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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » From Prince to Renegade

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From Prince to Renegade

Author File Description
Lighthouse Creations
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
About us
Lighthouse Creations is a humble little team, on which you can read up in our website for more details.

This is merely the first scenario from our "Moses the Liberator" campaign, namely -- "From Prince to Renegade".

From Prince to Renegade

"From Prince to Renegade" is the story of Moses from the Egyptian palace to a shepard in Midyan. Accompany Moses as he discovers his true identity, speaks with the burning bush, commits a very serious crime, and finally, enjoys a happy ending...

Our team has been working on the concept even before the release of AoK... we've been working on the scenario itself for months.

The scenario has an epic plot, based on the Bible, yet changed to suit our wishes - kind of like a Hollywood movie. This way, people who know Moses' story won't get bored, but people who don't know the story won't get confused.

Features of Interest

* Special "click to hear next sentence" dialogue interfaces.
* Unique alert messages at certain points, in which we advise the player to save the scenario.
* Trigger puzzles to ponder upon. Don't worry, if you can't figure 'em out, go to the hints.
* Get to speak to the burning bush... if that isn't cool, what is?
* Chase scenes and surprise attacks to keep you on your toes.
* Wear a disguise in which you will not be recognised, when you commit a very serious crime...
* Other surpises we won't tell you about...

Head of Lighthouse Creations

The story continues in Moses, Liberator of the Hebrews
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Angel Rasher
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
"From Prince to Renegade" has everything a great scenario should have, and then some. It looks like with the release of this scenario that AoK Punk finally has some close competition for the top design team.

In this incredible retelling of the first part of the book of Exodus (which is one of my favorite stories in the Bible), you take on the role of Moses as he struggles to fin his identity. As I played this scenario, I must come to admit that "From Prince to Renegade" has it all... great story, compelling dialogue, romance, edge-of-your-seat gameplay, helpful tips, and realistic Map Design.

What I liked most is the attention to detail that the Lighthouse team put into their scenario. Everything from the bustling cities to the burning bush (which was a great trick), to actually going inside a castle! That's what really won me over: the great attention to detail. Everything is recreated as accurately and realistically as possible. "From Prince to Renegade" really pushes the limits of what is possible with the AoK Scenario Editor, and you will find yourself gawking at the scenery and tricks so much that you may find yourself not paying enough attention to the enemies, and wind up dead as a result ;-)

From eavesdropping on slaves, paying a visit to your father inside a beautiful castle, rescuing a Hebew Slave, falling in love with a beautiful oracle, and saving a quiet town from raiders, you will find the time passes very quickly as you are playing. My initial reaction was that the scenario may have been a little to short, but then I looked at the clock and discovered that I had been playing for a lot longer than I thought! And that is truly the mark of a great scenario. There may not be quite as much action as I may have liked, but all the other great parts more than make up for it.

There are a couple of bugs, and the bitmap may not be the best out there, but to put it simply: You Must Play This Scenario!

Way to go Lighthouse Creations! I am eagerly looking forward to your next project.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'From Prince to Renegade' is a single scenario with RPG and cinematic elements. The story overall deals with the biblical telling of Moses, Prince of Egypt, and his discoverings of his identity as a Hebrew. This single scenario is part of a much larger campaign called 'Moses, Liberator of the Hebrews', which can be found using the search option to the left of your screen.

PLAYABILITY: Firstly let me just say that despite its age, 'From Prince to Renegade' for me still plays as an enjoyable, well-designed single scenario. Its story, characters and backdrop of Egypt were immersing. I enjoyed polishing through the bustling, narrow streets of the large city of Thebes, eavesdropping on slaves, and walking the harsh Egyptian countryside as an exile, and helping people as I went along. The well-structured story and creative quests kept my interest, together with the rather nice map design and tricks which for their time were quite revolutionary. The transitions from play to cinematic were a very nice touch too and added to my overall enjoyment of this scenario. 4.0

BALANCE: For much of the scenario the author of this file had no intention for the player to struggle to survive but to merely play out certain scenes where sometimes running was the best thing to do. For the combat, none of it was necessarily difficult, nor was it supposed to be, and in the interest of fairness and understanding full marks are awarded. 5.0

CREATIVITY: This scenario thrives with many creative elements, from a map design creative in almost every aspect, to eavesdropping, meeting an oracle, and witnessing a burning bush to changing the character's unit to represent a disguise. There was a 'summer palace' which could be entered to see the Pharaoh's throne room from within, saving a villager from a violent soldier, invisible barriers of removed walls to skipping dialogue to view the next sentence. Other things like statues of elephants, patrolling units giving the impression of walking and a raid conducted by Amalekites bump this category up to a well-deserved rating. 5.0

MAP DESIGN: The map design was overall very good, with the design of a beautiful city, a lush river, valleys and towns and a harsh landscape, making up the countryside of Egypt. Terrain mixing and Gaia were excellently applied with elevation, and an overall good technical map design, well laid out and realistic added to a delightful atmosphere. In particular certain little details such as the Pharaoh's palace sitting on a river, the shanty-looking town of Goshen, and the valley with rocks, plants and elevation were a pleasure to look at. 4.0

STORY/ INSTRUCTIONS: For me the story was fun to follow with intrigue, mystery and violence, a good plot, excellent hints section, a bitmap and plentiful chat messages. 5.0

CONCLUDING: 'From Prince to Renegade', despite its age, still plays as an excellent scenario and overall good interpretation on the biblical story of Moses.

In a word - Intriguing.

In closing - A must download.

[Edited on 08/06/15 @ 04:39 PM]

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Map Design4.5
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