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The Emissary - Prologue

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
The journey leaves questions unanswered, figures incomprehensible, intentions vague, and myth reality. The journey is not the battle. The journey is not the path. The journey is the soul, the spirit, the heart. The voyage to venture within...

Light and Darkness. Mysticism and Existence. The Past and the Future. The Link. The Link is the proxy. The Link is The Emissary.

Oral Teachings of Vokova Priest of Gallica

Find out more at The Emissary page at Campaign Creations.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
kiketzalcoatl Damn, you are good!
This is the best scenario I've ever played!
Keep up the good work.
aok1101 That is the most awsome, and detailed scenerio I have ever played.
Great Work!
Jax Oh My God!!!
This is the best scenario I have ever downloaded.

Keep up the Great work

(Your Fan JAX)
Chiang Ning By skilfully utilizing the triggers, Magnus has done a marvelous job of bringing a story up to life. The AI has been nicely done as well. Furthermore, the scenario instruction bitmap is excellent.

I am able to learn a good amount of triggers mechanic from Magnus' scenario. One good trigger, is whereby you can talk to a peasant or somebody else just by left-clicking on him/her. Nice trick. I have to give Magnus credit for this!

Magnus does remember to pump in map-playing element, which makes Age of Kings itself such a wonderful game. You will need to command the town folks into defending the town. I actually start to appreciate my own units... trying not to let any of them die (you won't think of deleting a unit in a Deathmathc, right?)

Rating give: 87%
<Chiang Ning,>
Tylori Dragon This is the scenario that started it all, folks! Download this classic and enjoy!
Ingo Van Thiel
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"The Emissary" is one of the early AoK classics. It scores in all aspects - a nice intro bitmap that makes you feel like you're at the beginning of a movie, dazzling creativity, a gripping story, and a map design that, although not exceptional, is way above average.

There is a long and peaceful beginning, which is fun and entertaining all the same: Explore the fortress and speak to the people you meet - all of them are characters. It takes a while before the action begins, but then it *really* begins. I found the battle perfectly balanced - the enemy onslaught stopped exactly at the moment when I thought I couldn't survive anymore.

"The Emissary" is so good that it has influenced many other designers. It's probably the first RPG scenario that lives up to its name. Download now!
Kittithaj Another great scenerio. Not too tough. I also love the characters sound from Warcraft II.
LongBowHurtsBad found a bug: when you go talk to the campion(btw he usally just walks off and its takes forever to find him) to take the prisinors into the boat, the boat stays put, and when i return to the knight who gave me the task, he just says go tell the champion to load the prisinors up.
Official Reviewer
From the read me, victory message, “The Emissary campaign will/shall unfold at Campaign Creations”. That site no longer relates to AoK, if anyone downloaded the campaign from there, please let me know. Also from the read me, "Watch for other exciting projects here also, including the Rage of a Dutch Fisherman". The same for that one, if anyone has it please contact me.

LongBowHurtsBad, let me guess how you found the bug, you played from the editor without the two custom AI files in your AI folder. When you play from the editor through 'test' mode it saves the game so that you play the latest version including any change you might have done in the editor. AI files that saved in the original delete if they are not in your folder and the game engine gives the Standard AI to the comp players. ;)
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The Emissary – Prologue is from 1999! It is an AOK classic which has only had a small review written for it. I think it’s time it got a proper one.

The Emissary – Prologue is the first scenario and prologue to the campaign: The Emissary. It is just another extraordinary and oustanding AOK classic

Playability: 5
The Emissary is a great AOK classic which is highly enjoyable and well worth downloading. It is fun, enjoyable, interesting and bloodthirsty. It is well though out. The story is original and interesting. It is creative and has a good map design too. The Emissary is a game that can be played over and over again. I found no bugs or any lag with the scenario so I give this game top score of 5.

Balance: 5
The Emissary is a perfectly balanced scenario. There isn’t any fighting for quite a while, until you speak the Roland and Minister Shah. When the fighting does begin it is great. You start off with only a few soldiers which are mainly from the Castle Age like, pikemen, long swordsmen and cavalry archers. The enemy start off with a lot of soldiers but they are mainly from the feudal age, men-at-arms, archers, skirmishers. There soldiers are not as strong as yours but there are a lot more. While the Game is challenging it is certainly not impossible. All you need is resources. Gather enough resources, build a big enough army and you will win easily.

Creativity: 5
The Emissary is an extremely creative scenario. It is from 1999 when barely any tricks had been discovered, but it is still a scenario which is still being played by played by people today, over 10 years on! The scenario has a great story, uses some great trigger tricks for a 1999 scenario and has a good map design. The dialog is great, really creative and funny. The scenario also has some great characters. Although there are no name changes (I haven’t played Age of Kings for a while so I don’t know if you could then) but they are very well presented; the Prince Roland who disagree with Minister Shah, who wants to reclaim land from the Gallicia. Charles Martel is your character; he is a good friend of Roland but doesn’t always agree with him. He will always follow the king. These characters are very clever and presented very, very well. They really improve the scenario.

Map Design: 5
Where as the Map design is not as good as some highly rated scenarios, it is still great for the game. It is built on a tiny map and it fits perfectly with the story and the rest of the scenario. It has a good use of elevation and a few cliffs. There are also some great GAIA objects placed which really improve the map design. Although the map doesn’t have very much terrain mixing, what is does have is presented very beautifully and fits in with the rest of the map. Dover Fort is also a great piece of map design; it is very pretty and looks realistic. The buildings are spaced out well and the units are placed so it looks like a real fort with workers doing their jobs and guards patrolling.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is very interesting and fun. It makes you want to play until the end, never leaving your seats, never turning away from the screen, even if you are really struggling you just want to know what happens. The story makes the whole scenario playable and enjoyable. The dialog is great, it is funny and clever. It helps you get through the scenario. The characters are also, as I have said before, very creative and presented well. They improve the story and help it flow. The Instructions are clear and easy to understand. They help you get through the scenario even if you are an inch from loosing. There is also a good Hints page and it helps you if you do get stuck. If the instructions are unclear a player will never be able to get through a scenario and it would make nobody play it.

Additional Comments:
The Emissary – Prologue is a very creative and fun scenario. It is exciting, fun and interesting and deserves a place near the top of the “Top Rated List”. It is a whole new way of playing Age of Empires and a highly recommended download.
Download this or miss out on one of the best scenarios in the AOKH blacksmith. 5/5!

As said by others at Age of Kings Heaven – “This is the scenario that started it all, folks! Download this classic and enjoy!”

Thanks for making such a brilliant scenario. I wish I could find the final campaign and play it.

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