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Rise of Civilizations Mod 1.0

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Version: Age of Empires II (2013)

[color=blue]Rise of Civilizations[/c]:This is a total conversion mod in development. Also it’s a sort of “mega-mod compilation” which merges some interesting concepts.

The wars have never been so destructive. Leaving medieval technology obsolete, new gunpowder artillery, siege weapons, military units, and technologies now rule the battlefields. It´s time for upgrading or die! Keep up with the time! Discover the power of firearms and witness the Rise of Civilizations. It's time to leave the Imperial and go into the next Age . . .
The Golden Age!

<img src="" alt="nameimage" width="20%" />

This mod allows you to have totally different unit and building reskins for all the civilizations; for EACH ONE of them. For example, even the Celtic Champion won’t be the same as Frankish one anymore. So, you will see lots of new unit skins : from Eastern cavalry to Japanese Ashigaru pikemen. This mod brings you more visual diversity, enhances the game experience and makes the game more historically accurate.

Are you tired of seeing buildings which just doesn’t suit at all with some civs? Thanks to the effort of many talented artists, you won’t see the same architecture repeated for most civilizations.

Advance to a new age. Develope new technologies to improve your economy and armies. Upgrade the imperial and unique units to make them stronger. Get access to new buildings and units. Recruit large armies and build a populous city; until 1000 habitants. Hire mercenaries from far lands. Summon powerful heroes. Make your walls stronger than ever. Breed livestock. Built gemstone mines and more... Would you like to have a different experience playing the game? If so, this mod is for you. We invite you to discover and enjoy all the stuff that Rise of Civilizations has prepared!

<img src="" alt="nameimage" width="20%" />

1-Golden Age
• new 5th age with new technologies(Golden Age)
• new base units and technologies (Elite paladin etc)
• new Unique Units / Technologies (Royal Janissary etc)
• New buildings (Academy etc)
• New icons, graphics/ skins
• Unique heroes (Togrul Beg etc)
• Fully compatible with multiplayer
• New mercenary System
• New ranch System
• Advanced Siege units

2-New Campaign- Rise of Turks
•Realistic maps.
Uyghur Khaganate(Uygurlar)
Goyturk Khaganate(Göktürkler)
Khwarazmian Dynasty(Harzem&#351;ahlar)
Mamluk Sultanate(Memlüklüler)

3- New Language
• fully new language support(Turkish)
• main menu, scenario/campaign instructions,history, tech tree, game menu/options, units/tech description, all text translated to turkish language.

4-Different Bulding Set
Each nation has its own different buildings. You no longer have to use the same set of buildings.

5- Different Unit Set
Each nation has its own different units. For exaple Turks/Saracens have imam. Koreans/Chinese/ Japanese have asian halberdier etc.

6- New Main Menu and Enhanced Interface
Art of Costantinople

7-New Additions
•Idle Villager Pointer
This graphics mod replacing the villager's idle graphics into an exclamation mark (!) on the screen.
-We adding the exclamation point over the idle villager graphics.
• Enhanced Sinking
• Construction building graphics

And many more surprises

8-New maps(Anatolia)

Future Features
1-New Campaigns(Prince of Destruction(Timurid)- Eagle of Anatolia(Seljuks)-Civilization of Sun(Ottoman)- Dynasties(China)

[color=blue]ABOUT FEEDBACK[/c]:

We appreciate comments and suggestions which help us to improve this mod. But before commenting just please keep in mind the following:

- This is currently a beta version, so don’t expect “perfection”. It´s possible that you find some bugs and/or glitches. If so, please report them to us.

- We know some graphics (specially for units) have low quality. Unfortunately we face two challenges: first, there are not artists between us, so we can’t create original and better graphics. Second, there are a large number of units to be reskined if you consider we´re trying to make different every single unit, so, sometimes is really hard to find enough and appropiate graphics for everything. If you suggest to change or remove some unit, please try to propose another one for replace it.

- We can’t satisfy to everybody. Perhaps you don’t like some unit, architecture set or feature, and for other people it’s OK. We’ll try to considerate all feedback, but we´ll do whatever we think is possible/better.

- All kind of suggestions are welcome, but specially the ones about balance. Due the fact we added a lot of new features, we need to adjust them to avoid too much OP units/civs.

- If you are a “purist” of classic AoE II, maybe this mod isn’t for you. Rise of Civilizations not only changes graphics for units and buildings, also it adds new and important features. So, gameplay won´t be exactly as you’re used to. Anyway, we encourage you to give it a chance.

[color=red]REQUEST FOR ASS&#304;STANCE[/c]

1-We need designers/artists(Skin/Graphich/Slp for new units and buildings)(Campaign Background image etc)
If you are a designer please contact us.

2- If you are making units/buildings/Architecture mod, you can synchronize to our project.Our project(data mod) supports different graphics(units and buildings) for each nation.We will install slp list. You will be able to synchronize with this mode.

You like? Leave your comment to see what you think. Your opinion is very important.

<img src="" alt="nameimage" width="20%" />

<img src="" alt="nameimage" width="20%" />


<img src="" alt="nameimage" width="20%" />

Tosun Pa&#351;a

<img src="" alt="nameimage" width="20%" />

Keisari Tapsa
Emperor Jaco

and many others, I hope I covered most of the authors that I have referred to while making this mod, if I forgot someone then please remind me..........
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nwndev1 Hey, is there a way i can switch the game back to normal techs, stats, ages and units) but still have the unique graphics to play multiplayer? thx!

Congratulations on this one, the best mod i have played so far!

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