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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Seven Samurai v1.1

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Seven Samurai v1.1

Author File Description
Gregory Koteles
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
You've seen the movie, now live it! In 16th Century Japan, a tiny village is threatened by a band of forty bandits. You must hire samurai to protect you, but will they be enough to stop an army of thieves?


- Over 250 triggers and thousands of conditions and effects.
- A story based on the classic movie of the same name by Akira Kurosawa.
- Talk to everyone you meet by clicking on them. They change what they say
depending on what you have done.
- Battle bandits, ronin and thieves as you try to save your village.
- Discover and fight for scarce gold and stone resources, or make do with what
you have.
- Limited cheat control.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Aundreus This is very, very good scenario based on very good film. One to be downloaded without any delay. Author managed to create very special atmosphere.
Balin Le Savage This is one of the best single player scenerios I've ever played. The cheat control kicks A$$. And the whole game atmosphere is sweet.
Chiang Ning Let me congratulate the author of this scenario. He has successfully brought the game alive with all the triggers in making this scenario a great one. An impressive storyline, further enchanced by good triggering skills. Very rewarding game playing experience.

PS. The last part where you will be required to hold off the raiders' attack is near to impossible. Maybe the author should alter the difficulty a little bit, say... by giving the player more time to prepare.

<Overall Rating: 4.5>
Urban Pirate I loved it! It was excellent! Get this scenario! The time downloading it is time well spent! Wonderful!
Waterstone Downloaded and played this as soon as it was posted. Only got around to writing a player's comment. As with your Robin Hood campaign, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good storyline and great use of triggers. A little hard but then that's what the "Save game" is for. The only thing I can think of that would have enhanced this scenario is if the narrator's part was spoken (since I was too busy running away at that moment to read the dialogue...had to replay it to see what was said). Pay attention to the hints/advice given and you will save the day.
Congratulation on a job well done. Again.
Dima look i plyed it and its pretty well made, but i cant seem to get any samurai yo join me.
And also theres a bug on the bridge in the big city i keep on getting stuck but overall the level is good.
Jazzyme I loved this scenerio and especially the taunts. But, wgenh I start to play #3 (or part 3) I get a "you are defeated as soon as the play screen loads. The enemy is surrounding my towncenter and no time to defend. I sht supposed to happen???
CerbeusXXL This is one terrific scenario. I would say its worth for everyone to download cause there is so much to do.

The map was well designed and it gave an impression of wondering feudal Japan with all its dangers. The game can be challenging especially the first time through the game.

The triggers in this game are executed to a level that would blow you away especially if you have tryed to make scenario your self.
For example, WARNING SPOILER, my favorite scene is when we see two samurai about to charge at each other, the way this scene is done is trully impressive.

In the end, if you want to see AoE2 in a different way you must download this. Also, if you are interested in making great scenario and understanding triggers, I suggest you study his triggers, its amazing. Downloading this is well worth your time.

Many thanks to Heaven Gaming sites for creating this place where we can download fantastic scenario and more.
Finally I want to thank the author for making such a great scenario. I'm sure it took the author days to do this, and I want to say that I really appreciate what you did. Thank you.
Angel Rasher
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
I have never seen the movie "The Seven Samurai", although I can honestly say that playing this scenario made me want to go out and watch it. That is how well done it was. Combining quest, puzzle and battle elements, this scenario should be an instant classic, and is one of the best I have played yet for AoK. It is clear that a TON of work went into this scenario, and is shown by the huge amount of complex triggers, all which work perfectly and add greatly to the gameplay. As you journey through the scenario, you will find yourself recruiting allies, defending villages, making daring raids, and saving a poor farming village from 40 bandits, armed with only seven samurai and a handful of farmers. Simply put, you will not want to miss this scenario. The map design is nice, although it may be a little sparse in areas. The Story/Instructions are well-done, with a nice bitmap. However, where this scenario really shines is in the playability department. All the time you spend playing this scenario will be time well-spent, you can count on it. Right from the opening "movie" to the thrilling conclusion, this scenario delivers a great gaming experience. I can't even begin to describe all the neat things that are accomplished through an incredible amount of triggers. The only fault that I could find was that I could not figure out how to win the final battle. It could just be me, but it did seem too difficult. Other than that, this is a great scenario. By the way, don't expect any more reviews from me for a little while, because I'll be renting "The Seven Samurai" from my nearest Blockbuster :-)
Kittithaj Another great scenerio but,again,tough. I can't find the sixth samurai (the peasant) so I had to open your scenerio and find him in the editor. Because of your great scenerio, now I would like to see this movie. Does anyone know where I can find it?

Keep up good work!
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