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Indians and Franks data mod

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Version: Age of Empires II (2013): Rise of the Rajas
These changes may not reflect in Tech Tree.
Changelog for Franks:
1. +20% extra cavalry HP is now staggered as +10/+20/+30 HP in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age, which makes the Scout Cavalry and Cavalry Archer lines better.
2. (Elite) Throwing Axemen have +5 (+8) attack bonus vs seige, and cost 60F 30G.
3. Elite Throwing Axemen now have 10 attack.
Changelog for Indians:
1. All gunpowder units and Shatgani removed due to historical reasons.
2. Elephant archer's range is 4.5, attack is 9, upgrade cost is 1500F and 1000G, speed is 0.75.
3. Elite Elephant archer's HP is 380, range is 6, attack is 12, speed is 0.75.
4. Receive Battle Elephants and Elite Battle Elephants.
5. Added Seige Ram.
6. Team bonus - Monasteries work 30% faster.
Burmese Changelog: Howdah and Chemistry now affects Arambais also.
Saracen Changelog: team bonus - Markets work 25% faster.
Byzantinnes Changelog: Greek Fire increases range of Flamethrower and Fire Tower by 1 also.
Vietnamese Changelog:
1. Archers move 10% faster.
2. Chatras gives battle elephants +30 HP and elite battle elephants +80 HP.
3. Team Bonus - reveal enemy locations at start.
4. Houses are 40% off in wood cost and building time.
General Changelog:
1. Replaced Seige Tower with Flamethrower.
2. Added Fire Tower in Castle Age.
3. Palisade Walls and Gates now stronger.
4. Eagle scout auto-upgrade now shifted to Feudal Age like the Scout cavalry auto-upgrade.
5. Mongol team bonus now affects Eagle line units also.
6. Militia, Man-at-Arms attack +1. Two Handed Swordsman attack -1, melee armor +1.
7. Eagle line's attack changed from 4->7->7->9 to 4->6->8->10.
8. Miitia, Man-at-Arms and Long Swordsman HP changed to 45, 50, 55 respectively.
9. Imperial Skirmisher now available to every civilization, except Turks (which get Elite Skirmishers anyhow) and now their base HP is 40.
10. Condoterrio now have +1 attack, +1 pierce armor, +10 bonus defence from anti-infantry attacks (not just from Hand cannoneers only) and cost 65F and 30G.
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Mahazona All gunpowder units and Shatgani removed due to historical reasons.
What is the historical reason?Ingame indians represent the mughal period and they used gunpoweder against the delhi sultanate and other kingdoms.

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