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Author File Description
Jeff Head
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
This scenario has a number of triggers which are activated throughout the game. This file will not divulge those as
they are best experienced while playing, although they can be inferred from the text descriptions above and the Scenario descriptions below.

The scenario can be played as either a single human player scenario, or with two human players in multi-player mode.
In both instances, Cortez is represented by the Black Prince, Cortez's Indian maiden interpreter is represented by Maid Joan, and the King of the Aztecs is represented by the Shah.

In single player mode, the human is the Spanish. In multi-player mode, the 1st human is the Spanish and the second human is the Aztecs. In multi-player mode, the players should conform to the following cultures :

PLAYER 1 - HUMAN - Britons
PLAYER 2 - EITHER - Vikings

Using different cultures can upset the balance of the scenario and the resulting "special units" could hurt the historical accuracy and the balance designed into the scenario. (For example, if the Spanish are set to the Turks, then they would be able to manufacture more "modern" units in their resulting castles (Janissaries) which would allow them to create these units rapidly and destroy the game balance, and the historical perspective established here)

Here is the Scenario desription, the Hints and the History from the scenario :

Cortez and the Spanish are poised to explore, invade and conquer the America's.

In their way stand the Aztec, Mayan, Apache and Seminole cultures ... and in this version of history, these cultures will not treat Cortez like any kind of "God". In fact, they will immediately view him as a mortal threat and treat him and
those with him accordingly.

The Spanish have arrived with "modern" technology including bombard cannons and hand cannoneers. However, these units are not reproducable in the New World and must be vigorously guarded and carefully used. The Spanish have a base of operations on the island of Cuba which can help with resorces.

The Native Maiden, used as an interpreter, is very important for keeping the native cultures at odds with each other. Loosing her could cause a grand alliance due to the inability to feed the natives misleading information.

Cortez, who has been named the "Black Prince" must survive and the native cultures defeated for the Spanish to be
victorious. If Cortez dies, the Spanish quest for conquest will fail. The Spanish can expect quick, fierce attakcs and
must prepare quickly if they are to maintain their foothold on the American continent.

There are a number of elite bowman and heroes amongst each culture. They too are irreplacable resources and must be used carefully if playing the Aztec culture as a human. For the Aztecs to win, their Shah-man, the king, must survive and the Spanish must be defeated.

There are lots of resources and many relics from ancient cultures in the New World, so search, find, guard and then gather them accordingly ... but be careful, this is wilderness, much of it untamed by mankind.

Hernan Cortez set sail from Cuba on Feb 10, 1519 with several vessels and 550 men. He soon established Veracruz on the Mexican coast in the near proximity of where this scenario starts. In order to keep his men from deserting, Cortez had his transport ships burned after arriving.

Cortez used a native woman to help with interpretation with the local cultures and this "Maid" is included in this
scenario. Her ability to help Cortez's forces communicate was very important to the expedition.

The local cultures viewed Cortez as some type of Diety and he used this to his advantage in eliminating their leaders and conquering them. Over a period of a few years, he subjugated the Aztecs and the remainder of the Mayan culture and made contact with the indian tribes to the north.

This scenario contemplates those historical events ... without the diefication of Cortez or those with him by the native cultures.


Please enjoy this scenario and feel free to spread it around. We will be creating more, including campaigns and some customizations.

If you have any questions, please email Jeff Head at
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laz123 Excellent game. Thanks.
good guy It's the same thing coast to coast

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