add more objects or buildings units and city's.This makes scenario much more good-looking thing anyway.

2-Maybe you'll need to think for more objectives.Okay you'll need to defend your territory while defeating the enemy.But there is no enemy around to kill.

My advice is make an AI [Artıfıcal Intellegence] for your scenario.And make a simple city for the AI.

And you can do something like that:

When player 1 builds his first town center.
Start training soldiers
When player 1 has more then 10 or 20 soldiers.
Start attacking to player 1.

This make's scenario much more build and destroy map.

And Plus.You can add some gold mines stone mines to the map and you can add some guardians around it so,player need to fight with them to gain more gold and stone.I hope you can do better ^_^
File Author
I understand these remarks. I would make changes: an AI file is a good idea and can simplify some automatic actions (I do not know why I did not do it ... a jerk ^^).

Player 5 (Elementals) will continue to expand in disorder but will launch attacks with a dozen units regularly; this should keep the pressure on the player 1.

Player 4 (Shatterspears) will have a non-military town in the valley and military buildings in the ruins; they will also attack regularly. I'm thinking about finding a bigger role for Player 3 (Horde).

In the middle of the game, player 1 will have to destroy a small village of player 7 (nagas) to secure Bashal'Aran.

and many others of this type: an AI file that controls production buildings on the map. This should also beautify areas of the map.

For resources, to tell the truth, I hesitate even to remove (especially gold). Let me explain. I want Player 1 to pay extreme attention to his units (at least in the first half of the game). This is the idea of ​​a troop of refugees and every life is precious. But, additional resources if the player takes risks .... yes, it's cool.

I'm already going to do that, and I'll see what that gives. In any case, thank you for your return.

YurikoOmega Hmm,well ı download the file and its still the same ı think you'll update it later.But okay ^^

İf you not put more gold the player will do these 3 thing probobly.

Player will write cheat codes.

Player will build an Hussar army.[Or pikeman] or Skirmisher.

Player will select the Portugese to get free gold and stone.

I have many projects as well.I put gold everywhere and ı addd triggers to replace them when gold mine's are gone.

Why ? Because..

İf you put gold mines more player will fıght for it.

When you put more gold player can train more soldiers [So the AI as well]

When you put it the war will never and [So player get more fun]Especially this is a build and destroy map.

But if you dont put it.

Well,player will sell wood and food or not sell and use it to train more soldiers.Or something like that.

However its your choice.You can put or remove.Try to use all of the map.Work dirty and put everything to the grass to make it more real-like.

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