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Forthwind (v 1.6)

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Version: Age of Empires II: DE
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Definitive Edition Only
Hi there!

* UPDATE on Version 1.7:

Thank you all for over 200 downloads! Was so stoked to see that today! Version 1.7 is soon on it's way! Many updates for this version and some JUICY changes to the way Forthwind plays. I am currently investigating some performance issues (it recently started lagging on my monster of a gaming pc) so once this is mitigated I will upload! We're looking at about a week timeline here. Thanks!*

Once again, thank you all for your continued interest! I'm very thankful for it.



*Please update each version of Forthwind to stay up to date on bug fixes and new features!


As explained in the description, this is a Random Map AI that is built for AOE2 Definitive Edition. It originally was built for AO2 HD some years ago, but now is consistently being updated for a smooth DE experience.
(Currently only supports DE).

All of the barebones information about this AI is in the readme file (and update.txt file) both attached in the download. For everyone who is generally curious about this "new" AI, allow me to summarize it:


- Can play 1vs1's or in team games well (utilizes pocket or flank positional strategies).

- Has an array of strategies for every age. It utilizes different strategies everytime, such as scouts or eagles in feudal age, to knights, crossbows, steppe-lancers, battle elephants etc in the castle age and beyond!

- Uses most of the new units in DE as well as from previous DLC's (i.e. steppe lancers, battle elephants, condottiero and more!)

- Can play all land maps, including nomad and MegaRandom maps decently well! Mixed water maps are supported too. Islands is doable, but not perfected yet.

- Forthwind can be played in scenarios as well if that is up your alley!

- Responds to an array of taunts like request for resources, attack now, stop attacking, strategy change-up, don't resign yet and more (see readme).

- Uses basic userpatch features (basic ones, I'm still learning!)

- Can play the majority of game settings (i.e., popular settings for sure).

- Supports all civilizations (including the Lords of the West dlc).

- The most meme friendly AI EVER created that isn't a complete joke, as it can be challenging for many players!

If you're looking to spice up your AOE2 DE experience, then give this AI a try!

I want to truly thank the ai.scripters community, and many other legendary scripters out there for their AI work. Without them I would never have learned this much to make a fun and engaging AI!

Forthwind currently has 25 different resign chats now, all intended to be humorous of course.

Thanks everyone! And as always...

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File Author
Hi Everyone,

Forthwind is typically updated on a monthly basis. Check back for new features and improvements!

*May 12, 2021 update for Forthwind:

Version 1.6:
- Welcome to 1.6! 1.6 makes effective improvements to Forthwind's core areas such as game compatibility, more efficient behaviours, as well as the very important updated boar hunting rules to be compatible with the May 3 patch of DE.
- As always, thank you for your continued interest in these updates. Enjoy!

Release #8 Notes:

;Patch Updates:
- Updated boar rules to be compatible with May 3 patch (new patch ruined my boar rules temporarily).
- Added new maps from May 3 patch into Forthwinds system (like michi, crossroads, crater map etc).
NOTE: Forthwind has no idea how to properly play a Michi map, this only means he knows its a land-map etc...

- Added more rules about stone availablity on the map. If no stone is available (and low stone reserves) then Forthwind stops building stone walls and gates (switches to palisade if wall building is enabled). This hugely helps in megarandom maps and allows to save precious stone reserves.
- When Forthwind is relocating after losing all town-centers, wall building should now be permanently disabled.
- Forthwind better recognizes when to pause feudal-
age villager training and when to reactivate it (based on fast-castle or flushing conditions).
- Janissaries now get proper armour upgrades.
- watch-tower-line was not working in regards to micro, so for now, Forthwind is more likely to micro from tower-fire (only watch towers for now, not the -line). (Again, this isn't perfect, it is only from the first building in its list it will run from).

- Further improved overall dark and feudal-age gathering rules. Forthwind should be more competitive from this.
- Feudal gathering FLUSHING ONLY rules are now specific to unit-type rather than generic strategies. This means Forthwind goes mostly wood and gold for archers, food and gold for m@a or eagles, and mostly food for scouts. This alone
GREATLY improves competitiveness in the feudal age when Forthwind goes aggressive!
- Further improved some research rules.
- Improved villager rules (for flushing) so that Forthwind is more likely to advance to next age with more appropriate villager numbers Example: would sometimes go 27 pop scouts because of abundance of food meant "train more villagers" when it shouldn't have!
- Improved town-center building rules to react better when under attack or not.
- Added 5 new resign chats (such as the famous T90 "AMAZING LEARN")
- Updated escrow rules (testing new techniques in this version 1.6).
- Lowered "scout-timer" from every 10 minutes -> every 8 minutes so enemies are scouted more often.
- Additional smaller quality of life updates and fixes.


If you ever experience a serious error then please either contact me with great detail about your error OR wait for an update/hotfix (hotfixes are sometimes released shortly after new updates if I discover a serious enough error.)

Check out the readme.txt file as well as the updates.txt file with each download to follow the full list of what's been added/improved upon!

Thanks for checking out my Ai!

- ScreamingKoos

[Edited on 05/12/21 @ 02:33 PM]

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