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Christmas Morning

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Christmas Morning
by Yogurt

The Frank family is waking up to a blustery Christmas morning, but there's not much that can contain the enthusiasm of the Frank children. A single player scenario.

IMPORTANT: If you're not the type to read all the instructions, read this. Please make sure your game speed is set to Normal and your CD music volume is set to zero before starting the game. The scenario's triggers are synchronized with sound effects, but this synchronization only works at Normal speed.

Contact Information

You can reach me at If you enjoy the level, please let me know.

This scenario and others may be found at In 2000, I hope to open a larger site at and you may find more information there.

Merry Christmas!

Tim Mitchell
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Version 1.0 - December 11, 1999
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The_Crusader This took alot of to make, and it show but in my opinion I didn't like it that much because there was no game play, and it was very short.
KevdoggKing I read all of the comments, some were awesome, some were terrible. So I downloaded this scenario to see what its like. It was really thought over and creativity soared past the roof, but the map design is terrible, and it is a scenario you'll only play till you find everything out, so it isnt that great, but I have to admit, AWESOMELY THOUGHT OUT! Good job! Could you make another one like this, but a lot bigger?
ElfTheHunter This campaign/scenario has been nominated for a Orion Award for Best Creative Scenario. If you wish to learn about Orion Awards go to Scenario Design Discussion...
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
This is a classic, one of the all time best of AoK.
In this marvellous cut-scene the Frank family is waking up on Christmas morning and you also get control of little Timmy to take a walk in winter wonderland around your island to discover the most incredible things.

PLAYABILITY: I do not know how often I played this cut-scene and I am still not tired of it. It is my favourite cut-scene, one of my favourite scenarios and there is not the slightest hint to rate it down for anything. Christmas Morning has a great design, is ingenious and deserves the highest rating. What can I say more? Yes, I enjoyed every bit of it, like the hockey game, using pike men? It looked so real. Pace? It passes so regrettably fast, that you will play it over and over again. Replay value? IMHO that term was invented for this scenario. 5+

BALANCE: This category is related to the skill of the player and is somehow subjective, as the reviewer rates, if the scenario was too hard/easy to complete for him or if the scenario was well balanced. You can not loose a cut-scene, as you have no enemies, but the review system demands a rating here, even though there is no balance. The category is rated by taking the average of the four other categories. If the numerical value has a fraction, the next higher figure will be the rating for balance. 5

CREATIVITY: Awesome, outstanding, a milestone in AoK designing. Shaking the boxes to imagine presents. The creativity in this small cut-scene is enough for some long scenarios. The triggers, groundbreaking at that time, common knowledge today, because of designers like Yogurt. The “hockey players” are sliding, not walking over the ice. Colour changing hut, idea by Yogurt; first showing of snow/ice in a AoK scenario at the blacksmith; a great use of music, which really gives you Christmas feelings, Dean Martin, the boats, click the Christmas tree, the hut and see the lord himself, who claimed being a fisherman and don’t miss the herder of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. Well, well I can’t wait for Christmas and play again. 5+

MAP DESIGN: The AoK editor does not provide snow or ice. Yogurt copied the snow from Ensemble Studios, Dschingis Khan campaign, 6th scenario. That Christmas morning it snows, turning the small flower island almost white. Almost? Yes, the snow melts immediately around the warm hut, which has a fire place inside. Yogurt does not need to show us the inside, he makes us feel, imagine how it looks like. The map is small, the cut-scene is set on a small island with snow and flowers, a Christmas tree and surrounded by water. In general we only rate what we see and in this case also what we feel or imagine to see. 5

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The story is about a Christmas morning of the Frank family on a small island. You get a hint section, a read me with perfect D/L instructions, in game objective and information. Last not least a wonderful seasonal bitmap, giving the impression of a Christmas card. 5

Overall: A masterpiece of a genius, giving us a hint, what else can be done, which directions can be taken with this game. I can only imagine the amount of effort that went into this short piece of art.

@ The author: Thank you for all the pleasure you gave me. Whenever somebody tells me, that I am playing children games, I show Christmas Morning. Some are younger, others older than I am and I see them smile, eyes wide open and asking for a replay. In these moments I feel, that they start to believe, that AoK is not just a war game, like many others.
Tom Edwards
Map Design5.0
Cor, look at the ID on this one. 86! Christmas Morning was one of the earliest files uploaded, but don’t let that put you off, because:


Not because of sweeping sieges, not because of an eye-candy overload, and certainly not because of its length. It is the only scenario I have seen which concentrates on the sole ideal of making you happy. It is short and sweet- from the music to the hilarious ending, I loved every single nanosecond, and I doubt that feeling will ever diminish. While nothing much actually happens there seems to be more amusement in this than any other campaign or scenario I have ever played. A work of pure, undiluted genius. What are you waiting for? Download it now!

Playability: 5.0 – I could watch this for days on end.
Balance: 5.0 – Just the right amount of interaction and computer control.
Creativity: 5.0 – completely original, as far as I can see.
Map Design: 5.0 – not much of an issue on a tiny, ice covered island. Given 5 to keep the overall score up.
Story/Instructions: 5.0 – Wonderful. At a basic level it is cutesy, but you don’t notice that when you’re playing.

Has both LOL and feelgood quality; you cannot call yourself an experienced player unless you have this gem in your collection. Should be made compulsory.
ElfTheHunter This scenario has been nominated for an Orion Award for Most Creative Scenario. Congratulations!

***2nd Orion Awards***
xX_AntsInc_Xx The Best Scenario ever!
ThUnDeR77 LoL that rocked. Hilarious. ***** - 5 stars
Black_Knight12 I didn't play this yet but It seems cool to me...
Snacks4dinner haha brilliantly creative.. i loved the part where he was thinking what his present was ;P
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Map Design5.0
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