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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » William Warrior of the Sun v1.05

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William Warrior of the Sun v1.05

Author File Description
Chiang Ning
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
My scenario relates to you a fictional story about a man called, William Wallace in a world called the Continent. William grows up in a cozy little town called Humington. He is one ambitious guy though. He would not want to be stuck in a small town like this for the rest of his life! Therefore he has enrolled himself into Humington Knighthood Academy. He is hoping that some day, he will have a chance to go out and explore the world!

Now a chance has come to him. Ricken, the mayor of Humington has called upon William. To William, this could be a chance of his lifetime to go out and see the world, a chance to gain both fame and wealth! If only he can succeed in all the tedious missions that he will have to go though, that is.

The game will start from here…

I have painstakingly constructed this role-playing scenario for approximately one month. I have given my attention to every single detail from a single decorating rock to the dramatic happenings in the world of the Continent. There are 288 triggers in the game, with 4 Cities for your playing experience.

Featured in William, Warrior of the Sun (Role Playing Single Player Scenario) v1.04:
1. Role-playing element, including the ability to interact with the Non-Player-Characters in the scenario (example, villager). Besides, player will be able to interact with certain buildings in the game (example, buying food from the Market; training soldiers in Barracks or Stables; buying
slaves in the Slave Market).
2. Well-placed sounds and music originally taken from Age of Kings itself
(Less downloading time! Just follow the instructions below).
3. Challenging computer opponents, as well as engaging battles! Take note that each unit of your part is very expensive, and you cannot afford to lose too many of them in a battle. Computer opponents have reinforcements as well…
4. Non-stop flowing of storylines with different objectives and missions to challenge you! (The latest patch will allow the player to refer to the missions that he/she is assigned to in the Instruction Menu).
5. Beautifully drawn map with inspiring decorations for your eyes only.
6. All new food consuming system that put you and your quest into pressured and challenged situation! Thanks to AOK Punk Team for original idea.

Note: This scenario is meant for LEGIT PLAY only. The only cheat allowed in the map is “Marco”. Any cheats activated within the game will immediately upset the ability of triggers. If you need any help in accomplishing the
scenario, please read the “Tips and Secrets” document enclosed in this ZIP file.

If you have any comments, or any bugs in the scenario to report, please email me immediately at the following email address:

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Cherub Lobby
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
What can I say.. many have tried the role playing style and some have done it very nicely. Toaster has surpassed them all so far. Nothing has been stinted in this magnificent scenario. More like an epic book than a single scenario. Like me, you may be exhausted when you finish but you will have enjoyed every adventure. Toaster has ensured that although you cannot build any units he has ingeniously allowed you to finance an army through your own deeds and heroism. His method of supplying units is unique, clever and realistic! So many missions it is hard to believe how he fitted them all into one scenario. I even checked later and I actually missed 2 or 3 missions.. so it had even more. You battle in forest, desert, sea and land and everywhere you go the attention to detail in the landscape will amaze you. All elements of this game are just so spot on. The only complaint I may make is the text flicks by a bit quick at times and the sea battle was pretty tough. If I had paid money for this scenario I would be satisfied... and yet we get it for free. NB. Now be sure of one thing .. get the updated version as a slight problem existed in the old version and Toaster has fixed it!
Map Design4.0
I enjoyed this scenario immensely, but I don't really think it deserves such a high score as 5.0 in the Blacksmith.

The playability was ok, but there was too much lag. And at the end I can't win. When I kill Joan, I end up with 2 mangudai at the village where I started the game. And there's a bug too. At Joan's Castle, as I approach with a unit, Joan will change diplomacy to me as an ally to letme through the gate. Then my unit can run back and the whole army can waltz in, change diplomacy and take potshots at Joan without her caring what happens.

The balance was great, especially with regenerating enemies.

The creativity was brilliant too. All the missions, the buyable units(I've only seen it one other time,not to mention this was a new feature when this was released)make the scenario incredible.

The map design was ok, but too repetitive,but still pretty good and overall ok.

The story was incredible and overall very good.

Overall, this is a must download unless you can't stand lag or not knowing the ending without typing i r winner.

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Map Design4.5
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Size:1.15 MB