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Downloads Home » Campaigns » The Last Viking Prince - Book 2 (1034-1044)

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The Last Viking Prince - Book 2 (1034-1044)

Author File Description
Gordon Farrell
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 3
It is now 1034 AD and Haraldr Sigurdsson has completed his tutelage under the great Viking prince, Yaroslav, King of Kiev and Novgorod. Haraldr must now go south where he will spend the next ten years in the service of the Byzantine Empire, during one of its most corrupt periods. A brilliant soldier and a charismatic leader of men, this young Viking will rise to the top of the Mediterranean world --- but it will cost him a price that gold could not measure.

This is Book 2 of Haraldr's story. All of the incidents are as historically accurate as possible, based on accounts by the great Icelandic poet Snorri Sturlsson, by writers who were contemporary with this amazing Viking, and by the evidence of modern archaeology.


I have ripped a special soundtrack for this campaign series from the movie THE 13th WARRIOR. The compressed files containing those tracks are labeled #1aHARmp3, #1bHARmp3, and #2HARmp3. They're easy to install, but they may take a while to download, depending on your system.

They're worth it.

Get the full experience. Become lost in the Age of Vikings. This extraordinary music composed by Jerry Goldsmith will make you hear the trumpets of war, and feel the waves under your dragonship...

The third and final installment in the Last Viking Prince series will contain one more small addition to this basic soundtrack package. Enjoy.

Please visit this page to obtain the first two sound files and to read the installation instructions. For the third sound file, which is new to Book 2, please click here.


I would like to express my deep gratitude to Debbie Cox-Remme and Jerry Caldwell for their terrific playtesting work.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Sheng This is one of the best campaigns ever. Worth a download!!
Ex-T(AoK PUNK team) What can I say, for the first time this year I truly amazed...I`ve played almost every map in Blacksmith, and even Ingo`s Quest didn`t amazed me as much as this campaign did. The first mission of this campaign is the best map I`ve ever seen in FAR! True 5.0.
I was kinda disapointed by second and third missions, they were extremly good, but not as good as the first map(4.5 and 4.2)
Gordon,I got few minor suggestions : clear mission objectives screen at least twice during the game, course it`s hard to read though 20 crosed mission objectives, also, more eye-candys would be great...
Basicly, this is the best campaign I`ve seen so far...I give it 4.9 just to encourage Gordon to create even better masterpise...
Gordon Farrell
Official Reviewer
File Author
EXT-T: Thanks for the good words. I especially appreciate them coming from a member of the famous AOK Punk Team! Yeah, I don't know why it took me so long to figure out the necessity of clearing mission objectives. Since scenario 1 can be played from either of two routes, the messages pile up in an especially illogical way and it can be very confusing. I think missions 2 and 3 are better in that regard, though...

Again, thanks!
fredbarbarossa This is an excellent campaign.It is better than the "coming of the unborn king".The triggers is excellent and the objectives and story is very good.The only problem i think that it is in the second scenario.The distant between the town is very small.Please tell me how i can go in oasy west from the cairo.I send my peasants to harvest stone but the enemy attack me.I gave 9.8/10
Gordon Farrell
Official Reviewer
File Author

Thanks for the great comments! Your words are much appreciated! So here's the deal with stone...

It's probably impossible to actually harvest it. You CAN get the gold (I assume you did) by following the suggestion in the walk through... but I discovered that the towers you're given on the west bank of the Nile are already too effective in taking out the purple war galleys, so I decided to let the stone deposits remain unreachable.

I'm presently tweaking the campaign already. (The indefatiguable Ingo caught a serious loophole in one of the scens and I'm fixing it, as well as adjusting a historical accuracy issue) --- so if you think I should move the stone deposits to a safer location, let me know!!

Again, thanks!
Deb R Gordon I LOVE this campaign and it is a MUST for everyone to D/L. This was not only a pleasure to playtest,but I have replayed this campaign many times and still have it as one of The ALL Time BEST campaigns EVER !!!!!!!!!
Everyone needs to d/l this campaign and have as much thrilling excitement as I have had the pleasure to do!! I am looking forward to hearing from you Gordon and can't wait for Book 3 :)
Deb R
CaFunstino I Gordon, I can't belive. i've downloaded your Aoe I Campaigns
and now i see you making campaigns for AoK. Congratulations your rating is very High!
The Bizantine King, CaFunstino I

PS: Please, if you have ICQ, Give it to my.
My icq is 77599244.
The Conquistador
Map Design5.0
In my honorable opinion, this is one of the best campaigns ever made! Gordon Farrell, one of the great scenario design gods out there, has done it again.

The playability, being one of the bad aspects of the campaign, is still awesome. You can find yourself making difficult decisions throughout each scenario and the ending of the scenario will be altered by every choice you make, making you want to play the campaign again and again to find out all the things that happened. My only problem is that it's a tad too hard and dying isn't fun.

The balance is perfection. There is no chance that you can complete any of the three scenarios playing it once as treachery awaits you at every corner and one mistake can be fatal. So, the campaign is plenty to keep you busy for hours.

The creativity is another bad aspect of the campaign but still very good. The longboat instead of a regular transport ship being used as your transport is historical accurate yet creative in terms of trigger manuevering and manipulating the editor. But, most of the stuff in here are pretty conventional and I am afraid that an excellent 4 will have to be given ;-).

The map design will make you drool. The guy designs will his very own style that is similar to Mark Stoker and Ingo van Thiel but with a unique touch of his own. To say that his map design are excellent will be an understatement. I would give a 10 in this are if I could.

The story is very interesting and isn't the type that somebody would do a campaign on as the main character is a blood-thirsty Viking instead of a romantic knight on a white horse. But the campaign definitely tells a good story and it's nice to see something different for once. The instructions were plentiful as new messages are displayed on the objective screen everytime you do something (except for maybe walking from point A to point B) and you are never confused at any point. I don't think that there could possibly be any way that there could be more instructions.

+ Points

- Great Balance
- Fantastic Map Design
- Fullfilling Story
- Even a total newbie can't be confused

- Points

- Too hard and for advanced players only sometimes
- Could use a little more creativity

Final Thoughts: If you think in any way that Gordon has 'gotten worse' because he got a 5.0 in Viking Prince I, you are mistaken. I am a strict reviewer and will probably never give a 5.0 in my entire career as a reviewer. I say that Shadowmind and The Quest has been overrated, so really there is no concept of thinking of this campaign as any 'worse' than it's prequel. BTW, this is a great campaign and you should down load it now!
cat The sound file may be big, but they are worth Downloading, as they are completely different from the sound files for Book I :) I still have both sets on my hdd and still love to listen to those MP3's :) Great job Gordon.
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Map Design5.0
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