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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Guy Josselyne Campaign Final version!

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The Guy Josselyne Campaign Final version!

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
This is the final version (I think) of the Guy Josselyne Campaign.
It's an Rpg-build and conquer game:-first part: Rpg
-second part: build and conquer

I worked a few months on this, made demo's, beta's and other versions.
It has more than 500 triggers and thousands of effects. The story is made by myself
but I want to thank Fifty Foot Combo for some ideas. I also give credits to Chiang Ning
the designer of William, Warrior of the Sun, probably the best scenario ever, the
makers of the Ai-files, and other scenario designers of wich I used some ideas.
Thanks to all my playtesters:-Tylori Dragon
-Irish Woman
-Guy Josselyne
-The great Alexander
-and all the others I forgot to name here.


This is the story about a land called Surfbeatcountry. Dick Dale, the ruler, held people on his side with his surf-
music. But in a village called Fendertown, Guy Josselyne didn't accept this. He made a band called Fifty Foot
Combo and started a revolution against Dick Dale.(more will be told in the history section) Guy won the war
and left the country. Many years later Guy came back and found his land conquered again by Dick Dale.
Only one man could help Guy in his quest: Rodrigo.


*Almost every unit can talk by clicking on him/her
*You can buy and upgrade slaves
*You can buy and upgrade soldiers
*Build in massacre game(credits: AoK Punk Team)
*Very detailed map
*6 city's
*Custom music (credits: Fifty Foot Combo)
*almost all known Rpg elements included
*Map tricks


Go to your C:/ drive, Program Files, Microsoft Games, Age of Empires II.
extract the .scn file to your scenario folder
extract the .dll file to your Age of Empires II folder
extract the Mp3 files to your Sound/scenario folder
extract the Bkg file to your Age of Empires II folder
extract the Ai files to your Ai folder

Please email comments, suggestions, bugs, ...
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"The Guy Josselyne Campaign" is a superb scenario, from many prospects: It's fun to play, challenging yet winable and beautiful to look at. However, I encountered two big disappointments whilst playing this scenario: the profanity and the lag, as I will explain later.

The scenario was fun to play, but gave my poor Pentium II 200 MHz a lot of thinking to do. The lag gave this disappointed Ager quite a bit of waiting. Nevertheless, despite of the lag, I liked moving from RPG in the beginning to Build and Destroy later, so there's something for fans of each of the two genres.

The balance was okay, a little too easy in some parts and a little too hard in others, but the rest suited me. Rodrigo obviously worked hard here, but still could try to make the final challenge a little easier.

Creativity was one of the bright parts of this scenario. Some cool scenes, like a boxing match, were very impressive. So were some scenes in the middle of trade city. There were other pleasent surprises, but I won't tell you about them. :)

The Map Design was superb. Trade City and the other rural areas of the map were a feast for the eyes, just too bad there were places with too many trees, that could be hollowed out, and ease a bit on the lag. Plus, in the eastern edge of the map there's a bit of sloppiness that could use improvement, and I'm convinced, by the other parts of the map, that the designer is fully capable of that.

The story/instructions were a disappointment, as they were short and didn't get my involvement in the story going. I started the scenario unmotivated to win, and therefore the experience was a tad less enjoyable.
Another point relating to story: I was saddened to read some profanity (cursing) in "The Guy Josselyne Campaign". A wise man once said that anything that can be accomplished by cursing, can be accomplished much better by proper and effective use of the language. I reckon the designer failed to understand that.

There's also another saying I've heard, "Cursing (swearing) is the feeble attempt of a weak mind to express itself forcefully."
(I guess that concludes today's educational moral, thank you for listening!)

Both this scenario and its designer have a lot of promise and potential inside them. The scenario could be improved by reducing the lag and the profanity, but it's still worth a download, if you don't mind hearing some naughty words and waiting for the lag.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The Guy Josselyne Campaign was a thrilling experience for me and I was in awe of some of the effects that I saw. I know a great scenario design when I see it and Rodrigo put everything we could hope for in this campaign. I had a delightful time finding all the people and the Waterfall, yes Waterfall Jerusalem that you must have missed.

The scenario's Playability is great also. I have a 333 mhz Pentuim and had no lagging problems of any kind. I really
enjoyed the fact that I went from FF to RPS to Build and destoy, all wrapped up in one gorgeous package. Rodrigo
has really given us a Terrific scenario, as I will go into more detail as I go.

The balance in this cpn was so utterly well done, that I still have it in my Favorites and have replayed it over and over again. It flows well and anyone can win this if they look and think ahead of time. The ending is just as it should be if you want a mental challenge, not a cake walk. I found that overall the balance was just perfect for this cpn. Anything less would have ruined the ending to a very well thought campaign.

Creativity, well Rodrigo hit the mark with his incredible ability to create the right scenes in here. I loved the boxing match, the woman berating her drunk husband, the waterfall was simply to die for. I loved several parts in Trade City, especially the Dome of the Rock surrounded by dolphins and marlins was very awe inspiring as well as others, but you have to see it to believe it all.

The Map Design deserves a 5 if not higher. I thought all the towns were very. extradinary, as well as breathtaking. I agree with Jerusalem that this entire map was a feast for the eyes,except I quite enjoyed the trees and I saw not one bit of sloppiness anywhere on this map. As I have said more than once, this Map design is a wonderful treat to us all, especially if you have played as long as this Ager has.

The story/instructions part tells you everything you need to know, when you need to know it. It is not all there at the start, but as you go along playing, you get new instructions; If you pay attention to them when they show up. This was very enjoyable for me from beginning to end.The cursing did not bother me, as I do know that people do sometimes cuss and if they do so what.

If you download The Guy Josselyne Campaign you will not be let down on any part of this wonderful, compelling work of pure art that Rodrigo has given to us for our enjoyment.
lennier Only 3 words;

Pokemon QUILz This scenario is COOL! All the bug have been fixed, i give this a 10 out of 10.

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Map Design4.5
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