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Forthwind (v 1.91)

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Version: Age of Empires II: DE
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Definitive Edition Only
Hi there!

* UPDATE FOR VERSION 1.91 (as of September 7, 2021):

- I have made a new "competitive" version of Forthwind called "Forthwind [T]" (The T is for tournament). Currently there is a DE ai tournament going on which is why I made this additional forthwind, and I have added onto it since to make it more difficult than the original Forthwind.

Don't panic either, the original forthwind is NOT going anywhere! Version 1.9 is HERE and it adds the tried and true updates including a HUGELY improved economy, 2 new strategies, and lots of other content.

Feel free to try out both versions as they both will be included in this download (2 ai's, similar but not the same). Thanks everyone for the support!



*Please update each version of Forthwind to stay up to date on bug fixes and new features!*


All of the important information about this AI is in the "readme.txt" and "updates.txt" files both included in this download. Currently Forthwind only works for DE, but soon a separate UP version will be released as well for all of you UP 1.5 enthusiasts!



- Can play 1vs1's or in team games with any number of players (utilizes pocket or flank positional strategies).

- Has an array of strategies for every age. Forthwind utilizes different random strategies every playthrough. This includes scouts or eagles in feudal age, to knights, crossbows, steppe-lancers, battle elephants etc in the castle age and beyond!

- All units found in DE are implemented depending on circumstances and civilization pick (ex: steppe lancers, battle elephants, condottiero, slingers, genitours and more are supported by Forthwind).

GAME MODES: random-map, empire-wars, regicide, defend-the-wonder, and custom-scenarios are the only tested modes.

LAND MAPS: All land maps including nomad and mega-random maps.

WATER MAPS: Mixed land/water maps work best. Islands-type maps are possible (meaning Forthwind will make a navy and transports and successfully attack), but these maps are not yet optimized.

CUSTOM MAPS: Other maps like "special" and some of the "real world" ones have been found to work fine. Most custom scenario maps work too.

UNSUPPORTED MAPS: Forest nothing, Michi, and Migration style maps are examples of maps that Forthwind is not tested for.

DIFFICULTY: Play on at least "hard" to avoid built-in ai nerfs. Currently does not play differently from a scripting standpoint (use extreme for the best experience).

RESOURCES: Any should work. Although default is the only tested parameter.

GAME SPEED: Using "normal" or "casual" is recommended. Fast speed has been shown to go quicker than the ai can "think" in some instances.

REVEAL MAP: Any setting.

STARTING AGE: Any age-start.

ENDING AGE: Only imperial-age-end is tested.

TREATY LENGTH: Only tested on none.

POPULATION: As small as 25 all the way up to 500, and also 1000 pop is supported with a dynamic population system. 200 population is the "sweet spot" however and the most tested variable.

GENERAL PLAY: Forthwind can be played in single-player skirmishes, multiplayer games (as a host; this file is small enough to not include any additional downloads for other players), as well as support for scenarios.

ENEMY OR ALLY: Forthwind works great as either an enemy or an ally! Many taunts in DE are continually being added/are supported by Forthwind. Please check out the readme file for the full list.

CIVILIZATIONS/DLC's: Supports all current DE civilizations (including the Lords of the West and Dawn of the Dukes dlc's).

JOKES: This AI sends/responds with humorous taunts (meme-friendly). Currently has 25 different resign chats too.

UPDATES: I have been providing updates to Forthwind since January 2021, and generally release monthly updates so Forthwind will not be abandoned anytime soon! The extensive list of all updates is in the "updates.txt" file that comes with the download.


If you're looking to spice up your AOE2 experience, and you actually read this far, then download and see what the buzz is all about with Forthwind!


I want to truly thank the ai.scripters community, and many other legendary scripters out there for their AI work and help. Without them I would never have learned this much to make a fun and engaging AI!

A very special thanks to you all for downloading and showing support for Forthwind!

And as always...

GL HF! Enjoy!
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