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Author File Description
David Eriksson
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
Stranded is a scenario where you play Erik the Red on his way back home from an adventure. But something happends. They get stranded somewhere along the Norweigan coast, and now Erik have to find somebody who can repair the ship, so that he can get home.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Paul This is a great scn.!!!!! It is one of the best. I liked the interactive part of it.
DSC GREAT scenario:

Story/instructions: 4, good instuctions, no real history, but good :)
Playability: 5, good RPG, very interactive :)
Balance: 4, challenging parts (like the secret entrance) and possible to beat, minor bugs
Map Design: 4, good map, i can see it took lots of time, but there is a bug with the harolf the ganager, if you keep him OUTSIDE the big town, he'll never get "returned" to the king.
Creativity: 4, some parts taken from AOK punk's demo (RPG idea, and some of the unit ideas) but the boat repair and other things make it good :)

Overall: 4.2 this is a GREAT scenario, i recommend it if you like to think... :)
Viv Original, very enjoyable and beautifully rendered.
Map Design4.0
A pretty well rounded off scenario.

It was fun while it lasted. Yes, it was most enjoyable to play. However, it wasn't so fun becuase you had to walk around everywhere.

The balance was ok, but my hero never got killed. However, quite a few times I was afraid he would though. Also, the Raider's Leader was frozen as the author mentions, so it was pretty easy too. But I still feel it deserves a 4.

I have never seen the concept of a hero stranded before. Overall, this is just to boost the score of this scenario as I truly feel it deserves a 4.0 as an overall rating.

Map Design:
The map wasn't horrible. It wasn't so good either. It didn't look like a random map. Overall, I was bored by the map, but it wasn't atrocious enough for a 2 or a 3.

Well spelt story and instructions. The story and instructions were okay enough for a 3, but how often do you see stories and instructions properly spelled?

Final Verdict:
A good time filling scenario full of puzzles. I suggest you download this now.
DarkKnight5616 This was a very good scn for a first. Keep up the good work!!
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Stranded is a RPG, the story is fiction, and you play Eric the Red who got stranded in a hostile area along the Norwegian coast on his way back from Greenland.

PLAYABILITY: Good start into the RPG with Eric the Red as your only unit. After you get three followers it was less interesting and too much walking involved in the end. 4-

BALANCE: The scenario was played on hard difficulty. It was a typical balance for a RPG, my hero almost got killed and had to look for shelter twice. After you get four units there was not much challenge until the raiders’ leader who was a good surprise. 4

CREATIVITY: Above average, probably the first scenario with the stranded, shipwrecked theme; a secret entrance and a boat repair. 4

MAP DESIGN: I liked the map because of its simplicity, nothing special, but good lay out, better than random, done from scratch reflecting the bitmap. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Clear instructions and hints, a fictitious story, a small historical approach, and a good bmp about the area where you're stranded. The story develops in game still that was weak. The story was just linear, find a shipbuilder, earn money to pay him, and the player has no clue why two units help on the quest, they just change ownership. 4

OVERALL: A short above average scenario.

SUGGESTIONS: One or two side quests would have helped. Add more stories, Eric the Red was outlawed for manslaughter in Norway, there could have been the King's soldiers looking for him or head-hunters.

IN CLOSING: I recommend to download the scenario.
laz123 Nice little game. What no one seems to have noticed is the mix-up between East and West. Plus you get ONE soldier not SOME. Nice try.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"Stranded" depicts a shipwrecked sailor Erik the Reds attempts to get his boat fixed and his ordeals in doing so. Its called a RPG but its mostly a fixed force adventure down a single path.

Playability 2

The gameplay was stated to be a RPG, which isn't far from the truth. Most would associate this with sidequests or killing enemies to level up, but this time around it simply means walking down some paths and killing enemy bandits. There was a huge amount of walking to do, and worst of all the player was given two of the worst units in the game for this. Erik the Nearsighted, and later on Hrolf the Ganger who is slower than molasses.

Balance 2

The players heroes and later on Elite Berserks tear through the feudal age bandits with a vengeance. The main assault on the enemy base was the only high point, and you had better be careful to prop the gate open so you can leave later, or you will have to wait while they break it. Too easy and not much of an interesting challenge here.

Creativity 2

Its a good try at depicting Erik the Red being shipwrecked and struggling to get his boat repaired. The game throws some obstacles in the players way, and the intent of the dialogue is plausible. There isn't much in the way of complexity here though, as its really just about following a path straight to victory.

Map Design 2

The mapping was quite random mappish, with detailed areas simply being gaia resources and the flower patches spammed, resulting in lots of white outline as deer skulk about. Paths are simply dirt2 proceeding straight though grass without any mixing, and the forests are left plain. Towns are having buildings placed a bit too symmetrically. A mountain object is placed near the start without any decorative support.

Story\Objectives 2

The story is quite basic with no frills. Expect some dialogue at locations which drives you along the track to victory. There is a mixup in the instructions confusing west and east. I spent some minutes wandering along the shoreline scratching my head at the lack of a city when I remembered someone made a comment about it. Quite confusing, because there is a gate on the actual west side. There is not much of a winning message, repairing your ship by bringing a carpenter there instantly wins the scenario with no outro.

Final Thoughts:Not much to look at here. The premise is good, but the pacing needs to be ramped up, the enemies need to be a lot more dangerous, and there should be some sidequests and\or optional routes.

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Map Design3.3
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