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King Gabriel's Plight

Author File Description
King Gabriel I
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Author: King Gabriel I <>
Date Completed: 21 January 2000
Estimated Difficulty: Medium-Hard (not that bad)
Scenario Type: Single Player
Notice: This level is only to be distributed non-commercially in accordance with the wishes of Ensemble Studios.

Please send me any feedback about this mission, as I like to hear what you have to say.


"King Gabriel's Plight"

King Gabriel's once great empire is crumbling.

All of the Good King's serfs are in rebellion--the encroaching Victor the Scourge has promised them great wealth if they tribute him their economic output. Each of the four specialized towns, one that produces stone, one
>> >>that produces wood, one that produces food, and one that produces gold, has been fortified by Victor the Scourge. They now pay tribute to him, providing him with resources that King Gabriel's forces desperately need.

Forest Rebels roam the area with the intent of protecting this agreement with Victor the Scourge. They have been relentlessly harassing King Gabriel's forces in an attempt to dethrone his rule.

The King's only chance to repel Victor's onslaught is to recapture each town and post a permanent symbol of his authority to discourage further rebellion. This can be achieved by posting a knight on the flagged hill in each town. Hopefully, by sending a knight to oversee each town, King Gabriel will be able to acquire enough resources to destroy Victor The Scourge's evil forces, and crush the rebellion in the forest.


*The longer you take to capture a town, the more resources Victor the Scourge receives.

*Invest heavily in pikemen and long swordsmen. They are your cheapest forms of defense.

*Attack the forest rebels as soon as possible, before they become dangerous.

*The best way to proceed is to first attack the stone miners, then the woodcutters, then the farmers, and finally the gold miners. Be sure to remove any of King Victor The Scourge's defenses before capturing a town.

*Protect your market at all costs. Do not destroy any buildings when attacking production towns, especially markets. Doing so would result in the inability of the production town to tribute you goods.

*To get a town to increase production, tribute them food so that they may build more villagers.

*If the farmers run out of wood you will have to tribute them so they can rebuild their farms.

*Tributing stone, wood, food and gold to your allies will make them build defenses and research defense technologies.

*Tribute 200 food and 200 stone to the woodcutters, the farmers, and the gold miners so that they can research murder holes. Then send each 480 stone so they can build a castle.

*Tribute 25 wood for the stone miners to build a tower. Tribute 200 food to them so they can research murder holes, and tribute 300 wood and 175 gold so they can research ballistics. Also, they will upgrade to guard tower if you send them 100 food.
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Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Was King Gabriel’s plight to languish in the Blacksmith for seven years without a single comment or review? Well, it’s not the plight intended by the author but life has dealt him/her an unjust blow because this is rather a good design. If, by reviewing it, I can give it even a millisecond in the limelight and a few downloads then perhaps it will go some small way to making amends for this long neglect. Enough waffle…

I had great fun playing this, perhaps more so because I had no expectations having picked it by chance (which I find mostly results in quitting after 30 seconds because of the horror of a flat grass 1 map), but actually by any standards it has a lot going for it. The basic style of the game is unusual, and fits well with the story; the precise aspect of tributing your allies is not one I recall coming across before. It’s especially pleasing that one can visibly affect their behaviour (though I wasn’t sure of the point of all the possible tributes). It also means that, particularly in the early stages, you have to give a little thought to how you spend your resources. The game starts off fairly easily but I found the final objective more challenging, and this combined with an above-average map and decent instructions makes for an enjoyable game. I did not encounter any bugs, but I wonder if there could be a random element to the AIs’ behaviour which might skew the game.

Very well done I think. Playing on hard, I was lulled into a false sense of security by the ease of the first few objectives, but I found defeating purple more challenging and was effectively forced to restart from saved games at least twice as the enemy surged into my town and I was on the verge of losing vital buildings.

This is quite a creative design. The use of your allies and the tributing aspect was very inventive. As mentioned above, you have a visible effect on their behaviour and my experience was that your strategy here could be the difference between winning and losing. (I’m trying to be a bit cagey so as not to give too much away.) Also, the map design is good, and a little thing, but I liked the name of the arch-enemy.

A good showing on this front, without being spectacular. There is a variety of terrains and elevations, though not always perfectly blended, and I liked the look of the central town. Overall it has the look of a random map which has been enhanced, enough to deserve an extra point.

Nothing much wrong with these either. There is a decent story, which integrates well with the style of the game, there are good hints, victory and defeat messages, and the objectives are clear. I’m pleased to say that I do not recall any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Arguably, one could award maximum points here; with a fuller story, a bitmap and scouts I would have given the extra point.

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Map Design4.0
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