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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Defense of the Chi Ch'uan Sect

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The Defense of the Chi Ch'uan Sect

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
In a remote mountain province of medieval China, a cruel
and repressive neo-Confucian government has waged a war
of terror against the Buddhist monks of the Chi Ch'uan
Banned from the villages, driven to their last refuge in
the mountains, the last remaining monks prepare to make
a hopeless stand against the overwhelming Imperial army bent
on their destruction...

"The Defense of the Chi Ch'uan Sect," by the designer of the
hit Four Seasons campaign. Defend your mountain monastary,
rescue the villages of Li, Lu and Peng, and preserve the
faith of your ancestors.
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Alfred the Great At last!! I've been dying to submit my comments, I'm one of the testers that was fortunate to try this scenario out. I can tell you that it is a work of genius!! This campaign gives you, in one scenario, what others take 4 or more scenarios to give... There is a lot of suspense, action, and challenge for your mind. I had the real feel of being under seige by an outrageously large force. Don't be discouraged if you can't find a way out the first time!! Remember,... there is a way, just have to find it. I wasn't disappointed with the lack of a lot of fancy triggers. The beauty of the map, and the uniqueness of the challenge makes up for any sophisticated technical gimmiks or triggers. A good mind will recognize the genius that designed this. Everything seems to have a reason for existence, and is part of the challenge.
Dr. Faustus
Map Design5.0
The Defense of the Chi Ch'uan Sect has one of the best maps I have seen so far: Forests, swamps and towns make the landscape come alive and add to the Far-Eastern atmosphere of the game. The story and instructions are well-written and include a reasonable bitmap. The creativity is okay. Most ideas do not break any new ground, but the scenario requires some thought from the player. Besides, there is more than one road to victory. The task itself is a nice idea: You have to liberate three cities, while your own fortress is constantly under attack.

A looping trigger creates post-imperial enemy units non-stop and sends them to your fortress. The trigger machine gives the computer an eternal army, while you have no gold source except for four relics, and four villagers to harvest food or chop wood.

During my first attempts, I found myself in a dead end: If I didn't wall off the only entrance, I had no chance of surviving the endless flood of attackers. If I did wall myself in, loads of enemy units would pile up outside my fortress. They were not intelligent enough to attack the wall that blocked the entrance, so the non-ranged units just died to my guard/ bombard towers. However, there were still enough enemies waiting out of my towers' range to turn my soldiers into mincemeat if they left the fortress. It became a never-ending repetition of always the same enemy groups attacking the entrance. They couldn't get in, I couldn't get out... or so I thought.

I'll drop a vague hint here, in case somebody gets the same problem I had: The tactic that finally worked for me had something to do with building a *very narrow* gate. When I got that far, the main fun could finally begin: Liberating the three other cities! By the way, there is another tactic that only works right at the start. I'll leave it up to you to figure it out...
laz123 Nope, too hard for me. Taking out castles and bombard towers with no seige weapons to me is sheer madness. The author is good on other games though.

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Map Design5.0
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