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Version: Age of Empires II: DE
Style: Build and Destroy
Successors of The Great King Alexander:
Perdiccas ( 355 BC – 321/320 BC)
Episode 1 - V0.1


Perdiccas became a general in Alexander the Great's army and
participated in Alexander's campaign against Achaemenid Persia.
He was the first of the Diadochi(Successors)
who fought for control over Alexander's empire.

Following Alexander's death, he rose to become supreme commander
of the imperial army and regent for Alexander's half brother
and intellectually disabled successor, Philip Arridaeus (Philip III).
Perdiccas was murdered by his own generals
Peithon, Seleucus, and Antigenes during an invasion of Egypt.

In late 321 BC,
Perdiccas intended to send Alexander's body back to Aegae in Macedonia,
the traditional place of burial for the Macedonian Royal Family.
Arrhidaeus was chosen to escort the body back to Macedonia however,
when Alexander's remains were passing through Syria,another Diadochos
the satrap of Egypt Ptolemy, was able to bribe the escort and seize the body.
Ptolemy brought Alexander's remains back to Egypt where they were housed
in the city of Memphis. Perdiccas regarded Ptolemy's action as an
unacceptable provocation and decided to invade Egypt. Perdiccas marriage
to Alexander's sister Cleopatra led Satraps Antipater, Craterus, Antigenes,
and Ptolemy to join together in rebellion

Not History (Scenario)

General Perdicca's spies informed him of the rebellion and he took action,
fled the army with his personal guard using the cover of darkness headed
for a long mountain range located in Iran, Iraq and southeastern Turkey,
his small hideout fort in Zagros Mountains, a Spycave compount for hidding
his treasures. Recruited tribes from his territory and merceneries to guard
the fort, alliances were made with the 300 year old inhabitants of the cave
called "AhmAra" who are nature people living a remote life with ancient ways.
Peithon and Antigenes cornered the beast inside a giant cave, they must
end him before winter comes or the extreme cold will end them instead.

p.s. sorry for my bad english, not my native language.

Scout Reports

To the north lies Satrap Peithon Fortress.
Protect IT!

To the west you 'll found Satrap Perdiccas. Eliminate him!
His camp is in front of the cave entrance in the other side.

To the south are the 300 years old Cave Tribe (green).
Ally them for trading. They want Perdiccas out of the cave too.

Cave tribe civilians (yellow) are located
in the middle of the cave.
Loot them, find their relic.



Save game Before engaging with large forces may help you.
to load back and to id diffrently.
Help Peithon (cyan) with his forward attacks.Perdiccas stucks up army
in your cave entrance to keep you out, keep it clear, the longer you
stay out of the cave the harder it gets.
Visibility in this high mountain and inside the cave is reduced.
Only the Light bearer (tarkan) and your Captain has good line of sight.
Units afraid in dark spots where they can't see, push and they will go.
Loot Civilians tribe (yellow) buildings by destroying them.
Greeks lived in Dark ages, your units are from a limited pool.
You will not reach Imperial age.
Military buildings are unavailable, you can Train units in
Army tents A & B / Tent A / Blacksmith.
Try not to loose those buildings.
If you bring a MALE VILLAGER to a broken cart ,
you will get a trading cart.
"Repeat" Male Villager ... Not Repairer,
Not lumerjack, Not stone/gold miner, Not builder,
Not hunter,farmer,forager or what ever,
the villager must have NO Job.
Don't wait, storm the cave find a fast way
to eliminate Perdiccas, even if other objectives
are not met you will win if you slay him.

Steam : [BOT] Alan
Discord : Jimonakoz

i am new to scenario design, so Please contact me if you find any bugs.
The map originally created for my daughter, Type STP(save the princess)
with mathematics! (educational scenario) i changed the map a bit and
made it DTS, B & D,Time limit scenario for a design contest.
in this map i am trying to simulate caves, and cave systems with the new editor. that is the result.
Tested it numerous times and win in ~30min
(second try):P but i know all the parameters.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mighty Myrmidon
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3

Lead your troops in a fierce battle in a sprawling cave system. It was pretty enjoyable to play through, although there were some areas that were lacking polish and diminished the experience. This scenario's triggers were a little confusing in places so it was hard to tell if they were behaving correctly.

Balance: 2

The scenario had a satisfying level of challenge near the beginning, but a high population limit for the player and relatively low numbers of enemies meant that after a while the enemy defenses were easily overwhelmed. The mopping up stage was not very challenging. Perhaps more scripted attacks on the player camp or more avenues of attack would help this?

Additional Balance Note: There's an exploit in this scenario that can lead to a quick, easy and mostly risk-free victory. Playing this way, I beat the scenario in just a little over 8 minutes just using the starting troops.

Creativity: 3
There were some neat ideas in this one. I liked how most troops had terrible vision inside the caves except for torch-carriers. It meant that you had to pair archers with torch bearers in order to reach their potential, which I thought was interesting. Sending villagers out to hunt down broken carts was good too.

Map Design: 3
I really enjoyed the concept of a back-and-forth battle inside a cave complex! There was some good use of terrain and gaia objects to make overhanging rock formations, waterfalls, tunnels and caverns to fight through.

One thing that I didn't like (and this might be a bit subjective) was that a lot of the game took place on the very extreme edges of the map, with a hard arbitrary boundary line on one side. It felt cramped and strange to be more or less restricted to building only on the very outer extremes.

Story/Introduction: 2
I found the story to be pretty confusing. The historical background is not really reflected in the actual scenario at all, and the player is perhaps better served by not reading it at all. The designer's first language is not English, so I applaud the attempt at writing! That being said, writing errors did diminish the experience somewhat, and I feel like general rules like punctuation and capitalization could still have been adhered to.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2

Perdiccas places the player in control of a Satrap’s forces during a civil war (at least, that was what could be surmised from the scarce introduction). The player’s task was twofold: to help hold an allied position while destroying an enemy fortress and killing its commander. To do this, one must navigate caves (or wait until the enemy has destroyed the barracks beside the fortress so that the player’s troops can pass by that avenue). The cramped nature of the map made the playing experience extremely grindy: with lack of room to build, resources are slow to gather and less-than-judicious use of the off-grid placement tool caused pathfinding to altogether fail; troops had to be guided literally every step of the way. Another mechanic that was buggy and prone to frustration was the darkness feature inside the caves, which made it near impossible for units to uncover the map or find targets, even when there were torch bearers in the vicinity. Overall it cannot be said that the playing experience was very enjoyable, and it is recommended to the author to check out some of the higher-rated content at AoKH or on the AoE2DE mod manager for guidance moving forward.

Balance: 2

The difficulty level felt somewhat appropriate, in that it was at times challenging and required good strategic management of various avenues of threat on the part of the player. Bluntly, the AI was quite weak and the only thing preventing a total steamroll were the playability issues that made playing the scenario functionally difficult. It is eventually possible to overwhelm the enemy, but it is a process trying of one’s patience.

Creativity: 3

This was the scenario’s strong point; the author has made some clever usage of AoE2DE features to create some interesting terrain combinations and to have the player train units from tents that cannot be rebuilt. The units, while resembling Macedonian military units in name, suffer from a lack of immersion: phalangites and peltasts are clearly Inca Kamayuks and Slingers, to name an example, and the changes to the tech tree had a questionable impact on the balance.

Map Design: 2

Some parts of the map looked aesthetically okay, such as the player and their ally’s starting position. However, the lack of detail in the visible portions combined with the unappealing look of the caves and the negative impact that the map layout had on the gameplay rendered this a low score, and one can only echo the advice given at the end of the Gameplay/Overall Enjoyment evaluation here.

Story/Instructions: 1

This was firmly a weak point of the entry. The scenario opens 'in medias res' in a less optimal sense of the phrase: the player has absolutely no clue what is going on. Instructions are difficult to follow and how to proceed is not particularly clear. The author has stated that English is not his first language, so one should take that into consideration, but it appears that the language barrier is not actually the root of the issue: the text, when it appears is perfectly legible, but the manner in which instructions are presented is lacking: the flaw is not necessarily in the nuts and bolts but in the overall approach.

Additional Comments:

A promising first effort, Perdiccas falls short in many respects but demonstrates the potential of its author. I hope to see more of his work in the future!
File Author
thank you guys for your tips and feedback, i will try to fix all things you pointed.

well, i have an update for this, but i decided not to update the file, so the reviews reflects in the scenario. And cuz it was my 1st attempt so i will keep it with its flaws.

i have started working on a campaign series for the Argead dynasty, so later on, Perdikkas will be in a later scen fixed and ready.

wish you all, good health out there!

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Map Design2.5
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