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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Fall of Hummaria - The Reckless Hatred

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The Fall of Hummaria - The Reckless Hatred

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Userpatch
Style: Mix



The Fall of Hummaria is a hugely ambitious scenario - one with a story telling-centered gameplay, allowing you to play as the both sides of the revolution of a conflicted country, always staying very far away from the "good v. evil" formula. Fancy indoors scenes, epic battles, stealth sections, carefully crafted cutscenes, unique gameplay mechanics and much more will await for you!
This is, by miles away, my most personal and ambitious project to date.
(Link to the old thread)
Since the last time, this scenario has been completely overhauled with the new UP features. Including weather, "real-time" lightning, new visual eye candy, smooth cutscene transitions, new gameplay mechanics, and much more!


Once upon a time there was a powerful and rich kingdom called Hummaria. It prospered until one day its king fell ill and perished. Without an heir, the royal house disappeared and a rich nobleman was elected king.

The new king - William Morgan - quickly turned out to be a terrible ruler, desiring only wealth and his own pleasure.
Any sign of disobedience from the country's citizens was dealt with harshly. The years went by and the population grew ever more dissatisfied with its ruler. At age sixty the king was found dead, leaving the throne to his son Elliard.

Though completely different from his father, Elliard was perceived to be just as bad by the people of Hummaria. At the very first day of his reign a rebellion broke out. Despite various attempts by the king to resolve the situation in a peaceful manner, no progress was achieved this way.

There were not many options left for Elliard, but he eventually decided on probably the worst of them: repression. He followed in his father's footsteps, killing all rebels. Women and children included.

It was of no use. If anything, it only served to further anger the population. Yet Elliard had already gone to far to halt his repression.

The rebels' numbers increased over time as many of Hummaria's citizens chose to join the resistance. It did not take long for them to fight the guards. Soon the rebels outnumbered the Hummarian army and the guards stopped following Elliard's orders.

The king was facing a cliff... His own men against him, he was left with only the most loyal of his servants. In a final struggle to defend the kingdom they were unable to hold back the rebels. Elliard has no other option but to await his fate.


  • Elliard - The sucessor of the throne. People tend to think that he is nothing more but a shadow of his father. However, those two had little to nothing in common about themselves.

  • Amber - One of the most loyal servants of the crown. He firmly believes that Elliard will manage to turn the tides and restore the order to the country of Hummaria in a peaceful manner.

  • Dafar - Elliard's closest friend, and the most honoured officer of the kingdom.

  • Lothar - Second hummarian general, holding roughly the same military power and political influence as Dafar. He's had been pointed by the newly crowned King Elliard's father, William Morgan, to join the royality decades ago... A true veteran of the royal army and cunning war mind whose motivations always seem to be quite mysterious.

  • Aspen - An ordinary young man who used to live in the humble village of Whistelan, who would soon become the new face of the revolution, along with his brother: Jordan. Whether their father is alive or not, it is not known, as he vanished shortly after their mother died giving birth to his both sons.

  • Joe Lemon - A greedy dock keeper who also lives in the village of Winsthelan - and ends up earning a lot of money at the cost of the poor brothers.

  • Ford Haveron - Colonel of the New Resistance. An unconventional and highly capable officer who's quickly climbed through the ranks shortly after the day of the New Dawn... Also popularly known as the Queenslayer.

  • Jack Connor - Captain of the front line of Hummaria's royal army. He is pretty well known for being exceptionally skilled with his bow and arrow.

  • Ben Ethan - The mysterious man who's attempted to murder Elliard right after his speech... The identity of his master is still completely unknown.

  • David Owen - Commander of the Old Resistance, and now general of the New Resistance... And Thyler's closest friend.

  • Thyler - The general of the Old Resistance... Or at least he was, before getting his chest pierced by an arrow coming from one of the notorious mounted archers of the royal army in the battle of the fort of Brigedan.

  • Catherine - The infamous queen of Hummaria. She disappears from the fortress of Wallingstone during an unforgivingly cold night, after seeing his new course of actions - and realizing that he's not even half the man who she used to love a few years ago.

  • Isabella - The adopted young daughter of a siege engineer who is currently living in the northeastern rebel war camp, commanded by David Owen.


  • A huge, huge RPG with never-seen-before mechanics and gameplay sections.
  • Plenty of eye-candy: New type of fences, new type of indoor cut-scenes, new type of harbors and much more!
  • A unique spin on a - on paper - cliche story.
  • You will play as both sides of the revolution, reliving the bloody and hard fought civil revolution of Hummaria - from beginning to end.
  • A carefully crafted map, with enormous towns, war camps, lush forests and war torn lands.
  • High quality and atmospheric soundtrack.
  • Skippable cut-scenes (via taunts).
  • Tons of sidequests and optional activities.
  • Great use of UP's new features.
  • And much more yet to be done!


    SCENARIO - The Reckless Hatred
    Triggers - 73% (1877/2300-2800)
    Scenario - 85% (View the map print here)
    Script - 150%
    Sounds - 30%
    Status - Abandoned.


  • Elliard's Speech
  • Village of Winsthelan[1]
  • Village of Winsthelan[2]
  • The Palace of Hummenstown
  • The Attempt
  • Visiting Hummenstown
  • Fort of Brigedan[1]
  • Fort of Brigedan[2]
  • The New Dawn[1]
  • The New Dawn[2]
  • Rogue Hideout
  • The Agreement
  • Fortress of Wallingstone
  • The Royal Army
  • The Lockdown

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

  • AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    File Author
    Link to the old project thread HERE (,44556,0,30 )
    Just a reminder: this is an incomplete scenario, which means it's means it's missing roughly 4 final sections (half of a cutscene, a stealth mission, a defend the spot section, a nightmare cutscene, and a final epic battle for the fortress of Wallingstone - potrayed by both sides; an unexpected twist and then a final cutscene). It's also missing a big dialogue revision along with an objectives section, some fixes and balancement changes.

    [Edited on 11/23/19 @ 04:23 PM]

    Official Reviewer
    As an incomplete scenario it might be better off in the Projects section but this was always so promising I'll definitely check it out when I get a chance.
    File Author
    Thanks, Possidon!
    Yeah, it'd a better classification indeed, tho I don't think there's a way to change it now (correct me if I'm wrong).
    File Author
    UPDATE: Every. Single. Line. of dialogue rewritten from ground up.
    UPDATE²: Fixed a critical bug whereas if you completed a specific sidequest at the village of Winsthelan, it wouldn't prevent you from being able to control your ally armies at the battle of the fort of Brigedan.

    [Edited on 11/25/19 @ 02:51 PM]

    iLikeHell Hi i'm playing your map and i think it's a shame to waste a lot of work and a lot of effort. I don't think anyone will be able to finish your scenario because you only know what you had in the project. If you need help I can give it to you. One thing I didn't understand: what good is that kind of fog that is in the whole map, what does it represent?
    File Author
    Hey! Thanks for playing, man. And for the offer.
    However, yeah, I'm not with high hopes for that.
    I suppose maybe when I'm setup with a job and at the holidays, I can give it a try.
    I'm kinda busy right now for working in such a complex scenario, tho. I'd rather NOT make any mediocre gameplay/cutscene sections than make it. If I'm gonna do it, then it needs to as good as it can be
    edit: the fog is supposed to represent the weather in general (sunny, misty, dark, etc).

    [Edited on 11/27/19 @ 01:28 AM]

    YurikoOmega The first thing ı recommend.Change your scenario format to Age of Conquers or Rise of the rajas.So that many people can play and test.Because generally age of empires players not care about custom packets.And please make your scenario details simple and short.Because no one read the extra comments.(Except updates).And try to make your scenario's historys simple.And dont forgat.This is a strategy game not mmorpg.or rpg.So that way the player will feel like play a good strategy game and scenario.And other way to make the scenario good,make your own scenario.İf u just try to get somebody's scenario and complete your self.Its not really well.But its your choice anyway.In every hand u need to have somebody with u if you wanna make a scenario that more then 30MB.
    Official Reviewer
    Map Design5.0
    The Fall of Hummaria - The Reckless Hatred is a story driven scenario which details the rise of a revolution in the titular nation on the day of the new kings coronation.

    Playability: 3
    Unfortunately the major downside to this scenario is the fact that it is incomplete. The scenario is playable but unfortunately was never completed so there's currently no way to see how the story fill conclude. However, don't despair because there's alot of this scenario that you can play and it's bloody brilliant. The scenario is driven by a well written and engaging storyline and has many creative gameplay mechanics in it. While it may suffer from bugs due to the incompleteness and lack of thorough playtesting, it's a highly enjoyable scenario which will please any player who enjoys a well written storyline and engaging RPG style gameplay.

    Balance: 4
    On the most part the scenario is well balanced. The scenario includes many one on one duels as well a larger battle scenes and fixed force gameplay styles. The duels are cleverly designed to create a challenge for the player but ultimately I found most of the gameplay to be relatively easy and could have used a greater challenge in some of the more action packed and large moments of the scenario. The RPG elements of the gameplay allows for the player to use upgrades and skills to help defeat some of the harder boss levels.

    Creativity: 5
    Definitely a highlight of the scenario, there are many creative elements in this scenario which greatly enhance the playing experience. There are some really cool RPG elements which are quite novel to the scenario, especially in some of the duel scenes. The author has make effective use of the off-grid placement tool to create some really impressive pieces of scenery, especially when in comes to indoor scenes. I also particularly like the suits of armour in the kings palace which I thought were quite creative. The scenario also creatively uses a large library of music and sound effects to create an immersive atmosphere.

    Map Design: 5
    The scenario boasts of beautiful map design which immerses the player in the fictional nation of Hummaria, where the story is set. There's much to see in this land, starting off in the smaller village of Winsthelan and moving over to the capital city and beyond. One of the things that makes this map special is the many creative indoor scenes that appear. These are creatively designed with realistic floors and walls and eye candy elements such as suits of armour. The author has shown much skill in the editor with beautiful artistry in his use of terrain mixing and eye-candy. A particular stand out is the precise and creative use of the off-grid placement tool to create some interesting new scenes, such as the use of gravestones to create a quayside.

    Story/Instructions: 4
    The scenario is a story driven RPG style game, so there is much emphasise on the well written and engaging storyline. Many cutscenes appear to help move the story along, but the author has also creatively incorporated a system where the player can skip a cutscene is he wishes. The storyline is well written, atmospheric and highly enjoyable and is definitely a reason to play through what you can of this scenario. The only downside is that you'll never know the end. The instruction are unfortunately not so great. The author never got round to creating in-game objectives so its difficult to know whats going on or what you're supposed to do unless you carefully watch each cutscene and read all dialogue. This causes a problem if you chose to skip the cutscenes. To help with this the author has provided some detailed Hints to explain what you need to do through each section which helps the player get through the scenario.

    Additional Comments:
    Overall its such a shame the author will probably never get round to finishing this scenario because it's wonderfully designed and high recommended.

    File Author
    Thanks a lot for once again another great review, Possidon! Really appreciate it, as this is probably my most personal project yet.

    Basically agreed w/ every point of criticism, and indeed it is related to the fact of it not being complete yet/not having gone through the "polishment" stage.
    And indeed I'm pretty ashamed myself of not having completed this project yet... Haunts me every night kinda lol. But, so far I'm pretty busy with tons of other stuff; and am not able to fully commit to it (since I simply couldn't stand to see its quality standards decline towards its ending; which would be the grand finale, and by far the most intense part of the storyline).

    Basically there are only ~3 major scenes missing (which, to come to think of it, is quite a lot). That minus the cutscenes, of course; those that would be pretty resource intensive as well - and integral to the plot.

    We'll, maybe I can at least complete the objectives section / polish the existing sections I've made so far somewhere down the road. But yeah, it'll probably take some time to do this. I'm only willing to create the entirely new sections when I'm able to commit 100% to it, else it wouldn't just live up to the previous standards of the scenario.
    That and my previous collab ideas would be the only possibilities remaing of this scenario ever getting complete; but the later one seems to, as expect, be quite infeasible.

    [Edited on 07/27/20 @ 12:22 PM]

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    Map Design5.0
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