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Dante's Quest for Hellfire

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
This roleplaying-type scenario features the Illustrious
Lord Dante d'Arquata, Champion of the Northern Italian
province of Brooklyn (yes, you read it correctly), in his
quest to recover the Relic of Hellfire from the clutches
of the Sect Satanas, a cult of magazine-publishers-turned-evil-nastydoers.

The scenario is simultaneously drippingly dark, and whimsically humorous, with plenty of thrilling action-packed sub-scenarios and a cast of happy jolly bloodthirsty characters.

I plan to do more in this series, so please feel free to email your thoughts and suggestions, should you have any. Enjoy the game.
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Tylori Dragon This is a very good scenario. It is not a RPG, but very good nonetheless. I enjoyed playing it for 2 hours straight, something I cannot say about most scenario's available in the Blacksmith. It's a download worthy of your time!
The Khan Awesome! One of the best I've seen.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"Dante's Quest for Hellfire" is a scenario based on a character called Lord Dante, as he travels around various towns/cities his main objective is to reclaim the Relic of Hellfire.

Playability: This scenario is reasonably fun to play, it reminds me a lot of a form of Kevin the Unlikely Hero's style a little, but the scenario has in places a dark feel to it as well as the jokes which made Kevin's journey memorable. The playability is pretty good, and at the time of this release (around 2 years ago) it would have been considered very fun to play, I'd say by my standards its slipped down a notch to a mediocre score but still has some good particuluar points when you play.

Balance: Initially, I thought the balance was slightly too easy. However, I came to a problem pretty early on, when I got to a point I lost all my men and had to flee Lord Dante back to the previous town in search of healing, now the great thing about this was when I got back to the town I found some men hidden from my previous look around the town and soon despatched my enemies and continued. The point I'm trying to make here is that, this campaign provides challenges and makes you retrace your steps to overcome problems. However, towards the end of the scenario the balance started to feel a little easy but this wasn't enough to lower the score here.

Creativity: Creativity speaking this scenario is trying to be unique. In doing this it semi- suceeds, in parts as mentioned it has humour in the dialogue as well as in places the dark feel to some scenarios/campaign's releases which are recently made. For me I found it enjoyable because of what the author tries to achieve, but some will most likely feel it is neither here nor there as to what it exactly is specifically for.

Map Design: The map design was pretty good, and almost all the map was explored upon completion of the author's work. The map design by current standards would be received as being a little repititive in places and so I can relate to map design standards of around this time. I'm happy to give it an above average mark here for the time it was release it would be considered to have a very good map design.

Story/Instructions: The introduction screen looked very promising, with a good looking bitmap, detailed history and mediocre instructions/hints. In game the instructions were reasonable and you were given many objectives, because there were so many objectives by the time you neared the end of the scenario there objectives page was simply full of objectives and completed objectives. The instructions seemed to go past my eyes a little too fast and so I missed a few conversations at times and resorted to looking at the objectives screen to see specifically what I had to do, but because the dialogue went past too speedily I was sometimes left wondering why I had to do this. Story wise this scenario was strong and the sounds added a good feel to the scenario overall, specifically addressing certain feels in certain places.

Overall: If your looking for a little humour with a dark feel mixed in as well you've come to the right place. Sure the jokes aren't ladden into the scenario at every given oppurtunity but the jokes are used enough to make you laugh at times.
Jas the Mace1 Just got done playing...and it's a winner.!!..

Good to find a great old game...

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Map Design4.0
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