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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Last Hope of the Great East

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Last Hope of the Great East

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 2
A religous empire has sprung to life in the wastelands of the Illakrien Sea fueled by hordes of fanatical devotees and perpetuated by the insatiable greed and blind arrogance of men. In the East the once great city of Gamel clings to the fleeting memories of its legendary former glory. Now the last bastion of high culture, a remnant of a more civilized time, Gamel is the victim of a changing world and a failing economy. Though Gamel has lost much of its affluence and power it is still a great place of learning for within the city is a great library built so long ago that neither it nor the tomes it contains bear any remembrace of the noble race that laid its foundation
Inside its walls and catacombs is stored most of the worlds material knowledge, the oldest histories, the greatest works of science, the most insightful perceptions of the natural world. Now the Jearkahn Empire marches east to lay its hands upon all the wealth of Gamel that is yet unspent and to destroy the last great regional opposition to their faith.

The player must aid the city in making preparations for war and then defend the cities walls. The Siege of Gamel scenarios, the second of the two, if very very difficult but certainly not impossible. It has been carefully designed so that only the most clever player will succeed. You must use every element of the game to your advantage to acheive victory and success may not come on the first try. The only advice ill give is that things will probably get so bad as too look beyond hope before you will have an opportunity to win so dont give up.
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Octavian To,
I would reccomend this Campaign only to the Advanced players of AOK, the first scenario was quite easy, but the second was the complete opposite. It was hard although not impossible and required some strategic movement. I would give this Campaign a 7/10 (Great!). I would have given you a 10/10 if you had more than 1 map all the way through the Campaign and also some Eye Candy or terrain objects between the towns and cities.
P.S.You really should make an entire Campaign about Gamul and it's enemies of about five ior six scenario's.
farish please help me I extract the .scx in the scenario folder and the .cpx in the comapign folder but neighter works.. the compaign never shows the .cpx and the scenario never shows the .scx files.. tell me what to do :(
Dantares IV This is one of the easiest campaigns I have ever played!

[Edited on 11/20/07 @ 08:02 PM]

CommandoDude If the user who created this campaign is still around, I would first like to say, well done on a nice scenario. That said, there are some obvious flaws here with the game.

First of all, the AI is incredibly unsophisticated, after the staving off the initial attack, difficulty drops dramatically as enemy units wander aimlessly about the map unless attacked. In fact, one of my opponents just resigned out of the blue, something which I am sure was NOT suppose to happen.

Lack of foresight regarding the enemy, whom opperate on a fixed force already on the map, no more units spawn after that.

Pop cap is incredibly low, limits the player to what they can build, existing forces already take up the pop cap completely.

Honestly, the first scenario was completely unnessisary. These two could have been merged into a single scenario, with the invasion of the enemy something that could have come after a timed trigger. Also allows the player to alter his base, since I found the towers poorly placed.

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