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Final Hour

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Fixed Force
Bertrand walked back to camp, where a handful of other survivors waited for him. He reflected on the accidents of birth that brought him to this time and place. And he prepared a last letter to his father.

Control the remnants of an imperial army as they fight a hopeless last stand against the natives who once slaved in their mines. Then switch sides and control the natives as they struggle to drive the imperials out. If you can conquer the imperials faster than the computer did in round one, you win!


* Five locations that give bonuses if captured, including a higher population cap and extra units.
* Three magical native powers, including invulnerability, wolf swarm, and unlock gates.
* Morale failure when heroes die.
* New sound effects and narration.
* Highly replayable scenario with randomly-chosen computer strategies and different skill level settings.
* Part madness-level, part fixed-force.
* From the creator of Christmas Morning

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rodrigo Wow! I just haven't got the words to explain how good this scenario is. It's just the best I ever played. Yoghurt has created a new game style with this, a mix of Rpg and muliplayer as never seen before.
This is really the best scenario I ever played, honest!
mannedoc Uff, I was a play tester for this scenario and I feel gratefully of the opportunity. This is the best scenario I have ever played, and I agreed with Rodrigo, Yogurt has create a new game style. Download now the scenario right now!!!
cavfancier I hope the comments keep rolling in! Your design and creativity are incredible. I can play this scenario over and over, using different unit choices, with different results. This is definitely a new style of scenario, and a great download. P.S. The first attack music is very cool, just wish there was more! What is it?
Crimson Wolf I also was I tester for this scenario and all I have to say is this is a must download! It has awsome design and you will probably play it at least 6 times. Personally I think Yogurt has another 5.0 coming his way.
Ciravel Wow! This is fantastic new type of scenario, Yogurt! Great concept, great implementation. The whole thing plays so perfectly and feels so complete that it almost seems like a totally different game!
Mats Molin This scenario sucks........

NO! I was just joking!!!!!
It is the best scenario in the Blacksmith!
I dares to say that it is the best scenario i ever played :)
I simply love this scenario!!!!!
Everybody who hasn´t downloaded this, go download it!!!!
Score: 10/10!!!!!!!!!!
DarkWulf wow. i think thats all i can say. i order u to download it NOW!
Taigeion Jeez, everyone said what I was going to say...
Mark Stoker This scenario is terrific- one of the best I've played so far. Definitely worth downloading!
The Great Alexander Yes, this is really a good scenario, I won't see much more becasue the other people who commented this said it better than I could, and I aggree with them.
But, this scenario has still got bugs.I will list them now:

1.The AI may just stop attacking.I don'T know why this
happens.I think I already managed to get 3000 "time
units" when the enemy just stopped attacking.He got
nearly all his units to the mine and never moved them
again, until I attacked them.He left a few units in the
east base, the m* o* t* T* and a few guards.Difficulty
was moderate, and I chose to use the teutonic knights,
elefants and longbows/chu ko nu's (hope I spelled this
After I lost all the ???? (time units) I attacked them,
and after their population dropped a few dozen units,
they attacked with the new produced units again and even
used the units placed near the mine to attack.I can send
you a saved game if you need it for further investigation.

2.As I said, I ran out of ???? (time units).I doubt it is
possible to defend the base that long without exploiting
this bug, but I still think you should give the player
more, or make a refilling - but on the other hand it is
everything but difficult to win part two if you have
mastered part one so obvious.I'm not even sure f this is
a bug, you maybe wanted that the player can't get so much
time, if this is the case I apologize.

3.I got a bit bored after I ran in the situation of 1, but
still didn't want to end it until I had got the maximal
possible amount of time for the second part, so I
explored.I found interesting things:green mangudais,
partly enclosed with wood, and a street (?) behind the
wood in the east.A longbow has just enough range to
discover a small part of the street.

4.If you press F3 immediately when the game starts you can
see a blue transport in the upper right corner, and the
other transport next to it.You can even give the command
to destroy it now, it will be executed when the you press
F3 again.I know, the player needs to be very quick to
discover this - but it is still possible.

I know that I'm not a playtester of this scenario, and that this should be the final version, but I hope it is still ok if I post these bugs here.

I'm sorry about my bad English.
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