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Roland's Quest

Author File Description
The Rasher
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
It was a time of war. It was a time of heroes. And of these heroes, only one held the future of Europe in his hands. This man, who gave his all for what he believed in, lost everything: home, friends, and dignity. And yet, in the midst of being known as a traitor to one side of a war, he became known as a hero to the other. In love and war, anything goes, and Roland was determined to fufill that saying for a cause that he knew was just. In doing so, however, he would risk everything that he held dear to him... and would gain the honor and respect of thousands.

Only you hold Roland's future in your hands. You decide what happens, when it happens, how it happens, and why it happens. You control destiny in your hands.

I would like to thank all of my playtesters:
Demolition Ship Captain
Ingo van Thiel
Steve Ryan
Zanzard Lothar
Nick Cochran

To install, extract all files into your "Age of Empires II" directory. All files will automatically go to the correct folders.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
D. L. Landis The man is back at it again. If your thing is quest and puzzles, this is a must play.Tricks and triggers at every turn will have you amazed. Great fun!
Sergio Some people asked a few days ago in the Design Forum for The Rasher. Well, his answer has not took a long time: you can download in The Blacksmith “Roland’s Quest”, his last scenario (in campaign form).
The time that The Rasher has been “out” has not been a relax days. You can verify it playing “Roland’s Quest”. You’ll enjoy all elements of the scenario, since the introduction map to the scenario terrain and the story, and triggers, of course.
The first sensation you feel when you start the game, maybe, is surprise: Have you ever imagine so many palms in London? Well, someone can be in discord with this terrain, but I am sure it is an agreement to differ, because The Rasher use palms and other Gaia units as only a few people has do (there are too much scenarios ruined for its terrain designs). It’s true perhaps that he has go too far with cactuses and carpets, but they don’t disturb the final effect.
The job with triggers is very good. Who plays the game will be able to find a mixed whole of them. At this moment, when a lot of people search help with triggers, study “Roland’s” ones can be very helpful.
About the story, it is nice find a scenario or campaign that explain his plot like in “Roland’s Quest”. So much people writes only two lines in the instructions; with this scenario you’ll believe that you are Roland..., a traitor? Well, you will have to discover it playing “Roland’s Quest”.
Altogether, this scenario won’t be slow to appear in “The Best of AOKH”.
Mike This is one of the best campaigns I have played. The puzzles are intrigueing and challenging. I only have a few quibbles, but they are very minor.

First, you might want to mention in the "hints" section that it is a good idea to save up some gold. I had to restart my entire campaign because I needed to pay for a boat.

Also, the idea that a new Namut town suddenly appears out of nowhere seems rediculous and its purpoise can be fulfilled elsewhere.

One other thing, I have tried for two hours, but I can't seem to get by that War Galley. Help!
Mats Molin This scenario is good, but i have one question:
I wonder how i can repair the bridge.
But, it is a really good scenario.
I give it a 4\5.
Andrea Very nice scenario! But... what's the way to repair the bridge!!!! Damn...
Nakul As usual, The Rasher has created a masterpiece of art and precise battle-planning. The instructions are vivid, and the bitmap is better than the average standard we see in the Blacksmith. The terrain is, as usual, beautiful. It is apparent that a lot of hard work went into this scenario's creation. The Rasher has made the scenario so precisely planned that there is almost no way to avoid the events which take place. Every move has already been thought of. At one point, using triggers, an entire city is created- complete with walls, gates, towers, town center, and even units you can talk to! Then, at another part of this exceptional scenario, the author shows off another trick he invented- how to remove boulders out of your path!

I could go on and on about all the great features this scenario has, but I won't, since it would be better for you to discover them on your own. If you love puzzles, build-and-destroy themes, and the questing style all rolled into one masterpiece of scenario design, then play this scenario, and I guarantee you that you won't be disappointed.

Oh, and Andrea, about the bridge, seek the help of someone... I don't want to give everything away. Enjoy!
Gordon Farrell
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
To begin with, I am not a fan of puzzle scenarios. Usually I avoid them like the plague. Consequently, you can imagine how terrific "Roland's Quest" must be if, after an early episode of frustration, I found myself grinning with delight, tickled by the twists and turns, and at times laughing out loud at the surprises the Rasher has in store for us. He keeps us moving back and forth through a landscape crammed full of treats with a nice balance of problem types. Sometimes you're hunting for friends, sometimes you're building up forces, sometimes you're analyzing your resources to see exactly what single key building you can construct and where it should go. I became so enamored of the gameplay that I began to feel I'd be a jerk if I didn't give it a perfect score. I had small criticisms of various aspects of the game, but none of them alone warranted taking off two-tenths of a point --- until I ran into two bugs: There's a point where Roland can be killed, but the game doesn't stop, and another where a minor character can be killed but he still talks to you. And yet -- yet, I'd have felt like I was nitpicking if these were the only faults I saw in it. But there are two more I feel I must mention: First, the landscape. Yes, it is full of delights, but in this designer's humble opinion it is just too over-crammed with illogical plant and cliff placements to be visually satisfying. Now -- if the Rasher had told us this was a fantasy or magical world, that'd be different. But his story has us engaging with the English Army, the French Army, and the city of London. Real world kingdoms need to look more like the real world, and not have floating cliffs, for example. Secondly, the story. Rash has gone to great lengths to set up an emotionally-engaging prologue about friendship and betrayal. But the actual gameplay has nothing to do with the story. If Roland has to get these secret plans to his friends in the revolution, wouldn't the clock be running? Wouldn't the NPC's talk about the oppression they're suffering under, or the impending uprising? In the end, however, I only took a point off playability, because of the two trigger bugs. Alas, the rating system doesn't allow me to rate triggers on their own merit. Great work, Rasher! Everyone: download this baby now and settle in for a long night of RPG fun. More than anything else, "Roland's Quest" reminds me of King's Quest at its most delightful. Move over, Roberta Williams.
Dante This is an excellent campaign. But I'm having trouble: I just bought a transport from the shipwright, but should I have bought the warships instead? Because I can't get past the next gate, even though it's an allied one! What should I do? Somebody e-mail me at, if you've got the answer. Thanks.
1Mitch1 Great campaign! but how do you repair that damned bridge!
madprof There appears to be a bug in that killing this Wolf Ornlo person doesn't seem to do anything. Either that or they are invisible and I've not found them yet.
I have, however been all over the place looking for them.
Can't be back in London can they?
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