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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Three Kingdoms: Story of Frederick Copperfield v1.0

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Three Kingdoms: Story of Frederick Copperfield v1.0

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
Three Kingdoms: Story of Frederick Copperfield, Version BETA
Readme File, May 2000
© MechaDestroyer, 2000

This Readme contains information about the Three Kingdoms campaign. It also has information on troubleshooting and installation of Three Kingdoms.

1) Introduction
2) Installing Three Kingdoms
3) Storyline
4) Features
5) Characters
6) Places
7) Troubleshooting
8) Technical Notes

Thank you for downloading the Three Kingdoms: The Story of Frederick Copperfield campaign [TK:SFC], by MechaDestroyer. This is version 1.0, and a newer version may come out if bugs are found or new additions are made.

Installing Three Kingdoms
To install the Three Kingdoms: Story of Frederick Copperfield, simply put the .cpn file into your Age of Kings campaigns directory. If you have Age of Kings on default, your Age of Kings folder should be in your program files. If not, place it where necessary. Put the .wav files into your sound directory. There, you'll see four folders. Move the .wav files into the folder marked scenario. Put the AI and PER files into the folder marked Ai. The .bmp should be placed in the main Age of Kings directory.

*NOTE: Go into your sounds/stream folder and copy won1.mp3 to sounds/scenario.

This campaign is basically about the life of a peasant named Frederick Copperfield. His father was killed by a group of barbarians while he was away to get food supplies. His first few tasks include earning money and getting food, by means of mining, trading, etc. Later in the story, Frederick can avenge his father by defeating Theodoric the Goth, the King of the Barbarians, or getting a job as various thing, such as Mayor, Merchant, King, Miner, and others.


1) A new system of picking up/dropping objects for characters.
2) A "visible" system of food consumption
3) Three Kingdoms is different from other games in that you can do whatever you want to do. Players who enjoy warfare can choose to build up an army and fight barbarians, and players who enjoy RPG's can go around and basically live Freder
4) A new system of reputation and rank, such as reputation: peasant, etc.
5) ______ Triggers, very complex web of triggers that affect each other.
6) Left-Click talk, not each time you talk to the characters is the same!
7) Hundreds of characters to talk to, speech can change quite often.
8) Choose you own path to live, be a peasant or a king!
9) And a lot more!

This section will give you a brief description of each character in the Three Kingdoms.

§ Frederick Copperfield: A young boy, whose father had recently died due to a barbarian attack, must now survive without any help…. But yours.

§ Thomas Copperfield: Frederick's father, originally was a gold miner, then he became a merchant who sells spices. After he retired and his wife died, he lived alone with his son in a small house in the outskirts of the City of Orion.

§ King Geoffrey IV: The King of Orion, he lost his daughter when she was just a child. Little is known about his past. He is very old, and has a trusted advisor named Magus.

§ Theodoric the Goth: The King of the barbarians, he is a ruthless and merciless character. He lives in a castle in the southern side of the Three Kingdoms, but he has outposts everyone around the Three Kingdoms, including a fortress the Avalonian Desert.

§ King Richemont XIV: The King of Tyria, a wise king, but at times can be very hostile. He has agreed to peace between Tyria and Orion, in the Pax Oronica and the Tyrian Alliance.

§ King Cyrus III: King of Avalon. A very old ruler who wishes to retire, but Avalon would be left without a ruler. He offers to hand the crown down to anyone, but for a large price.

§ Pip and Puck Romanov: Two brothers, both apprentices of a baker, who lives outside the City of Orion. Their mother and father were killed a long time ago when they were children.

This section will provide you with brief descriptions of the places in the Three Kingdoms.

§ City of Orion: The city of Orion is located in the northwest woodlands of the map. This is where a lot of the action will take place for Frederick, and also where his house is located.

§ Warrior Hills: This is a hilly area between the city of Tyria and the City of Kyron. It is a hilly, almost treeless area, with many brick paths cut into it. It is named because of its shape from a bird's eye view of the Three Kingdoms.

§ City of Avalon: The City of Avalon is on the shores of the River of Avalon. This is a relatively old city, and its major source of income is trade. This and the City of Kyron is known as the "Twin Cities".

§ Wyvern City: Wyvern City is named after the mythological Wyvern, because off the side of the city, there it is told that on the top of the cliffs, there is a nest of Wyverns who feeds on the cliff berries.

§ Pyroma Mountains: This mountain range is located on the south side of the map, and separates the Kingdom of Orion to the Barbarian Fortress.

§ River of Avalon: The River of Avalon goes through the three kingdoms and empties into a large ocean. There are tributaries that run along the river also.

§ City of Tyria: The City of Tyria is a large harbor city that gets its income from mostly fishing and oceanic industries. The citizens of Tyria call themselves part of the "Tyrian Alliance".

§ Oronian Swamp: This swamp is located in the far outskirts of Orion and is also where the gap between Barbarians and Orion are in the Pyroma Mountains.

§ City of Kyron: Kyron and Avalon are both known as the "Twin Cities", although Kyron is part of the Tyrian Alliance. Kyron has much of the same economy as Avalon, but it does not have a ruler.

§ Avalonian Desert: The Avalonian Desert is on the northern edge of the map. There is only one opening, as mountains block the other sides.

Troubleshooting: If you have problems with the scenario (i.e. trigger problems, etc.), please contact me at and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. If you're simply stuck at some point on the scenario, you can post questions at Age of Kings Heaven Forum, at and either some person there can answer your questions or I will.

Technical Notes:

§ The wave files were taken from Silver, by Infrogames [].

§ Three Kingdoms is best played in NORMAL speed, and with no other programs running.

*Again, this is only a beta version and will change later.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
King Solomon A great scenario, but it has a few errors, a it seems that you
"fall off" the storyline. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD IT ANYWAY
EagleEye This might be a good campaign if a person could start it, it seems to crash the game just as your about to start it, you might want to fix this problem, I suggest you don't download this until the creator of it fixes this problem.
cavfancier This has the makings of a great RPG scenario. I didn't have a problem with the scenario crashing, but there were a few bumps. The food goes down very fast, and the slaves can't farm it quick enough. However, this is irrelevant, as there is no penalty for running out of food, and seemingly no reward for accumulating it. I explored the entire map on 0 food. I agree with King Solomon about losing the storyline. There are some great stories, but no objectives for the player to get involved in them. Gold is really tough to acquire, even with several trade carts. Maybe we should get a tribute for killing barbarians, like in William, Warrior of the Sun. The slow pace of acquisition, and the storyline bumps makes for a bit of a meandering game. However, I am still looking forward to the next version, because the beta is a great start, and it can only get better from here.
File Author
Three Kingdoms: Story of Frederick Copperfield, Version 0.5

Okay, I've included alot more triggers, and rewards for defeating enemies, including a new boss, but, I haven't yet created an AI for the food bug. Some of the bugs have been corrected, and I also created a bitmap. This campaign is still not quite a full version game yet.
Nick Not a bad scenario, but a few problems,
1.)the race with the knight refuses to start, you reach the starting line then nothing happens. The berry bush trigger appears not to work.
2.)After returning Catherine to the king, he proclaims you to be the heir to the throne, but then your character freezes to the spot.
3.)occasionally after purchasing a unit, all of your units move to the same spot, creating a mass exodus into town, which takes ages to stop, and return your slaves to work.
Has the potential to become a great scenario, nonetheless.
Mike Great Scenario, but there was only one bug: When clicking on one of the characters that joins your side (Robin,Paladin,the sword guy) Roland tends to run to the spot no matter what you do you cannot stop him and he is locked there and you cannot move him. Tell me if there is an update.
_Mjollnir_ this looks to be a great campaign, but i cant get it to do nething...the ppl come to attack frederick's father, but then they just stand there, and nothing happens...i tried to fix it by adding other triggers, but when i added one it would make the game self-destruct...if ne1 can help me to get it working, plz e-mail me

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