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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Struggle for Japan

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Struggle for Japan

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Version: Age of Empires II: DE
Style: Build and Destroy
Feudal Japan awaits you!
Take control of one of five possible clans from the Sengoku Period and lead your samurai and ninjas to victory!
In a gigantic scenario, you will experience an exciting journey through the world of medieval Japan and try out completely new, exciting gameplay features:
*A new diplomacy system that reacts dynamically to your decisions - including alliances, betrayal and espionage.
*New Ninja unique unit with awesome skills.
*New luxury goods (silk, incence and handicrafts) to keep your ever demanding people happy.
*Trade luxury goods with the Europeans to get gunpowder weapons.
*New technologies, unique units and events will ensure an unforgettable gameplay. Do you have what it takes to become the new Shogun?
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DeeDarFan Too easy scenario, player only need to use cannon attack ground, damage other clan's TC and castle to low HP(not destroy, they can rebuild), then wait for war, enemy will lose in one second.
Even without cannon attack ground, just prepare 10 trebuchets nearby enemy base, destroy TC and castle before enemy can train any unit. That makes the game boring.
Besides, players cannot declare war to one clan if they do not want to use Seppuku. They have to use ninja to anger that clan once and once again. It sounds silly.

Whatever, map design and new tech tree is really cool. Try to make a better gameplay experience against other clans, it will becomes a great scenario.
Leasong Very detailed map. I have spent a few hours on this scenario. My impression of the scenario is as follows:
1. The difficulties of different clans vary. when you play as Oda or Takeda, you are surrounded by several clans and you can hardly expand without irritating your neighbors. But Uesugi and Mori players can easily expand without drawing the attention from others.

2. the strategy of each faction is just the same. Since your resources are only supported by several villagers, so seesaw battle is not an option.
Every other clan has fortified walls and castles which means early rush is suicidal.
So the only practical strategy is to send handcraft carts to please your opponents before you reach imperial age and get access to trebuchet and blacksmith upgrades. Melee units are not cost-effective. Yumi archer and hand cannoneer seem to be enough for the army composition.

3. The difficulty curve is not handled well. The early stage of the game is funny. Player have to expand territory while use the limited resource to relax the relationships with other clans. But once player reach imperial there are no challenge at all. Several trebuchets protected by Yumi archers can easily destroy the town centers of your opponents.

My opinions to increase the difficulty for the late game.
1. What about a encirclement after player defeat a certain number of clans? For example, the remaining 2 factions will definitely turn against the player once 3 factions have been defeated.

2. Increase Ronin and warlords strength(more units and defensive buildings) as the player claim more territory to make the late game expansion harder for the player.

3. Very appreciate the idea of a sudden rebel general invasion. I think in the late game several harsh assaults with strong units and siege will make the game more challenging.

4. Give other clans more counter units to archers to encourage different army composition. For example, more onagers and high pierce armor units like haskarl and Tarkan.

5. give more villagers to the player to encourage seesaw battle in the late game.

6. What about adding Ishiyama Hongan-ji to the game? Maybe it can raise ikki(rebels) in other clan's territory. Besides, a hostile faction in kansai region make Oda and Mori gameplay more challenging.

Thank you again for your nice scenario. Ottokar and Danlodo are also very enjoyable. Can't wait to see your next campaign/scenario!

[Edited on 04/27/20 @ 04:01 AM]

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